37 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Fansub Groups”

  1. Fucking damn it, D_S, I was actually looking forward to seeing this. Just post a list, sit back, and watch the butthurt. Don’t you want people to crymoar?

  2. Dafuq. This list seems wonky as fuck.

    CoalGirls shouldn’t be on the list as they do Blu-rays 99% of the time.
    CoalGuys, thought they were dead.
    Chihiro like CoalGirls mostly Blu-rays.

    Only sub group on this list I’d pay attention to would be Aho-Taku and Commie.

    This is a joke, right? Or is this supposed to be a list of all the Groups you’ve done over the years?

    • I…


      Read the last sentence of the intro and then everything that comes after. Okay, now you’ve got it.

      The list in the thumbnail wasn’t intended to be readable, so you shouldn’t be looking into it as the point of the post. Because it’s not. As for what that image is… well, look closer. It’s not a top ten list at all — it’s just a screen of some review data I compiled one day. Notice how it’s alphabetical. And how there are 14 groups visible, not 10.

    • I was under the impression that he just took a screenshot of the top of a list comprising all the scores he’s given.

      From memory, CoalGirls subbed Yuru Yuri S1 as it was airing. A quick search indicates that the second review is for Nichijou.

      I’m pretty sure Chihiro do sub things. In fact, I thought Chihiro had some sort of affiliation with CoalGirls.

  3. That’s not a very fair list since you only count groups who edits simcasts or sub those new, shiny cartoons (in other words, you overlook certain groups), Dark_Sage.

    • I’m pretty sure my list is all-encompassing. (Guys, you’re seriously breaking my heart. This joke wasn’t hard to get at all.)

    • Well, I actually wouldn’t rank them low. They’re not the Chihiro of yore, and although their presentation sucks, their editing is usually pretty good.


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