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My Commie/pem reviews are basically done. Go pester UTW to release Neko so I can post them. Oh, and in the meantime if you are approximately the best TL ever, you should lemme know.

tl;dr: I was all “Hey Sapphs, y’all doing Tomato Market?” and she was all “Sure, let’s joint”. Good times until no TL. I posted a recruitment post on GotWoot and I’m linking to it now because Whine-Subs ain’t got TL-testing facilities. If you’re not better than 99% of fansub TLs, then take the test. If you’re better than everyone else, ever, you can join Whine-Subs instead.


Here’s the post, copy/pasted and unformatted since I know you’re too lazy to click the link:


TL Requested for Tamako Market. Details within! (And what details they are!)


Do it for the love of the mochi



Sapphi promised Dark_Sage a TL for a Tomato Market joint with Whine-Subs

6 TLs loser-jerks declined to TL Tamako Market or disappeared from IRC

GotWoot has no more TLs left

Dark_Sage already bought the ingredients to make mochi


Benefits to TLing the show:

Internet popularity

Pictures of Dark_Sage’s mochi


How to apply:

#gotlimbo@irc.rizon.net (There’s a TL test and stuff)


It’ll seriously be the best show ever. Don’t miss out. (>_O)b

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