Stuck in my hotel with a dead laptop until Thursday night.

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What do?

Writing this on my phone so I’ll be brief. I’m stuck in a shitty Scottsdale (but I repeat myself) hotel room with a dead personal laptop and no charger. Can’t use my company laptop for subs or this site unless I wanna get fired.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:
1. Write articles in my notebook, take pics of the articles, and call it good.
2. Furiously masturbate to internet porn on my cellphone.
3. Tell my job to go fuck itself and take an unscheduled flight back home so you can get your shitty mochi cartoon edited by this sagey sage.
4. Get really drunk on two buck chuck.
5. Play ding-dong-ditch at koda’s house.

Other ideas?

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  1. Stream hyobu on phone, write joke sub script on physical paper. (Use crunchy’s 2 week free trial.)

    Listen to Time to Attack from Jormungand 24/7 to dull the pain.

  2. “Can’t use my company laptop for subs or this site unless I wanna get fired.”

    Why would you get fired for editing subs/your site? o.o

    Also, how would anyone find out anyway?

      • Obviously someone who doesn’t understand how entrenched a company’s IT department can be with issued laptops, ea?

        I take it that your personal laptop is not the same manufacturer as your company one?

        Also, have you tried the front desk? Ratty as the place is, some hotel chains now carry universal chargers for those in your boat.

  3. If you have the time and like baseball, go catch a spring training game. The Giants have spring training right in Scottsdale.
    Otherwise, 5 sounds cool. Just don’t ditch and make koda suck your cock instead.

  4. I was wondering why I never heard from you on IRC today, after you said you’d take my help co-editing the remaining Hyobu jokesub tracks.

    Mystery: solved. My first availability would be tomorrow anyways though.

      • What room number? What hours will you be out? How tight is security? What sort of lock does your room have? What would you say a rough estimate of the monetary value of the valuables you are presently storing at the hotel would be? Is there enough room in the car park to fit, say, a van? Is the service good there?

      • Mmmhm, I do happen to live here, after all, though I’m further up north if you take the 101, which is also a better part of Scottsdale than where you happen to be. Welcome to AZ, I suppose. At least the weather’s decent this time of the year.

        No real plans yet, I take it?

        • I’ve been working down here for quite a while now, actually. About to head into the office, so yes I do have plans. Nothing to do with the site though.

  5. Take lots and lots of showers. Showers feel nice.

    Go to a thrift store and live like a king.

    Find some video on Youtube and try to learn something. Yoga, card tricks, how your language will be flipped head-over-heels by the kids who’ve grown up as Youtube commenters.

    Practice calligraphy.

    I’m the best at fun.

    And when you do go ding-dong ditching koda, see how many houses you can get in a row. Bonus points for every number of the Fibonacci sequence you combodong.

  6. You know, I was thinking why can’t you go buy a blank DVD-R, burn Ubuntu 12.10 onto the disc, and boot your laptop under the Linux Build? I don’t mean installing Linux on your laptop, but “trying it” as Ubuntu has that option.

    Through that, you could do what you do best – review subs, and after you’re done for the day, you could simply turn off Ubuntu, and your laptop will still be the same as before you slot that disc into your laptop?

    There you go. NO MORE EXCUSES FOR YOU, SAGE!!

  7. Let’s see now seriously D_S, What’s coming next on
    I’ve been waiting for some updates for a while, and honestly this is the second tab I do open after starting my pc ^^” (you can tell I’m a fanboy.. maybe :p )

    So, now the new season is coming, and I’m pretty sure many anime lovers want some recommendations for “what’s next to watch” for spring 2013.

    Ideas? :)

  8. What’s your reason for not being to drop Hyobu?

    Is it because of the prestige you’ll lose from having dropped your third show in a row (Arcana, Medaka Box)?

    Is it because team members wish to see things through to the end?

    Is it because the leechers are anxiously awaiting the joke track (that track is the only reason that I would want to download your hyobu releases at this point btw)?

    Is it because you secretly want a break from everything?

    Dark_Sage, do you realize that there are 4 new EDs that require translation after episode 5? Do you realize that Returnity has constantly been trying to find you on the IRC channel to help you with the joke track and yet you are never around?

    IMO, you should just drop hyobu unless you have a really good reason not to. It’s been 5 weeks since this website has gotten new reviews and spring season has already started.

    (I’d also like to know how the editing on Tamako Market 10-12 is doing)


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