[Chihiro/Elysium/AtsA] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – 01 (BD)

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

Here’s the threeway I promised earlier.

We have three groups contending for this release, so let’s see how they did!


Filesize: 348mb (OP/ED omitted)
English: British, honorifics


Ordered chapters. Fuck that.



I have no idea why you want to use an old fashioned font like this, but whatever. The gradient’s done well and the boxes are aligned properly.


Not typeset.


Not typeset.


Same as the one before.


There’s not a lot of room here, so I won’t complain too much… but this could use a shadow.


Why you’d use a chalkboard font here is completely beyond me.


This scrolls, so without mocha, it’d be really hard, since it’s angled. just doing a \mov wouldn’t work because of the \frz. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though.





Okay, fine.


Nothing typset.

Okay, fine.


There’s a lot of text here. Come on. Give me something!


I can’t even read the text here.



Want to note the British spelling here.


You use numbers in one part and words in another. Be consistent.


Okay, I know Kuroko is pretty formal, but a criminal is not going to listen to this.


This is not why you’d use an em-dash. A comma would be just fine here.


This is a nitpick here.

Oh, my! We must make haste.


This is not how you stutter. You keep the capitalization with it.


What is this? “For the nonce”?

It’s fine, despite my complaints. Only a few things of note.


Filesize: 329mb (OP/ED included)
English: American, honorifics



You can’t even read the pre-highlight on some screens. The lines are sooooo long, too.


Again, the pre-highlight is hard to read. Also, with the color changes, the green sometimes clashes.



If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the boxed letters aren’t aligned properly.


Not typeset.


Not typeset.




Good thing I know the title of this show!


Not typeset.


Not typeset.


Not typeset.


Just the ep title here.


Not typeset.


I missed this screenshot from the other groups, but they didn’t typeset it either.


Well, I can kind of read it…



It’s actually 38 degrees. But nice try.


I believe you’re looking for the word “damping“.


This is not how you use a hyphen. A colon would be fine.


Look. She’s talking about Misaka’s confidence in the previous line, and then suddenly moves on to her boobs. Since she’s touching them and hasn’t yet referred to them, it –> this


Okay, this is elementary school level. “However” is not a conjunction that can connect two clauses. It either begins a sentence, ends a sentence, or interrupts right after the verb.

However, I can vouch that Uihara is very well mannered.
I can vouch that Uihara is very well mannered, however.
I can vouch, however, that Uihara is very well mannered.

But you DO NOT use it this way.


You need a comma before names.


I don’t think this is something a person would say.

after –> later


Comma splice, missing comma…


Missing a comma.


This is a horrible way to treat this line. The point gets across, but “grunt goon”? Really?


No. “But!” is not a sentence.



What a comma splice! This is a mess of a line.


Filesize: 338mb (OP/ED/preview omitted)
English: American English, honorifics


Another group with ordered chapters. fml.



Lazy mode activate! No gradients, no boxes!




More lazy mode!


Um, they tried?



At least they styled when they \an8’d?

Also, the preview is not included in the video.



American English.


First, get rid of that ‘of’.

Second, you want “ability’s”, not “abilities”.


I don’t think Misaka’s in the pool. She’s at the pool, though.


Wouldn’t the pool be on campus? This isn’t quite what she means.


Another of my nitpicks.

Oh, yeah. How did it go?


Just… don’t. No one else did this ‘FULL BLOOM!’ shit, so why did you?


Anyways is not a word.


She didn’t ask to meet “Onee-sama”, as in use the word “Onee-sama”. I know Kuroko is obsessive, but this is unecessary.

Onee-sama –> you.


Double space is really noticeable.


You do not use an em dash for a stutter, sorry.


Nor do you use two hyphens for an em dash! Geez, you used an em dash earlier, so you obviously know what it is!


tl;dr: Go with Chihiro, as long as you don’t mind ordered chapters. The other two are really bad, though AtsA takes the worst place.

58 thoughts on “[Chihiro/Elysium/AtsA] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – 01 (BD)”

  1. Can you explain what you mean when you write “Comma splice”?
    English isn’t my native language, so I’m not really sure where the commas supposed to be in some sentences…

    • A comma splice means that two independent clauses are being joined by a comma. They should instead be joined by a period or semicolon.

