Crymore is dead, long live NarutoMore

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I have decided to retire from the fansub game in favor of the more enjoyable Naruto scene.

Expect posts about how NUNS3 is fucking shit for not letting us play as the Edo Kages, how Naruto x Sasuke is still a relevant pairing despite Sasuke-san being intentionally IGNORED by Kishimito-san, and how Hinata just can’t catch a break (I’m still working on a way to resolve my Sasuke X Naruto and Hinata X Naruto shipping desires).

I think this will be a game-changer in the aniblog scene.





Things unrelated to


Hyobu will never be dropped so long as I’m still breathing, even though the show is so shit.

Honestly, I’m fucking mad at myself. The only good show I’ve ever subbed is Highschool of the Dead — I have the worst track record. Oh, and Fresh Precure. I guess Bakemonogatari was pretty good too. Wait a second… It’s not me that subs bad… it’s the Whine-Subs brand that’s doing it.

Yeah, that’s it. Has nothing to do with my apathy toward the shows I work on or my lack of leadership skills. Rebrand imminent?


Yes, I will have to drop some fansub reviews from my queue once the new season starts. You’ll still get the popular ones you want, though. Don’t like that? Too bad — each review takes me around two hours and I have NOT been working on this shit at all recently.

I’ll try to get through shit as best I can, but cuts will have to be made, because that’s how reality works.


I really, really, really, really, really, really hate Hyobu. And I really hate the jokesub tracks I’ve made after the first episode’s. Unfortunately, I’m going to keep up with this shit because like I already said (and I have to reiterate this), I’m not dropping Hyobu. But no, I’m not going to do fansub reviews until I’m caught up on Hyobu. Guess that makes this a pretty shitty situation.

For the jokesubs, well I’m going to keep them, but I don’t think you’re gonna like them. You’re going to taste my misery.


You’re (probably) not gonna like what I’ve been working on in between my bouts of apathy and real life (don’t worry, those of you who remember Crymore’s earliest days, I’m not going back to lifeblogging.) but at least you’ll get a single post out of it.

85 thoughts on “Crymore is dead, long live NarutoMore”

  1. Dark_Sage, were you ever a real Naruto fan? Did you own a ninja headband? Do you look back on those dark days and shudder? Or are you just mocking the pain of those of us who once had such unrefined tastes?

  2. Wow… Naruto More, using naruto has become so cliche… well I don’t blame if you are a fanatic… I do like Naruto, but not MY BEST.
    Any way, I’m posting to say this: You don’t have to add the joke-tracks for Hyoubu. They’re so unrealistic (at least to me), and I think it’s not worth it. I’m just saying. Nothing imposed or asserted here…

    • If he dropped the jokesubs, there’d be little point in putting out a regular generisub release of a shitshow when others already did it weeks earlier.

      Fight on D_S! Oh, and remember hit me up in IRC if you need another good editor to help you write immature jokes about crappy chinese cartoons.

          • Well, my point is…
            Even though the show sucks, what’s so funny in creating a fake story? I mean yeah the show sucks, just let it suck. I just appreciate that you’re subbing it despite the fact you hate it. Good enough for me to appreciate you, you know. You don’t have to go all the way through to create / write a fake / funny story. Again, I’m just saying, the choice is yours…

          • > pretending HS doesn’t exist

            (plus the full range of quality DeadFish re-encodes of HR’s cast-rips.)

            But yeah I’ll be on when I’m home around 5 EST, talk to you then.

  3. Hyoubu Kyosuke was okay, I’m really only in it for the opening song that made no sense (KICKING THE GATE OF FRAME, ONE HISTORY ONLY, SYSTEMING IN TOMORROW) though that was probably intentional considering the second version.

    My shitty and pointless opinions aside, can’t wait for your future shit.


    Yes, I will have to drop some fansub reviews from my queue once the new season starts

    But how will you decide where the cutoff point is?
    I’d like to offer a suggestion. Tackle everything listed on the poll from [Mazui] Haganai to GJ-bu translation party . Taking into consideration that JoJo has three releases, that would equal 14 remaining reviews. I feel that these 14 reviews would comprise the “winter 2013 essentials”. Though if you can manage more, i’m sure it would make a few people happy.

    • The cutoff point is wherever I have to leave it. I’ll go exactly in the order people voted on, and stop when I have to. I don’t exactly have a list of “must-review”s.

  5. Good to know you will continue Hyobu, it’s sad that you hate it though. Your jokesubs always make me watch each episode twice.

  6. glad to hear you’re still doing Hyobu, i’m not crazy about it but i’m too autistic to drop it and i’m happy to wait for the best release available. cheers

  7. > I’m not going to do fansub reviews until I’m caught up on Hyobu.

    Well, good luck! You still have 6 more episodes to sub. I assume I won’t be seeing your reviews before next month.

  8. can you just fuck the fansub reviews and do an overview of the upcoming season?
    i find your shitty opinions 50% more interesting than reading about fansub groups that can write in broken english

    • Yeah, fuck the fansub reviews! They serve only to hold up your quarterly predictions! Besides, I’m sure they’re not why most people visit this site.

      Anyway, psie, why do even visit this site if the most interesting thing you can glean from it is the occasional opinion piece?

  9. Hi.
    I assume you’ve been busy updating
    But I still get server not found messages when I try to access it. Any chance you could look into this?


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