A Friendly Reminder

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


If you’re offended by anything you read on this site, you always have the option to kill yourself.

It's your one chance in life to be as kawaii as anime
It’s your one chance in life to be as kawaii as anime

Seriously, if I ever say something that offends you and you just can’t deal with it: get off this site, go to your bathroom door and hang yourself till your failure no longer affects anyone else. You’re not my target audience, you never were, and I don’t care if you never get to read my posts again. I’m not going to pander to your stupidity — try tumblr or 4chan.

In short, get the fuck out because you’re not going to find a receptive ear here.


Everyone else, thanks for being so sugoi. Have a Shana:


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      • >I’d like to say that.

        Liar. No you wouldn’t (゚∀゚). Unless by “I’d like to say that” you mean “I’d like to somehow summon it into physical form, combine it with Anime North, shoot the whole shebang into the Sun, and then give it an F.”

  1. Wow, did you really write this article off a few tepid Muslim comments? No point getting your knickers in a twist for a second-year ESL and a mediocre troll.

    • Considering even some of the regulars have been acting like weepy cunts recently, I figured I ought to set things straight as to what people should expect from this site.

      I’m not exactly pleased that I felt the need to do this.

      • >regulars

        I’d like to see someday an article in which D_S says who he considers as the newbies and regulars and throws shit at us. Community’n’all that y’know…

        • Justinnnnnn: Doesn’t use a fake email address when he posts and thus gets caught in the spam filter all the fucking time, requiring Dark_Sage to log onto Crymore to approve Justi’s posts when Dark_Sage is out doing things like being awesome at life. Makes Dark_Sage cry tears of sad.

  2. First sentence should be the introduction to every article. Seriously D_S, there will always be people who feel offended on the internet. It can’t be helped.

    • I’m not sure whether my altogether-predictable response should be:

      1. A variant of “following the theme of this article, the only option available for such an affront is suicide”
      2. A “twist” reply where I pretend to be offended and then am forced to follow my own advice. Megas shocker!

      Choose your own adventure, I guess.

      • No you are only aloud to hate Kazumi.

        I am still laughing my ass off that she got left forever alone at the end of the anime.

        • I haven’t gotten around to the last season yet, but Kazumi does indeed suck. Now that you’ve given away the ending (which is apparently an “amazing” plot twist), I think I would have preferred it, if Yuuji and Kazumi were allowed to be shite together, and Shana was left to be forever awesome. But I may just be weird like that.

          • Thats not really the whole ending that is just a part of it and it was the end to a very shit love triangle (like it was ever really a competition) the end result was always obvious romance wise anyway. You need to watch the third season it is where JC staff actually bothered to try and follow the novels properly though that might mean you have to read the wikia a bit since the first 2 seasons left stuff out and changed things.

            I bought the only 2 officially translated Shana novels and after reading them then re-watching the parts of the first season that the novels covered i got to say the anime was sort of sucky and that fight with Friagne was pretty convoluted and disjointed in the anime version (film did a better job but still lacking and dumb changes).

            Anyway watch the third season though novels are better i would say the third season was the best of the 3 and i did like the ending.

  3. well, looks like you took it too serious. It was a bare comment. Yes, no more than that.

    but other people made it a big issue by keep talking about it.

    since this is your blog, I don’t get to make rules or so. Keep it your way.

    The only thing I can do is to request that you remove the ban you gave me :P (on the previous IP)

    thank you for your time

    • notredrevie.ws is the Arsenal to crymore’s Manchester United. On the off-chance that you don’t know anything about proper football, it’s the Red Sox versus the Yankees. If you don’t know anything about sports at all, think of it as Apple and Microsoft. If that still doesn’t help, I’m out of ideas.

  4. > If you’re offended by anything you read on this site,
    > you always have the option to kill yourself.


    (And really, if people don’t want to read offensive abuse, why do they come here in the first place?)


  5. You know you can always review new releases when you’re short of ideas or wondering what to post about. Like now, for instance.

    P.S. I wasn’t lying when I stated my admiration for you in the other comment. I really do like you, Seiji <3

  6. > If you’re offended by anything you read on this site,
    > you always have the option to kill yourself.


