[Yuurisan] Dance in the Vampire Bund 7.5 (TV)

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

Every few months, I go through my entire anime list and try to find specials, recaps, and OVAs I may have missed. This was one of them. I don’t intend to review any of the others, but there are things I really like about this release.

Some of you newbies to fansubs may not remember Yuurisan. I’d link you to their site for posterity, but it’s kind of not on the internet anymore. What a shame!

The hunt to find this recap episode was quite annoying. In fact, I don’t have the original encode of it. I found a download link on one of those many streaming sites, so I’m pretty sure I just downloaded an avi encode of the stream, not the original file itself. Therefore, I think it’s unfair to judge a lot of the visual aspects.

Due to how hard it is to find, if you want to watch it, I grabbed it here.

Also, if you want to help me in my efforts to find subs of specials, recaps, and OVAs, please click here and then leave a comment. I’d really appreciate it!




OP. This was very hard to read. A perfect example of why borders are necessary for karaoke.

shot0022 shot0023

ED. For some reason, even though this was a hardsubbed avi, it… lagged. I have NO idea why. But who really watches EDs, anyway?


For a SHAFT show, there really wasn’t much typesetting. But what was done was done brilliantly.


While it does need more blur, this is awesome. I totally did a double take here.



Since this is within the first few minutes of the episode, instead of saying “that was”, it should be “this is”. While arguable, this line is repeated later on, but the wording used is “this is”. Consistency trumps all.


This sort of punctuation was used all of the time in the OP. I guess there’s really no good way to do this, but this just seems… odd.


Nothing wrong with the line except that there’s no audio to match with it. I assume it’s because this is a recap episode, so lines were spliced in and one too many were copied.


Since he’s following the question with a plural, is –> are.


Missing comma. While I prefer commas in all such cases, the general rule of thumb is that you can omit the comma when there are three words or less in the phrase. This one has four.


Fucking love this.


He’s asking how she knows his name. Therfore, did -> do.


No, he’s a member of the Earth Clan. One person does not constitute an entire clan. Even if he were the only person left of said clan, you still wouldn’t refer to him as the entire clan. (I don’t actually remember the plot of this show.)


See? Consistency, people.


I think this release is turning me on.


While this is a perfectly valid usage of the phrase “make with”, it might seem awkward for some people to read this, especially with all the other difficult language in the release. But I don’t consider this a negative. Just a comment.




The previous line is something like “I didn’t know…” for reference.

There are really two nitpicks here. First is the line splitting. If this is split at the sentence break, I don’t think I’d have as much of an issue with this line. But as it’s written here, it seems like this is meant to flow, and it doesn’t.

The full line, corrected, would be:

I didn’t know how truly monstrous she is, nor her true sorrow.

But this has repetition issues with true/truly and also parallel structure issues. What, you may ask, do I mean by that?

Let’s say your line is: “Formerly, science was taught by the textbook method, while now the laboratory method is employed.”

Using parallel structure, it would be: “Formerly, science was taught by the textbook method; now it is taught by the laboratory method.”

(BTW if you google that example, you’ll find more examples since I blatantly stole it.)

It reads a lot smoother. So for this line, I would say:

I didn’t know about her vile wickedness nor her inner sorrow.








tl;dr: Fucking brilliant release. And I thought oldsubs sucked! Though would a 2009 release really be oldsubs?

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      • Calyrica is unable to handle XDCC because she doesn’t know what a bouncer is, and has previously chosen to not review certain releases because of this.

          • Fuck paying for Usenet. But I’ve used Indowebster once before and I was getting kiloBIT speeds. So after looking up the domain, I tried an Indonesian proxy in the same city and got like 300kiloBYTESps.

            Incidentally, it was for the Shakugan no Shana specials from SS-Eclipse.

        • What. I’m using a bouncer, but even before that, Colloquy didn’t let me XDCC. When I try, it adds itself to the download window, but never downloads.

      • You don’t need an account. I linked to a read only version and asked for comments here. Last time I linked it somewhere, it got vandalized to hell.

  1. “then what else are real?”? I know what you were kinda going for here, but that doesn’t really work as a sentence.

