A List of Things Dark_Sage Does Whilst Drunk

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Drunk_Sage strikes again.

My new avatar. Approve/disapprove?
My new avatar (effective when I awake for work in the morning). Approve/disapprove? I don’t care, I approve.


1. Watch Game of Thrones because it’s Sunday, bitches. And Sunday is drunkday. (Red Wedding, best wedding)


2. Gaze mournfully at the computer, thinking “TL Parties are so easy, I could totally do this right now, but like… I should get to sleep” but then spend the next four hours doing absolutely fuck all.


2.4. Try to figure out a way to block reddit because even though I hate that site so fucking much I can’t stop visiting it. And then I find a way to block it. But then that way is like… difficult to implement. I’m sorry, I have no self control.

2.5 Other things.


3. Watch this video. Multiple times. Like 15 fucking times, for real. I mean 16 times.


4. Post things that {only non-Americans/insomniacs/people with no jobs or responsibilities in the morning} will see because I’ll delete this post as soon as I wake up


5.I really like rocking chairs. They make me feel like I’m doing something.

rocking chair


tl;dr: Posts where? Read: http://www.crymore.net/review-queue-spring-2013/comment-page-1/#comment-44559

13 thoughts on “A List of Things Dark_Sage Does Whilst Drunk”

  1. Juri kinda sux. Also has the stigma of “wow everybody thought I had potential and had their hopes and dreams invested in me… haha, shows them”.

    Actually, perhaps that is appropriate? ( ¬‿¬)

    • Let me point out why Juri is as awesome as expected:

      1. Baggy pants with toned abs. Dat moe point.
      2. Pissed off the South Koreans (according to this wiki I’m reading).
      3. Down with spiders.
      4. Crazy fucking Lelouch-like eye.
      5. Apparently spazzes the fuck out in fights. I wouldn’t know, I don’t play fighters (I just buy ’em).

      I bet she tastes like honey.


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