Dark_Sage at Anime North 2013

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Gotta get this announcement out of the way before I do my ACen write-ups.


I've got mail
I’ve got mail?

I somehow found my way into a Doki meet-up at Anime North. Despite not having interacted with any of these people besides jakeman95, I suppose there’s a chance I may get shanked.

But there are only gonna be like 16 guys there, so I think my odds are pretty good I’ll make it out alive.



Stuff to do


Ignoring the Reddit and 4chan panels (yes, Anime North has panels dedicated to both Reddit and 4chon), this con seems pretty interesting. A lot of shit seems aimed at the older crowd (with shit like panels on resumes and otaku networking), so there may not be as many homefucks here as there were at the other cons I went to.

The only problem is everything seems to end at 1 AM. How am I going to come stumbling back to my hotel room at 4 AM like I usually do, now? I don’t think they thought this one through.



Join the fiesta?


Assuming you’re cool, hit me up and we can hang. Since I ain’t Canadian, email is pretty much the only way to contact me (I have no interest in getting hit with roaming charges), so do it sooner rather than later cuz my connection will probably be spotty once the con gets underway.

If you’re straight edge or something though, don’t bother contacting me, cuz you’re probably not very interesting.


All right, onto sleep and then my ACen write-ups.

8 thoughts on “Dark_Sage at Anime North 2013”

    • If I get bored, perhaps. Not the biggest fan of raves since my dancing skills are nonexistent. And no, I’m not gonna play “wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubeman”.

  1. >this con seems pretty interesting
    Haha, nope. But this might be because this will be my third time going. .___.

    >The only problem is everything seems to end at 1 AM
    Technically 2AM (the last blocks on the schedule are 1AM-2AM), but I get what you mean. There are a couple of “overnight” viewings I believe, though they’re probably shit.

    All that said, I do hope you enjoy AN. (:

    • Oh god, a plush Botan? Do want.

      Actually, remind me to hit on any Juris at this con. There has to be one. There has to.

  2. Goddamn, this is a legitimately terrible con. I think this may be worse than Anime Boston was.

    I should have listened to everyone’s warnings.

  3. And I missed you for the entire day… at least $42 was well spent for me. :3

    Welp, I’ll meet you early tomorrow at 11AM at your hotel door.


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