    “If vampires are real, then what other things are? Werewolves?” would be better, imo.

    • Scratch that.

      -Galaxy Angel: Sukiyaki Bentou Goninmae: I have the DVDs for GA, so if you can’t find this special anywhere I can rip it for you in about a month when I get back home.
      -Ura Mirai Nikki: I found raws just by searching on Google, but I’m not sure if they’ve been subbed.
      -Maria Holic Alive Special: Subbed by a group called Random Remux.
      -Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Kore ga Umi e no Ai Jana-ika!: Niconico link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17856485. If you don’t have a Niconico account: http://nicoviewer.net/sm17361602

      • I’ve googled for a while now and I still can’t find a torrent for the Maria Holic Special (subbed). I even checked Random Remux’s website…
        Am I blind, or is there a secret path to this torrent? I would be so grateful if you helped me find it~

  2. > Since he’s following the question with a plural, is –> are.
    No. Just no.

    > I think this release is turning me on.
    You missed the obvious error in this line – no commas before subordinating conjunctions.

    > I didn’t know about her vile wickedness nor her inner sorrow.
    You don’t use “nor” for nouns. I agree that the original line sucks, though.

    > Missing comma. While I prefer commas in all such cases, the general rule of thumb is that you can omit the comma when there are three words or less in the phrase. This one has four.
    The general recommendation is to only slap one in after the adverbial phrase if it contains a verbal; this one doesn’t. Either way, the comma is optional.

    • > Since he’s following the question with a plural, is –> are.
      >> No. Just no.

      Yes to Calyrica.

      > I didn’t know about her vile wickedness nor her inner sorrow.
      >> You don’t use “nor” for nouns. I agree that the original line sucks, though.

      Nope. Using “not” for nouns is fair game, just not in this scenario.

      • No, it would be “If vampires are real, what else is real? Werewolves?” Yuurisan had it right.

        Your suggestion and Caly’s would turn the line into “If vampires are real, what else are real?” which is so cancerous, I feel a cyst forming on my bile. “what else” is singular, which is what you should be focusing on.

        • But the word is plural. You’re basically saying “Werewolves is real.” which is even more cancerous.

          “If vampires are real, then what else are?”

            • I know that, and sometimes with what else, you use is, such as in “What else is new?”.

              But here it just grinds on me. If you want to use “What else is real?” the answer would be “A werewolf,” not “Werewolves.” What else may be the subject, but the answer has to fit the question.

              Would you answer “What is your address?” with your school, home, and work addresses? No, because you were only asked for one address. You’d pick one and that’d be it. Likewise, “What else is real?” is asking for one answer, and the answer of “Werewolves” is implying multiple answers.

              Gah. I can’t explain it right.

              Maybe it’s a teacher thing. We ask questions like this all the time and have very narrow views on what is a correct answer and what isn’t.

              • 1. Unless you have prior information, “what” is always assumed to be singular.
                2. You don’t have to match singular and plural in questions with unknown answers – a normal person would ask “what is in your bag” even if the answer were “five pens, three pieces of candy, and a big club”.
                If you think that “what are in your bag” is right under any circumstances (or that the above answer can somehow be rephrased to contain only one singular noun (without stretching the limits of common speech)), I will abort the discussion here because it’ll be a waste of time.
                3. In “What else are you eating today?”, “you” is the subject. In other words, the example is completely irrelevant to the whole conundrum.

                • Okay, I guess that’s true. What I wanted to get across was that “What else are” doesn’t necessarily look or sound terrible (referring to D_S’s comparing it to cancer). It was indeed an irrelevant example.

                  I don’t see the point in assuming that “what” is singular. This takes place in a supernatural setting. When you watch this type of series, do you assume that there are only two types of supernatural creatures? No, right? Although the character mentioned werewolves, the line might be speculation about the possible existence of other supernatural creatures because vampires exist. Laziness might be a reason for not naming more of them.

                  • I’m talking about grammar here – “what” is singular unless you use it to refer to something explicitly mentioned before.
                    See the second point for an example where the answer to the question is very likely more than one thing (and where we can assume the speaker would know it’s more than one thing), yet “what” would still be used as singular – always.

