Anime Central 2013 – Friday Cosplay Pics

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We have some downtime while waiting for our pizza to be delivered, so I thought I’d throw up a collection of all the cosplay pictures I grabbed from this day of the convention.

And here they are…


Oh, I’m sorry. You were expecting passable cosplayers at a 25k+ person convention? Nope, not a single one (male OR female).

I’ll be on the lookout tomorrow, but based on tonight’s results I can’t promise anything.


Yeah, this con sucks. Save your money and avoid it in the future if you have the option. You’re better off looking at yourself in a mirror and putting the moves on the pretty thing staring back at you.


28 thoughts on “Anime Central 2013 – Friday Cosplay Pics”

  1. Well you sound like a bitch.
    People worked hard even if they’re fat and unpleasant to look at. Your inability to find good cosplay is your own fault. I saw some badass cosplays.
    And a petty bitch like,you cannot be considered cute ever unless you’re trying to whore yourself out for attention in which case I feel sorry for your poor ass.


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