Crymore’s Donation Drive

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We’re not asking for any specific amount, but we do have some stretch goals. Just remember: if you don’t give us your money, you’re not a true fan.

Edit: Donation drive has now ended. We managed to raise $83,512.88 in less than a day. This will be enough to sustain operations for the month. Thanks for being such great anime fans. :)


We all know that fansubbers make anime. And because Whine-Subs may be the only fansub group you’ve ever heard of, I feel confident in telling you that Whine-Subs is the only fansub group that exists out there. Hell, without us, Japan probably wouldn’t even exist. That’s how much we matter.

*We* made this, so give us your money
*We* made this, so give us your money

And that’s where you come in. For the low, low price of whatever you can afford, Whine-Subs will continue to exist. Don’t listen to the people who actually know us: e-penis is not our primary motivator. We’re just fans… who want your money. Think of it as fan->fan sharing. And without your money, we totally are gonna have to permanently shut operations down.

We're super cereal about this you guys
We’re super cereal about this you guys


An Honest Breakdown of Our Financials

Getting anime to you is expensive. Trust us, we’d reduce costs if we could, but it is physically impossible.

We're totally being upfront and honest about this
No worries, we’re being completely upfront and honest about this

Seeding torrents costs literal pennies of bandwidth for us. I mean, we don’t have bandwidth caps… but like, spread out across the entire month, those pennies add up.

And encoding on our home PCs costs… electricity! And time! Our time is very valuable!!

So… that’s a lot of money right there.


Additional Costs

But the money we so desperately need doesn’t stop at electricity and bandwidth. Cuz if you think about it, it takes a whole lot more money for us to actually provide you with these animes. Food, lodging, and prostitutes ain’t free, you know. And if those aren’t paid for by you, we can’t provide you with anime.

This mortgage ain't gonna pay for itself, sugar oto-sans
This mortgage ain’t gonna pay for itself, sugar oto-sans

Remember, we’re providing a free service, so you owe us money. That’s how it works and always has in this fandom. Don’t question, just pay.

Thanks for reading. And remember, the donation button is all the way to le right. ^_^

42 thoughts on “Crymore’s Donation Drive”

  1. Um, so yeah. What exactly is the reason for this donation drive?

    The removal of hiatus on Whine-Subs this summer? :D

    • Afterall, it’s UTW. Well loved (I like the group too).

      Made me think. What if GG fans will not troll for donations? God forbid.

  2. I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that a certain fansub just received a pretty big amount of money on donations (?)…

  3. Oh wow, $13,000 donated now? That’s cool, but I just bought another motorcycle, so we’re gonna need to find ways to pay for that together.

    Aw, I know I can count on you. Thanks, you’re the bestest.

  4. Missed this initially:

    > Tags: fansubbing isn’t free – it costs a buck o five


    “Ooooooo – Fansub costs a Buck-O-Fiiiiiiiive!”


    • We got even more over the night. Well, I think we can shut down the donation drive for now. Don’t want any accusations of impropriety.

  5. 83k… Pls… That’s probably the same as your yearly payment. Just ask for donations every year and don’t have a job. Lol.


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