        • Wait. I have to take that back.

          “What else are you eating today?” vs. “What else is you eating today?”

          I have to bash my head against the wall for taking back my statement.

  3. On another note:

    Comic Party OVA (not the specials) – Identical with the first four episodes of “Comic Party Revolution (2005)”. I found them on some obscure XCCC bot a couple months back.
    Fate/Zero Remix – Doki did the ones for Fate/Stay Night; have you tried asking them?
    Highschool DxD OVA – Released by Hiryuu.
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Specials – I watched the Chinurarete ones. If you get me those (didn’t store them), I can TL from German to English for you.
    Jormungand: Perfect Order – First Stage Soushuuhen – Are those the 12.5/18.5 Undershaft ones Dmon did? ‘Cause I have those (but haven’t watched them yet. ~_~)
    Maria Holic: Run Run Riru Ran Ran Rara – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-jB-ub-rToQ – Not subbed, but it’s just the OP lyrics anyway.
    Rinne no Lagrange: Kamogawa Memoria – Done by both CGi and Dmon. Episode 12.5.
    Senyuu.: Yusha Nagurareru. & Nise Panda no Seitai – Apparently AnimeNOW did it? Not sure, as I don’t have the files and avoid that group whenever possible.
    Shakugan no Shana Naze Nani Shana – Gotta ask ShaqSalazar about those. He always wanted to redo them.
    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Specials Aera had these translated to a point, and the one below as well iirc – I heard Cloah is back among the living, so go and slap him to get this done.
    Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – Kokoro ga Todoita Picture Drama – I heard Cloah is back among the living, so go and slap him to get this done.
    Zettai Karen Children Recap – E-D did this. Episode 52.

    • Didn’t realize Comic Party OVAs were the same. Does that mean i get to mark down 2 MAL entries for one thing? SCORE!

      Also, me asking Doki for anything HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      The Jormungand thing is a recap movie.

      For Rinne no Lagrange, they did the Kamogawa Days special from season 1. Kamogawa Memoria is the special from season 2.

      Thank you for all your help!

  4. Hello~ This is going to be a long comment! :O
    So, I have a question regarding downloading anime and I was wondering if anyone can help (multiple replies are welcome as long as they aren’t redundant :D).
    I’m still learning the basics of downloading anime and I was wondering which is better to download in , mp4 or avi (or others)? I’m looking for quality (as in I almost always download in +1080p). Also, hardsub or softsub?
    I guess the basic question is, how do you download your anime?
    Thanks :D and sorry this comment is so long xD

      • Aha! Thank you very much :D
        Oh and btw is NyaaTorrents a good site too?
        Also, if a video says it’s hardsubbed but I can remove the subs (turn on and off) doesn’t that mean it’s actually softsubbed?
        Sorry one more question (probably); do you watch your anime in VLC media player or… :O?
        Thanks again :D

        • Hmm, think of it this way: Nyaa is like a library of torrents. Tokyo-Tosho is a site that’s a library of libraries. So you’ll get torrents you can find on Nyaa as well as torrents you can find on sites that aren’t Nyaa. If you search on Nyaa directly, you’re limiting the results you can find.

          Videos that say they’re hardsubbed and softsubbed generally only have the karaoke or typesetting hardsubbed.

          I already linked you for what to use while watching anime. Everyone uses MPC, a copy of which is included in the CCCP codec pack.

  5. > I didn’t know about her vile wickedness nor her inner sorrow.

    The initial negative carries through to the second part.

    I’d go with the following: “I knew not of her monstrous nature or her underlying sorrow.”

    I haven’t watched this show, so I’m not sure if this is how that character speaks, but if the rest of the script is any indication, it should be a reasonable alternative.

  6. I started loving Aoi Yuuki because of Mina Tepes. Definitely my favorite seiyuu performance in all anime I watched.

  7. Dance In The Vampire Bund [BDrip 1280×720 x264 FLAC]. Have had this up on Nyaa since Feb. Simple details are in the torrent description box. This is one of my favorite series.


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