Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Mushibugyo (Episode 2)

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Yes, this review is taking the place of something you actually wanted to read. No, I don’t care.

Just kidding. What did you think I was gonna review? I watch this show with the subtitles off. Have some pics.

001 including pictures from the OP because 002 because it has cute girls in it that is 003 look, she's in pain - that's hot right 004 okay, I really fucking like those eyes 005 armpit shot 006 and gotta get the zoom-out shot, amirite 007 see, I include pretty pictures too - I'm a fucking artist 008 I absolutely lover her when she smiles 009 O 009 they managed to get an upskirt in here - go Japan 010 Oh look a lolpic - this means the entirety of the article is justified and you can't say I only included fapbait 011 banding ruins it 012 I, too, wear ill-fitting clothes when sleeping 013 nightmares too scary 014 is it wrong that I fapped to this pic 015 apparently so 016 this would actually be an awesome gif but I don't care enough to make one 017 proportions 018 pancake ass 019 show of the season for honestlies 020 marry me hibachi 021 this site would be a lot better if I cared about hits and wrote the articles you wanted to read 022 but like I said in the intro I really don't care - if I don't want to write something, I won't 023 dictator_sage amirite 024 even more proportions 025 thank you crunchyroll for being my Hibachi dealer 026 yeah, there are other characters in this show but I mostly ignore them 027 included for the skirt physics 028 H 029 N 030 G 031 H 032 alright I don't think I have enough commentary for the pics so I'm just gonna start blogging 033 I have pizza in the oven from last night - I bet it'll be good 034 but it probably won't be as good as last night - it never is 035 such is the way of things 036 okay back to the commentary goddamn I love sideboob 037 okay back to the blogging - dove chocolate is really good and I eat way too much of it but never get fat because my genes are better than everyone else's 038 dat grin 039 best girl of the season of all seasons 040 and she knows it 041 side face 042 sideboob animated correctly 043 sideboob not animated correctly 044 loli to break up the monotony of masturbating to armpits and sideboob 045 yes that's cute 046 okay, enough loli, back to the good stuff 047 so how many people do you think even bothered to think of checking the filenames 048 I say 20 percent 049 feel free to post your guess in the comments to confuse the shit out of them 050 they really don't know the awesome they're missing 051 oh fuck I'm not even halfway through - how the hell am I gonna come up with more shit to say 052 I mean I do have things to say but they require punctuation that I can't put in filenames 053 surprisingly, I can put commas in filenames, though 054 seriously, why the fuck are commas allowed but question marks not 055 you're bringing me down, filenaming system 056 oh by the way, the pizza's out of the oven now 057 it tastes like... oh, a 5 out of 10 058 which I consider a success 059 oh my god how is this only screenshot 59 060 if I could I'd just go back and undo all of these comments and just post the regular formatted versions 061 cuz seriously I'm out of fucking ideas 062 this is a filler article - I shouldn't be required to think 063 agh this is almost dull enough that I want to go ahead and review something 064 almost 065 cuz reviewing's kind of boring at the moment 066 seriously, you have no idea how long I stared at that evetaku review for shingeki 067 it's like 85 percent done too 068 I think I'm just gonna scrap it and do a gg one instead 069 oh wait no, better idea, just do a mushibugyo review 070 ya know, so I have an excuse to watch more of this beauty 071 god she's hot 072 so. fucking. hot. 073 okay, now I only have 42 more descriptions to write 074 41 075 and now 40 - woot 076 I'm so sorry if you're still reading these - there's no point, please turn back 077 maybe I can like post lyrics to a cool song so that you know I'm awesome 078 we should get jerseys, cuz we make a good team 079 no relient k fans in the audience - come on you all, they may be christians but some of their songs don't suck 080 I'd post Birthday Massacre lyrics instead but I doubt you would recognize them as such 081 fuck I can't even remember any of their songs 082 okay now I'm watching the extraball AMV 083 you should watch that shit too - it's suigoi 084 sugoi I meant 085 oh god why did I take so many fucking screenshots 086 bored bored bored 087 so bored I think I'm just gonna go brush my teeth again 088 okay, brushing my teeth 089 though, three times a day is a bit overkill, isn't it 090 if you're british, don't answer that question - three times a year is overkill for you 091 this is screenshot 91 - you can tell because I labeled it as such 092 btw, the only screenshot not featuring Hibachi here is the first one 093 but I don't even know that girl's name in the first one 094 nor do I care since she's not as sugoi as Hibachi 095 it'd be sweet if Hibachi just straight up went crazy mode and killed everyone on the show 096 and then the rest of the show was just her going around doing crazy shit like drinking soda out of a can with a straw or something 097 no, fuck that, TWO straws 098 also instead of soda, it's pop, because that's the proper term for the cultured individuals among us 099 aww yeah 100 and instead of pop it's whiskey because she has an alcohol problem 101 and she dies in the end because of alcohol failure as she's strangling like the shogun of Japan or something 102 or emperor, I don't know what the difference is - they might be the same person 103 but that won't happen cuz this is a shitty generic shounen that will relegate Hibachi to the backseat after this episode 104 fuck anime, for real 105 and fuck Japan, those fucking sexist morons - they've had like 3 strong females over the entirety of anime's history 106 is it wrong to want a chick in the spotlight that isn't a bigger cunt than Shinji 107 Japan thinks so 108 Oh well, not like my taste is gonna change a damn thing 109 so I'll just have to regretfully fap to these pics instead 110 and by regretfully I mean not regretfully 111 at all 112 okay two more pics 113 one 114 done, but there are 115 images in the folder and this is labeled 114 - shit, where did I screw up... oh well, I don't care; time to post


And that’s why you should watch Mushibugyo.

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    • Might be compelling if the pictures didn’t heavily imply that she’s a walking tsundere trope. Gods below am I fucking sick and tired of these tsundere’s all the time, I’ve never understood why so many Japanese otaku are attracted to character’s that would physically abuse them constantly if they were real anywhere other than the otaku’s head. Is masochism that common in Japan? Explains the declining birth rates I guess, Japanese women just aren’t violent enough for the men.

      Anyway, I hate tsundere’s, end of lecture.

  1. “Next up: Hatsuyuki-Kaitou (episode 6), Commie (episode 7), gg (episode 7), EveTaku (episode 7). Keep your fingers crossed but your expectations low.” ;w;

    • Beckett pls.

      Obviously the bugs are also ninjas and use Improbable no Jutsu. Maybe your logic isn’t quite strong enough for this show, 2realistic4u

  2. I got to like 105 before realizing, then had to start over =_=;

    10/10 would read again. also dem armpits.

  3. *Reads the comments of those who didn’t quite get it*


    Maybe next time you do one of these, you should use lyrics from a favorite sone…

    I hear ROUNDABOUT is good – ‘shame some other anime snitched it first.



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