Introducing: AMV of the Day

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Throwing up a little “feature” for Crymore: an AMV will be displayed in the sidebar daily for your entertainment.

And by that, I mean my entertainment because that’s what this site is really about.

Nazi Mio, best Mio
Nazi Mio, best Mio

I have also thrown up a little discussion/archive page for the AMVs:


Well, that was a short post, but now you know what’s going on (I anticipated pillaging were this notice not given). And don’t worry, my taste in AMVs is as good as my taste in anime, so you’re in good hands.

22 thoughts on “Introducing: AMV of the Day”

  1. >And don’t worry, my taste in AMVs is as good as my taste in anime

    Looks like I won’t be clicking on those then :D

  2. Don’t spoil me! I’ve never watched Gurren Langann and am now patiently waiting for the BD re-release, cause I have a pretty low tolerance for shitty pixelated square-screen anime.

    • Thank you. Thanks to this (surprisingly funny) AMV, I now know about Katte ni Kaizou.

      Also, how the fuck does the AMV thing still exist? Is it connected to the horrible continuing existence of Linkin Park?

  3. I’m not going to click in all the links in the comments section, but if you were talking about TTGL, then I assume someone must have had the decency to link the Dont Stop Me Now AMV. That, and Welcome to Black Parade are undoubtedly the best ones. Yeah, I know what’s best for you all.


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