    (And really, if people don’t want to read offensive abuse, why do they come here in the first place.)


  7. If you’re offended by anything you read on this site, you always have the option to kill yourself.


    (Does quote work here?)

  8. There would be another alternative: hiring a hitman to take out dark_sage :P But… That’d be a pity, because we wouldn’t be able to entertain us with these reviews and the flaming afterwards :P

  9. Your blog your rules, I understand. But you just make people hate you and your blog. You should treat your visitors kind if you want to have more them. Just a little friendly advice from me.

    • I’m pretty sure no one would visit his blog if he started being nice.
      The harsh and provocative language he uses in the reviews brings fan-subbers to defend their point of view, and that normally results in obnoxious flame wars and heated discussions, which brings entertainment to his visitors.
      The reviews are bad, they’re mostly biased and/or random, and they miss one of the most important aspects of a fan-sub review, which is the translation quality.
      Commie did the right thing by ignoring his blog in my opinion.

      • My review are bad? Do go on. Also, please expand upon how 1:1 translations are the only thing that matters. I’m anxiously awaiting your informed reply.

        • Well, let’s talk a little about your reviews first
          1- I remember once you reviewed certain “Tamako market” releases even though you were editing that show for a competing group. By doing this you’re indirectly implying that your editing was the top amongst the competitors(which for the record wasn’t the case), also I don’t really think it’s a good idea to review your competitors because obviously you’ll be biased toward your editing.

          2- Your negative bias against Taka was really obvious in their SnK review. Their script might not be perfect but it doesn’t really deserve a C-grade(even by your standards), the script was fine except some minor mistakes, personally I’d give it a B-, because that’s what it really deserves.

          That pretty much show how your reviews are biased.

          Secondly, about the translation part:
          You’re right, 1:1 translations aren’t the *only thing* that matters, but it’s an important aspect.
          sometimes translators mistranslates/leave some lines untranslated or even make awkward translation, a good editor can deal with that but you might end up with translations that doesn’t represent what the characters are saying (or even conveying sometimes).
          A good editor *can’t* cover up for a bad translator, never. the flow and conversation might sound logical and natural to you but is it really what the characters are saying? I’m not talking about word-for-word translations, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you lose important details in the dialogue, which is mainly the bad translators fault.

          • 1. I still don’t see why people flipped out over that one review, but I pulled it from canon, so why do you even care?

            2. You’re mad their script was a C+ cuz you wanted it to be a B-? Okay.

            If that’s the worst you can find, I think I’m doing pretty fucking well.

            Essentially what you’re saying with your confused string of English is that editors don’t matter. Fantasyland sounds pretty enjoyable. Invite me next time.

            • You never accept criticism, but I’m not going further into that.
              About Taka’s review, I didn’t contribute or have any affiliation with Taka so I have no reason to be “mad” on their behalf, As I said before the script has minor mistakes, and most of the editorial stuff you suggested in the review are either negligible or will make the dialogue sound worse.
              You misunderstood my statement regarding translation,
              I never said editors don’t matter, what I wanted to say is that translators make occasional mistakes, and I doubt you’ll be able to detect them.
              The editor might make the language and flow of the dialogue sound natural but he can’t fix the issues of mistranslations or untranslated lines/phrases.
              Maybe you’ll end up with a script with flawless English, but it’s still missing certain details that were lost due to bad translation.

              • You’re right, I’ve never changed a review based on relevant critiques from commenters. In fact, my review system isn’t even based around the idea that everything I write about is up for peer review. How well you understand my site! Please accept my most humble apologies for absolutely never encouraging discussion on this site. I really need to reexamine how I do things.

              • And because I can’t discover hidden inaccuracies that you can’t either, my site is therefore irrelevant? Okay, you’re entitled to your ignorance, though I must question why the fuck you’re still here.

                • I don’t know how you came up with the conclusion that I can’t discover them either, but okay.
                  I don’t remember saying that your site is irrelevant…
                  I actually like it, but your reviewing system has certain flaws, and I clarified how.
                  But since you want to keep it that way, fine by me.

                  >I must question why the fuck you’re still here.

