Whine-Subs Spring 2013 Project: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited

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You asked for this, so we’ll deliver.


  • Oh god, I’ve wanted this subbed by a group for so long. Are you actually going to sub this, or is it a cruel April Fool’s joke?

April Fool’s jokes aren’t funny, and they never have been. I wish cancer upon you and your kin if you actually enjoy this shitty “holiday” and all the terrible “pranks” that occur on it.


  • Why not sub something good?

Come now, this anime is super great, who wouldn’t love it? Anime of the all-time ever, right?


  • So… filler posts ending when?


4 thoughts on “Whine-Subs Spring 2013 Project: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited”

  1. About time man.
    Do a spring2013 preview so I can know what to watch. God forbid, I have to watch everything and decide by myself :(

    • Yeah, I plan on it. It takes me a full night or two to do them though, and I haven’t really started. (Reading the manga for all the shows is time-consuming.)

  2. If you’re not being sarcastic about April Fools Day, I completely agree. It’s a day for all those sadistic Bitches and Bastards out there. Moving on…Thank you for continuing to work on this show. I don’t care if it is great or not. If it is entertaining, I’ll watch it. I tried watching episode six from Horriblesubs but couldn’t take it and decided to wait for yours. Thank you very much.


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