What My Grades Mean (A Quick Guide)

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This isn’t the high school scale where anything less than a B+ means you’re an idiot. Actually, maybe it is. Also, welcome to one of Crymore’s hidden articles.

A+ Rare. This is the standard to which all fansubs should aspire. Error-free (or almost) scripts with powerful, well-written dialogue and astounding visuals are what makes up the releases here. I also have to like the show. Is that fair? No. But I don’t make the rules; I just enforce ’em.

A Near-perfect scripts with near-perfect visuals. This is the good shit.

B+ to A- Yeah, I actually consider these to be almost the same thing. These grades are reserved for subs that do a damn excellent job of what they need to. Issues will be minor and likely will not concern the average viewer.

B Subs with enough issues to make a difference comprise this category. Based on previous seasons, this is still an above-average score and should not denigrated.

C+ to B- Average subs. There are noticeable issues with subs that receive this grade, but the releases are good enough that you won’t need to stress about them.

C- to C Significant issues drag these subs down. However, they’re still watchable and may even surprise you with glimpses of quality every now and then.

D- to D to D+ Avoid watching if at all possible. These subs don’t fail since you can still understand what’s going on, but they are so deficient in quality that you may wish you couldn’t.

F These subs are complete and utter failures. Often subbed by idiots who think they’re doing a good job, these subs lack anything which might be considered “English”. You’d do better by watching the show without subtitles because your guess is guaranteed to be better than theirs.

F- Reserved for the most terribad of subs. The subtitles not only fail, they fail so spectacularly that they become worth watching just to see the trainwreck.


This is how I view the grades I hand out to groups. Just an FYI since I think some people may have gotten the wrong idea about what my scores mean. Back to the reviews now.

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