[Shinsen-subs] Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

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I’m watching this anime solely because the OP is FictionJunction YUUKA’s Kouya Routen and that song is awesome.

Also, I’ll post the three-way Railgun comparison when I get to work.

Filesize: 180.8mb
English: American, Western name order, random wapness.



Ah, here it is. The only reason why I’m watching this anime. And they fucked up the kara to make it look like shit!

Note that the kanji has no kfx, so at the end of the line, you see a bunch of kanji and no romaji. It’s like wtf?



So, the idea of this is cool, but they really screwed it up. First of all, the font doesn’t work at all. Second of all, they have everything scrolling from right to left, but the credits scroll from left to right. It’s disorienting.



They couldn’t typeset the title any time it appeared on the screen.


But they could include credits! Note that the joint was dropped for the second ep on, so I just credited the review to Shinsen.


Needs more blur.

Also, see that horrendous dialogue style? Fuck my eyes!


In addition to needing more blur, notice how the kanji/kana appears rather narrow. The English could be horizontally compressed a bit to match. It really looks stretched out as it is, especially because the text is so fucking long.


More of the same.


And more of the same.


Missing. Though it’s mostly unreadable, so I’ll let it slide. It does appear multiple times, though.


This is the second eyecatch frame. The first is similar but with a different character. Both are missing the title typeset.


This made me rage. Okay, so the text there starts out normal sized, but when the typesetting shows up, it immediately shrinks. Then, when the typesetting goes away, it immediately restores to normal size.

Don’t fucking do that. Just \an8 the text. It looks shitty.


I suppose these are pre-mocha days, but style it a little!



This is so nice compared to the rest that I did a double-take. It’s definitely not perfect, though. Waaaaay too thin.



The first issue we have is pure stupidity.

Look. Three-liners are the gravest sin a fansubber can make. And it’s not like this was a simple mistake, either…


…since it appears again.


I think that “dead” goes without saying…


Just want to give an example of the Western name order.


Comma in the question isn’t necessary.


The way these guys split lines – or don’t, as it may be – is frustrating. Either way, this is missing a comma after “passed” if you want to make this readable. It’s not grammatically necessary, but it really helps the readability.


there -> here. He’s here, since he’s talking about himself.

What the fuck is a “Nue”? All I know is the plant/bomb-thing in the Atelier games…


One person is not a clan. He means “What clan are you from?”.


Just want to point out their romanization here with the “dzu” syllable. You don’t see that very often. Usually, people drop the ‘d’.


For having Western name order and other localized shit, they really leave a lot untranslated. There’s not a single translation note in this entire release, either.


Wow, this is such a shitty line. Either cut some of that out or use a different phrase than “it smells”.


Just want to point out the usage of OK. Most groups use ‘okay’, but it’s really up to the editor. As long as it’s consistent, it’s not wrong. It just looks odd to have random capitals in a line.

vlcsnap-2013-07-22-12h14m15s3 vlcsnap-2013-07-22-12h14m20s49

Look. Dark_Sage has mentioned this, and I agree with him. While this is grammatically correct, you’re writing subtitles, not a book. You need to make it clear what is a quote and what isn’t. By putting each entire line in quotations, it’s easy to keep track. But this can make things confusing. Luckily, there weren’t lines between these two, but if there were, one could easily lose track that it was a quotation in the first place.




This is said in English, by the way. Also, there’s a lot of random English in another scene, but none of it was subbed. Either sub all of it or none of it, but be consistent.



Don’t start both sentences with the same thing. Put some variation in!

At last, things are moving! It has finally begun! for example.


tl;dr: Watching something for the OP is never worth it.


11 thoughts on “[Shinsen-subs] Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto”

  1. I watched all of this some time ago. The show itself is stupid but entertaining (until they start channeling Star Wars complete with glowing swords, then it just becomes stupid and laughing at its expense is the source of entertainment); the subs were horrendous (totally horrendous), and yes, the OP is gorgeous.

    Shinsen-subs? more like Shitsack-subs.

    • As far as the script goes, this release is fine. It’s the visual aspect that makes me want to punch someone. If this were softsubbed, it’d be super easy to fix.

  2. I think you’re being kinda precious about repetition. I don’t blink an eye at it, and in some cases (as I’d argue the “At last” one is), it makes the lines more emphatic.

  3. For the record, “kill them dead” is (or maybe “was”) a relatively common phrase in English. It’s something someone from the deep American south would say in the 1930s and probably has no place in this context. It’s still a terrible line, but I think it’s an attempt to get across that the person in question is speaking very informally/like a hick rather than just a total grammatical failure.

    Also, is this show any good?

    • Yeah, there’s no excuse for it here.

      The OP is good. That’s about all I can say. 10 eps in and I’m not sure what’s going on because my attention keeps wandering.


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