Anime Central 2013 – Days 0/1 – Thursday/Friday

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Rolled into the Chicago airport at 4:30, found my way to the hotel at 6:30. (I’m not the best with directions, okay?)

Finally made it
Finally made it

When I eventually met up with Soup (my roombuddy), there were a bunch of people walking around the convention area, clearly on the prowl for otaku-related entertainment (you could tell from their Avengers t-shirts). But there weren’t any interesting activities going on, and those people didn’t seem interesting either, so we went off to grab some food.

After snagging some mediocre, overpriced “German” food at a local restaurant (the guy didn’t want to sell me beer cuz he thought I looked like a high schooler), and making a poorly planned-out trip to the bowling alley, we threw in the towel in anticipation of fantabulous Friday hijinks.



Fantabulous Friday Hijinks

You know how Friday is usually the best day of the con?

nope nope nope

Yeah, Anime Central doesn’t play that game.


10:30 A Dissection of Anime Good and Bad


Rather than telling people how to determine whether or not a show will be good, this panel told people how to find information out about shows by using Wikipedia and ANN.

A more appropriate title for this presentation would have been “Retard types ‘anime’ into Google and finds the first 10 fucking results and decides to make a panel about it.” We ditched this one ASAP.


11:00 Essential Anime


Panelists never showed up. While we could have totally came up with our own list of essential anime in their stead, I don’t think the congoers would have appreciated my rants about Queen’s Blade being better than every goddamn anime since Eva. (It is, but people hate the truth.)


12:00-2:00 ~~

We ate food or something. I don’t recall it being good.



3:15 Anime Stand-up

Mislabeled panel. Turns out, this was an anime participation panel ala Whose Line is it Anyway rather than aspiring comics failing to make decent jokes about anime.

Here, have a clip of what actually transpired:

This was a “game” where that person with glasses you see had to guess what his three “visitors” were acting out.

Let me spoil it for you:

1st dude: Naruto trying to practice the Thousand Years of Death on himself

Girl: All the pokemon going through every one of their evolutions

2nd dude: ACen congoer actively looking for soap, but can’t remember the name

Forgive the shitty video. Consider it me replicating my experience perfectly.


4:00 Funimation Fiesta

We caught the tail end of the Funimation panel.

“So is there another DBZ coming out soon?” asked the audience.

No, Funi fans. No.


5:00 Sentai Filmworks Panel


It was pretty entertaining listening to Sentai’s fanbase asking the presenter questions like “So when are you guys gonna make the next Highschool of the Dead?” Anime fans are stupid as shit. But at least Sentai’s asked about something that’s worth watching.

I won an Inu x Boku blu-ray during trivia time, so you could say it was a pretty good panel.


6:00-9:00 ???


I’m not quite sure what happened here. I don’t think I was drunk, but I could’ve been. Boredom is a hell of a drug.


10:00 Midnight Madness


Panel was full.


10:30 Final Fantasy Fornication


Panel was full.


12:00 Hentarmageddon


Panel was full.


12:05 Well, back to the pile

By this point, SoupRKnowva was fucking trashed. So we went back to the room for him to sleep it off.

Dark_Sage watched Yondemasu and/or hit on drunk chicks.



2:00 AM A Hentai’s Guide to Mahou Shoujo

Too Kawaii Magical Canan

Jakeman95 (one of my bros) runs this panel.

The content consisted of:

  • bestiality
  • rape
  • insectophilia
  • scat
  • guro

So you could say it was a pretty good time.


3:30 AM Naito


Onto Saturday

(slightly better, but still blegh — fuck this con)

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  1. In Bavaria beer isn’t even considered to be alcohol. It’s staple.

    The restaurant owner is either fake and gay or not Bavarian or both.

  2. Sounded like a bore fest. I live in Canada so I can’t go to one of these, but I’m looking forward to Sentai’s announcements tommorow.

  3. Keep notes, and at the end of the year add a “Con_Review” section and get some value out of even the most mediocre! Then write all the trips off as a business expense.


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