                  The drama is what keeps me here, sometimes I just jump to the comments without reading the review.
                  Also I must conclude that,
                  criticizing your reviewing system =/= hating on you or your site.
                  You seem to take every suggestion or criticism as a personal insult, if that’s the case then I offer you my apologies.

                  • Well, do you have any improvements to suggest? I’m all ears, but “you don’t know Japanese” and “stop being mean to groups I like” doesn’t fucking help me.

                    • Well since you asked, Those are some suggestions I can think of:

                      1. Refrain from reviewing shows that are subbed by a group you’re member of.
                      2. Let a translator take care of translation quality aspects of the review.
                      3. Modifying the score of a review if relevant critiques are provided by commenters.
                      4. Don’t let your bias affect the score of a group(whether negative or positive).
                      5. Not related to the reviewing aspect, but articles like “A Friendly Reminder” are kind of silly, sorry.

                      Well, you’re free to take those suggestion or not. (you probably won’t but oh well).

                    • 1 kinda pretty much already happens. I don’t know how you got the idea D_S is reviewing translations for 2, because I was under the impression he was focusing on the editing. You apparently haven’t been here very long if you haven’t seen 3 happen, and for 4, if you can’t take his reviews with a grain of salt, you probably shouldn’t be here.

                    • This. Though I’d like to note that for #4, I don’t ever go into a review thinking “this group is going to get a _, so I’m going to make sure that happens”. If there’s any bias, it’s subconscious. There’s no value for me in giving groups scores based on their names, because then my reviews become irrelevant.

                      As for 5, article activity generally has no effect on fansub review activity. I say generally, because sometimes I am more focused on certain articles. But for articles like this one, they cut into time that I’d use mindlessly browsing AMVs on Youtube. This didn’t take the place of an EveTaku review last night.

                    • Retracting statements that have been proved false. I feel that everything is taken in good humour on this site, generally, even when you’re at your most shocking – but if someone calls you out on something you’ve said, at least have the balls to admit you’re wrong instead of trying to wriggle out of it :D

                    • I don’t really see myself as trying to wriggle out of anything. If I call something out as an error, it’s because I honestly believe there’s an issue with it. So if someone comes in and says “no, that’s fine”, I’m not going to modify my critique unless their argument is compelling. And the arguments often aren’t.

                      But you’d know if you paid attention that I often do change things in my reviews when it’s pretty clear I was wrong about something. I do it all the time and encourage groups to call me out about issues they think are perfectly fine. Sometimes we can’t come to an agreement, and oh well, but I’m seriously not out to penalize groups for issues I don’t actually think are problematic.

                    • Oh, don’t get me wrong – if you fuck up on the English side of things and someone points it out, you do go back and change it. That is one of the things I like about your reviews – that you’re not infallible and try to correct those mistakes when made aware of them.

                      No, what I mean is your “trolling” side, if I’m allowed to call it that. You probably know what I’m referring to and the statement wasn’t retracted despite it being proved false by several people :)

                      So yeah, not sure what I’m asking for. Humility? Probably won’t get that :D

                    • I think a complete lack of humility adds to the effect I’m going for here. “Humble” and “asshole” don’t really work together.

              • > Maybe you’ll end up with a script with
                > flawless English, but it’s still missing
                > certain details that were lost due to bad
                > translation.

                Again, after the mangled, punctuation-free, misspelt hash you made above, this is just laughable as criticism.

          • Ciel, how can someone with as poor a command of the English language as you have *possibly* arrogate to yourself the position of criticising English Fansub Reviews?

            Just asking:

            > the competitors(which for the record
            > deserve a C-grade(even by your standards)

            > That pretty much show how your reviews are biased.

            > sometimes translators mistranslates/leave some lines

            > or even make awkward translation

            > end up with translations that doesn’t represent what the characters are saying

            > A good editor *can’t* cover up for a bad translator, never.

            > sometimes you lose important details in the dialogue, which is mainly the bad translators fault

            Physician, heal Thyself! Seriously, man, that’s just embarrassing. (And in a screed wherein you’re trying to make the case that good Editing isn’t important, it pretty well blows your argument out of the water, doesn’t it?)

      • I highly doubt they’re as biased or “random” as you think they are.

        Dark_Sage reviews script quality , he is not a translator and cannot review translation(besides some obvious shit).