      So something like:
      She’s hungry, she wants some bread.
      is a comma splice.

  2. Where should we post our review requests again?

    And to not be completely off-topic; your reviews are starting to remind me of D_S’s, whatever that may be worth to you.

    • They’re not saying that they need to get her powers wet. She’s not standing in the pool! They’re saying that they need some sort of buffer to decrease its output. We call that “damping” in the physics and engineering world. You can have a critically damped, undamped, or overdamped system. Technically, I would guess this is overdamped, but I’ll let them slide with “damping” instead of “overdamping”. ;-)

      • I’m aware that she’s not standing in the pool, but there are multiple definitions of the word dampen. True, one of them is “to make something damp”, but it can also mean “to deaden something”. In this case, what Kuroko is saying, is that they need the pool to deaden or absorb the impact of Mikoto’s railgun, so she doesn’t destroy a building or something. And no, this is not the same as reducing the output of the railgun.
        Water is highly effective at absorbing an impact. In fact, the larger the force of impact is, the more effective the absorption is. This is evident by the fact that, if fired into a body of water, a .50 BMG bullet will not travel as far as a 9mm bullet fired into the same body of water.

        As for the word “damping”, it refers to a continual reduction of the amplitude of an oscillating system. An example would be putting your finger on an oscillating guitar string, which would stop the oscillation almost instantly. Now, if we disregard for a moment that a railgun is not an oscillating system (it is, in fact, an electromagnet, which uses direct current to propel a magnetic projectile or a slide positioned behind a non-magnetic projectile, thereby granting the projectile large amounts of kinetic energy, making it highly destructive), Mikoto does not affect with her projectile in any way beyond the initial imparting of kinetic energy, which means that if the pool was damping her power, it would have to interact with her directly to decrease the amount of energy she provides the projectile with. As you so rightly say, however, she is not standing in the pool, so this is not what’s happening. For the reason already given, however, the concept of damping is not even applicable to a railgun. The equivalent concept in electromagnetism is electrical resistance, but again, for the scientists to reduce her power using this concept, they would have to surgically implant a resistor into her arm.

        • Fair enough. I don’t know enough about her power. I was assuming that she was propelling an AC current out of herself, and that the coin was just to amplify the output since conductivity of metal > conductivity of skin.

      • Yeah, just wait. There’s no need to rush after all that time!
        Anyway, it’s probably gonna be official (like [EG] or some Raws group) vs. whatever others come up with.

        • Has anyone seen the encoding for Elysium and Chihiro? I’ve seen a huge difference between those two releases.

  3. Hmmm the Elysium subs look awfully similar to NemDiggers release…. Even the mistakes are the same.
    So either Elysium is run by old NemDiggers members who got lazy and didn’t bother updating their TV rip subs. Or they just blatantly stole them.

  4. NemDiggers is a re-encode group. They take existing releases and re-encode them into formats that work better on other devices that can’t handle things like mkv and hi10p. In the torrent description for their Railgun, they even credit Elysium for doing the subs. Look at things a little bit before you make random accusations please.

    • My bad, just have the files. Nothing about Elysium was mentioned.
      Stupid mistake, should’ve done a bit more research.

  5. Hay Calyrica, are there any chances I can request you to check Dance in the Vampire Bund BDs?

    there are two subs SFW-Chihiro

    and Yuurisan-subs which seem to be the sub that came with the BDs, I downloaded


    and [A-M] Dance in The Vampire Bund [uncensored][JapGer-Dub][EngGer-Sub][1080p] which use the Yuurisan-subs + german subs,

    people keep telling me to stay away from SFW-Chihiro mostly because of their encode But most of these people didn’t seem to use CCCP last version back then (or worse… LAV)

    The anime was aired around 3 years ago yet alot of people have no clue what sub and encode to pick (and there aren’t alot to pick from)

    • Both of the releases you cite are 1080p, and I will only review stuff released in 720p, due to my capabilities and stuff. If these are both also released in 720p, then sure, I’ll review it.

          • wait ep 7.05 is a ova or recap? o_o

            I never saw that the show have this ep, plus the only torrent in nyaa have zero seeders D:

            did you got that ep via IRC?

