[Kuroi] Upotte!! – 01 (BD)

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I’m too lazy to do requested reviews, so here are some screenshots of something I watched awhile back.

Some of us are waiting for the Final Fantasy XIV open beta to start tomorrow. However, NA PS3 users are fucked and can’t play. Woohoo! Good thing I preordered that shit, huh?

Anyway, after I put up this junk review, I have quite a few requests to get through:

[Tsundere] Railgun
Mouryou no Hako (it took three groups to do this series: Norikumi, Aero, Aoi)
Mushishi (so far official vs. mooshi vs. nizk?)

Uh. Am I missing any?

Okay, so the original subs for this rip are by Commie

Filesize: 626.7mb
English: American, no honorifics




OP. The pink shadow is kind of odd, but I think it’s supposed to match the bullets in the credits. Not convinced it works.


ED. This is a little hard to read at times because the outline color and the fill color are similar and the font’s so thin. But it’s not impossible.


So before I critique the typesetting itself, let me mention that Kuroi is incompetent at shifting. All of the typesetting is a few frames off, and it’s really noticeable when it flashes on the screen late and hangs around after the keyframe.


Not a lot of room to work with, so okay.


Nothing here? I know it’d be hard to decide how to place it, but…


Again, not a lot of room, so I guess I can see why it was skipped. However, this wasn’t meant to be a background item, as can be seen in this shot. The focus is on the poster.


This bugged me more than it should. There is more than enough room to typeset this, plus you have the translation right in the subtitle. So why not take 30 seconds to typeset it? It’s the episode title – pretty important!


Okay, so part of this is typeset. I feel like this is a bit important, don’t you?


This sort of thing happens a lot in the show. There’s random Japanese sound effects all over the place. They are rarely typeset, but they also move and jerk around and it may have been difficult if they had done it.


But they have no qualms just covering up the original Japanese, so this could have been done in some of the other instances where the typesetting would have been hard.

Also, no typesetting on the stalls.


No complaints here, except that I personally don’t care for all-caps fonts.


No complaints here.


Didn’t have a lot of space here, but I still would have made “ON” bigger to match the sign a bit more. Plenty of room for that, at least.


Not sure if this was in the original or not, but both this is the eyecatch. Also, the actual typesetting on the right is the wrong color.


Could have also typeset the red book on the right, you know.


I’d argue that at least the text in the blue circle could have been done, right?


At first, I thought this was the same kanji over and over, but now that I loo at it, it seems like she’s writing all of the kanji with the same starting radical? Maybe this couldn’t have been translated well enough to typeset, haha.


Very nice.


There’s plenty of room for this sign here. They left you space and everything?


Good enough.


Script was fine. Normal for what you’d get from Commie: lots of localization and personality. I didn’t see any huge errors, either.


tl;dr: Perfectly fine release with lots of timing issues. But you’ll still understand the show fine. Well, as much as you want to understand a fanservice-y romp, anyway.

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    And what do you mean when you said “NA users can’t play Final Fantasy XIV on PS3?


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