        Rekyou did some TL reviews on here.(I still miss 8th , but Rekyou was pretty good although we could use more of those sometime)

        You are asking something that is literally impossible.

        Commie also wouldn’t be able to really accurately review translation quality on notred, if this and “Eotens” is any indication: http://8ths.in/re-commie-hyouka-liberal-has-its-limits-translation-vs-scriptwriting/

        • This was a reply to the “The reviews are bad, they’re mostly biased and/or random” comment by Ciel.

          Not sure how that didn’t display right, but w/e

  10. 4chon hates me cuz I do their job better than they do.

    Edit: meant this as a reply to False. Shitty comment system.

  11. IMO whoever did come up with the plot for Shakugan no Shana Season 4 was on a drug cocktail trip that didn’t do him good and deserves a fate similar to the article’s theme.

    And D_S: Is that your tsun-side in this article or rather yan(dere)? I am so confused. And will you ever go dere?

    Editors-Note: This post is completely not backed up by any mistake or expression research and thus all mistakes may or may not relate to the author’s stupidity.

    • Straight dere would put me alongside the likes of tumblr bloggers. It’s not like I couldn’t write straight dere, but I’m not so sure it would serve a point.

      If it helps any, I honestly love you all, sometimes even more than masturbating. (Usually after.)

  12. I fail. Could I haz a fake email adress so as to finally get it n save you the trouble of deleting more “trying” posts?

    • Your “trying” posts were fine. They just annoyed me, so I deleted them.

      Once I approve a username/email combination, the system remembers it and will automatically clear most of your comments. So the email you used for this comment will work from now on. …probably.

  13. I don’t know where you or this site are, but here telling someone to suicide is a penal offence. Just saying…

      • Yeah, but if I was suicidal I would leave “I just wanted to Crymore, but Dark_Sage said I should die” as a note. I’m not sure what the consequences would be, but it could be fun.

        • If you’re going to kill yourself, at least spend your death better. Make a mark, cuz I guarantee you writing a suicide note about the best anime site on the internet isn’t going to affect a damn thing.

    • Luckily, he didn’t tell “someone”, he told a HYPOTHETICAL group of halfwits who MAY or MAY NOT exist.

      Also I read it as more of a polite suggestion than an order.

      • We all know that group isn’t hypotetical or there wouldn’t be all the butthurt on this site and this post wouldn’t be here.

        I know nothing of American’s law so I can’t comment further. I was just poking fun at Dark_Sage anyway…

    • Oh sorry, I didn’t know your shit-tier country had domain over the internet. I must congratulate you for having enough self-control to stop fucking your siblings long enough to gain control over all these tubes.

      Please, register your complaints with the Prime Minister of the Internet — he’ll stop my villainous ways for sure.

      • From: The Prime Minister Of Teh Interwebz

        To: Lord Dark_Sage Viper Scorpion

        Subject: Cease And Desist Order

        Dear Sir and/or Madam,

        You are hereby enjoined to immediately cease and desist inciting Morons to restructure the very nature of the terrestrial genetic pool by topping themselves forthwith.

        Modern civilisations depend upon a healthy substrata of gormless Morons in order to promote Consumer Culture, and to ensure the ready availability of cannon fodder to be used in the frontlines of various wars supporting the Military-Corporate Complex.

        By encouraging this underclass of Marching Morons to prematurely remove themselves from the planet you are effectively cutting out the middleman, and denying society billions of dollars of sales in Snuggies™, Baconnaise, Green Beer, Napalm, and Cluster Bombs.

        Failure to comply with this order will result in severe penalties, possibly including (but not limited to): Fine, Civil Suit, Drone Attack, and/or suspension or revocation of your Interweb Licence.

        Signed: The Prime Minister Of Teh Interwebz

      • Considering the USA is known for preventing tourists to visit the country because they wrote on Twitter they wanted to “crash the party” or similar stupid things I just thought I’d mention it.

          • It was an example of your country overreacting to what people write online even when there’s no malice, but I’m sure you got the point and are just playing out your persona.

  14. HAHAHAH Jokes on you! If I leave a note saying I killed myself because of this site you’re fucked.owned nerd


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