[gg] Anime Mirai 2013 – Ryo

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Here’s something current from me!

I have the screenshots for the three-way Railgun spree, but not with me. After that, all that’s left which has been requested is an ARR review and comparisons of Gunslinger Girl BDs. You’ll get random shit after that if you don’t request anything else!

gg hasn’t always had the best reputation, but when they treat their anime seriously, they’re actually not that bad. They apparently just troll the fuck out of the series they think are shit. This project does not fall into that category.

Filesize: 532.2mb
English: American, no honorifics



Just an ED. The font choice matches the credits, but isn’t the easiest to read. The whole disconnected cursive thing kind of messes with my eyes, too.



No complaints. If I were to be the pickiest person, I’d say that this should be more bold, but it might be bolded already. Unfortunately for typesetters, bolding isn’t a scale. It’s either bold or not. Font works well, though.


See the previous comment.


There are a lot of scenes like this, where there’s random background moonrunes. It’s not really important to typeset these, but I just want to point out that they weren’t done.


This was, however, important. The globe does spin, so it’d have to be mocha, but I don’t see that it would be impossible. Sure, you wouldn’t get the curve of the line, but it’d go by quickly enough. Note that the globe has three scenes, and this is the most zoomed out it gets.


I suppose this is rather small, but the candy is pretty important. I remember seeing these in other anime, too, but I’ve never actually seen them in real life.


This definitely needs some more blur. And maybe a little less alpha to show some of the rain in front of it. It really stands out..


I really don’t blame them for not typesetting this, since it pans and is embossed. However, some more effort would have been nice than just \an8. Some sort of styling at all?



This is not how you ellipses. Frustratingly, gg goes between this style and the normal standard multiple times in this release.


Same as above, but this one is even more frustrating. Using a comma after ‘huh’ would still get the idea across.


I guess they want to portray that he speaks a little roughly for the time, but part of me still wants an ‘of’ between ‘half’ and ‘the’.


But even if you want him to speak roughly, this isn’t how you spell “don’tcha”. I googled both spellings. The only results for “don’t cha” is a song title. For “don’tcha”, I get dictionary entries. That’s how you tell.



This may be nitpicky, but a word or two is required to complete this sentence. There are many choices:

The Shogun orders you to restore power to the Imperial Court.
The Shogun has ordered you to restore power to the Imperial Court.
The Shogun has made an order to restore power to the Imperial Court.

As it is, it’s a bit awkward.


tl;dr: No major problems with this release. gg took it seriously and gave a good offering. And they’re like the only group doing these, too.

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  1. Actually “bolding” has a scale (“weight”), it’s just usually discrete rather than continuous.


    • Most fonts don’t have these four weights defined. They just have the single font, and vsfilter/libass uses its own bolding algorithm when {\b1} is within a line. Aegisub has no way to invoke light or black style.

      I have no idea if that font in particular has the four weights defined, but I doubt it.

    • If you don’t mind how it also stretches the text. But you’d have to significantly stretch it to have it show, and I think it’d just look ridiculous at that point.


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