This is not a “not dead” post, except it is

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So apparently the new season started. Let’s get this sagey train rolling.

Questions You Won’t Stop Asking Me


  • What about last season?

What about it? The future is awaiting us, so forget about the past! (Boku’s Tomos reviews are the only ones I will make exceptions for… probably. We’ll see.)

  • What about Hyobu?

Not dropped. Never will be. You’re not going to be getting what I’d consider “quality” releases for this on the remaining, though. They’ll be edited and that’s all you should expect.

  • Last Exile episode 21 .avi version where?

Hahaha, yeah… I should get on that.

  • What are your three sizes?



Review Changes


  • Translation Parties before actual reviews, in ideal circumstances

This means episode 1 releases will get more translation parties than actual reviews. This helps in two ways: 1. It keeps groups from whining to me about how episode 1 reviews are “unfair” (which is bullshit) 2. Groups are still on the hook for their episode 1 releases.

I purposefully avoid bringing attention to anything but general phrasing differences in these things, so unless the editor/TL changes from episode 1, it should still be relevant, since phrasing differences don’t exactly disappear upon subsequent episodes.

  • ???

Yeah, that’s about as far as I got. I think the system is pretty solid as-is. However, there is always room for improvement, and I leave it to you to let me know exactly how to improve. So let me know. Here. Thanks.



Posts tonight. It’s just Articles though, so don’t get your hopes up.

24 thoughts on “This is not a “not dead” post, except it is”

  1. Some notes

    1. Red Data girl is already out. The only difference that the v1 releases will have over v0 is that it’ll be in 720p (as opposed to 360p)

    2. You don’t have to watch railgun season one in order to review season two. Literally nothing that happened in s1 will carry over to s2. Your experience with Index S1 is more than enough to fully understand everything.

    Azazel-san doesn’t need a S1 watch either.

    3. Shows that require a first season watch: Nyaruko (you’ve already seen this), Uta no Prince, and Samurai Bride

    • Oh shit, a lot got released already.

      Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t seen Railgun s1, but I did see Index, so I should be fine. I watched… some of Uta’s Prince, but IIRC it was honto gay, so I’m going into the second season without finishing s1. Hyakka… yeah, I need to watch s1 anyway for personal purposes.


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