            • Ahh didn’t notice that you added a link xD

              too bad that the only quality is AVI ;(

              the torrent in nyaa was mkv but no seeders…

              • It’s a recap btw. Also, you can apparently get it via xdcc on IRC. I have issues with that due to using a BNC.

                As a follow-up to my previous comment, since I really didn’t make it clear: There’s no reason NOT to go with Yuurisan’s subs. They’re definitely A-tier in my book, at least for that ep, and especially for being fairly old.

                • I see thanks :)

                  too bad I don’t know how to use IRC ;(

                  Irc’s apps looks like some cmd unfinished apps that are too complicated for me, it not like some easy chatting-downloading app like old Emule, and not close to look as easy to use like skype/xfire/MSN, etc.

                  ah I really need to know how to use that DOS lazy made app ._.

                  • It’s really not that hard! If you’re on a PC, I really like the simplicity of xchat/ychat/whatever it’s called now. On my mac, textual seems to be the best.

                    Connect to the server irc.rizon.net with the port 6667, join a room with the command \join #roomname (all rooms start with a #, and are usually just the group name), and once there you can do like !list for the complete list of releases on a bot or @find keyword if you’re looking for something specific or something like that. Then it’s \msg [botname] xdcc send [whatever number you got from the @find].

                    And if you have any problems, you can usually ask in the channel and some nice person will help you.

                    • Thanks Calyrica

                      I use WIN7 and my main issue is just what you said, ton of command lines, no sure how to find things and how (for example that 7.5 recap ep)

                      and not sure how to set the app since it seem to be depend on what the user do with it, I want to use it to download files from any sub group channel (if it possible eh eh) rather then chat with people (since I have much more easier app for that >.>)

                      and in sort, IRC is one big mess for me D:
                      I’m not new to pc (hell.. I even build my own machines each time) but I never used too much CMDs or IRCs (which look the exact same in my opinion xD)

                      each guide I saw on the net tells me to set the MIRC differently and not always bother to explain how to use the app, also MIRC for some reason not free and it force me to download a cracked one (not that it too much of a issue.. but it annoy to know that the only app that most people use don’t even bother to tell you it not free one before you download it ; )

                    • Last time I checked Textual had no XDCC support, therefore I’m using Colloquy.
                      Did I miss something?

                    • Oh, really? I’m using Colloquy and I’ve never been able to get XDCC to work. I always thought it was my BNC, but now that I think about it, I couldn’t get XDCC working before I used my BNC.

                    • Um, Doom44, IRC is a chatting network. That’s what it was created to be. Most bots won’t even let you download off of them unless you’re in a chatting channel with them. If you want to bypass the chatting stuff altogether, then IRC is not for you.

                    • I’m aware of it :o

                      I didn’t checked any other app besides Mirc (since it support most of XDCCs and the most popular IRC app that people uses) but it look so complicated that I gave up really fast on how to use it, I was able to download files through it but how to search for them without XDCC help, how to use the rest of the app things, and all the rest of the things are really a mystery for me ;(

                      if there was just one normal guide out there….

  6. Cal, you can’t really talk about Mocha in here. To Aru Railgun aired Q4 2009 and Q1 2010, and Mocha wasn’t really around at that time. Don’t have a date, but I don’t think it came out until like Q4 2010 at the earliest, at least for Aegisub.

    • Yes, that’s when it aired. However, the BDs are released every few months after it aired. Even if for the first volume mocha wasn’t an option, by the time the batch could be put out (which given the length of the series would be about a year later, no?) some of the earlier eps could have improvements and fixes.

      • The series started releasing in January and had 8 BDs, which would put the final release in August. Earliest talk I find about Mocha was October 2010.

          • Perhaps. But that subscribes to the theory that all signs are best translated/typeset. Sometimes, less is more. Less clutter on the screen from unnecessary sign translation and/or obtrusive typesetting leads to a better viewing experience.
            Then again, I typeset this so a lot of stuff not done was just because I suck at it. XD

            • Haha, I know the feeling! Not trying to be too hard on you, by the way. Your release is definitely the best. It’d just be nice to see the bar raised a bit. ;-)

  7. ok, this is totally irrelevant to the post, but i can’t resist the temptation of complimenting that awesome banner!! Oh my gawd! that’s one of the banners I have ever seen.
    No, am not homo :P


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