Fakesub Review: [Chihiro] The World God Only Knows S3 (Episode 06)

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And I thought we were done with the disqualifications.

The Chihiro release can be boiled down to the HorribleSubs script, spellchecked, wapanesed up, and then with karaoke added and typesetting improved.


There’s nothing here that really takes much effort, as editing, TLCing, and QCing are all non-existent. So I don’t see any reason to review their release over a group that put more than five seconds into editing the Crunchysubs — like Vivid or CMS.

But because I couldn’t find anything wrong with the few changes they did make, I figured I’d just show you what they the differences are in the remaining space of the review.

And I’ll do that by posting comparisons that comprise the entire script. Feel free to enlarge these to scope out the “differences”. Crunchyroll on the left and Chihiro on the opposite of left.

Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-2 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-3 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-4 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-5 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-6 Crunchyroll_versus_Chihiro_TWGOK_S3_06-7

Impressed? I sure wasn’t.


[HorribleSubs] The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_00.09_[2013.08.17_01.38.13]

Easier than an actual review, that is. Lucky me, unlucky you. Less real competition is never a good thing for viewers when it comes to fansubs.

Ultimately, I don’t see any particular reason to go for the Chihiro release over any of the other Crunchyedits. Spend your bandwidth on a group that gives a shit.

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  1. “Apparently, we gonna do The World God Only Knows – Goddesses Arc next season. Hope you’ll be following it from us instead of from a speedsub group that doesn’t care about their projects, just their downloads.” – Chihiro

  2. But D_S! You’re ignoring a very critical aspect here! It doesn’t matter that Chihiro is slower than Vivid and they clearly put less actual effort into their releases, because Chihiro staff clearly consists of TRUE FANS of this show, unlike those evil and immoral devils over at Vivid who are clearly just subbing the show for the sake of downloads! And what’s even worse, they partake in the evil practices of DOWNLOAD STEALING from honest and good groups like Chihiro!


    “Hope you’ll be following it from us instead of from a speedsub group that doesn’t care about their projects, just their downloads.” – Chihiro


    “I am not a targetter. What I mean by that is someone who looks at someone else’s release, and specifically works to make it better in some specific way. […] Vivid is doing the same thing with The World God Only Knows – abandoning their localization principals to add in a second unlocalized track in order to try and steal downloads from Chihiro and/or CMS. Just a hint – any time you see a localized and unlocalized track, the group is either trying to make a statement, or is trying to steal downloads.” – Kristen

    • What? They changed it because so many people were bitching at their localization shit, calling them “Commiev2.” I don’t know how you could interpret it as anything other than trying to appeal to both audiences. Not to mention their localization principles change from series to series, so you can’t say this was the first series that was unlocalized (or at least had an unlocalized track) and that they did it just do steal downloads. They go full wap (as in, honorifics and untranslated nicknames, though there may be more)in their c3-bu.

    • But Daiz! You fail to realize that — as Kristen will tell you — effort ∝ time. Therefore the slowest group will always put in the most effort toward their release and therefore be — even if not the best — at least the most worthy of being downloaded.

      “Please avoid making blanket statements about CGi’s efforts placed into shows. I really don’t like spending an hour muxing a Bakemonogatari episode after spending 3 hours working on subs, which was after a typesetter spending hours on motion tracking, added onto time spent encoding/shifting, and see stuff like “Being lazy is the Coalgirls way~”” – Kristen


      • Kristen did a exemplary job demonstrating the Coalgirls motto of “we will do what we want and do not care about your opinion” in that thread. Just look at how little he cares about what other people think.

  3. Dark_Sage, for the sake of it, can you check another episode, like episode 3? I’m curious if it’s just this editor who’s doing this, or if it’s been going on for a while. You may have opened up a can of worms I’m not all too happy about.

    Xythar, actually, I haven’t logged on to the CGi site for a while. From the looks of it, since July 27th to post Oreimo, and your post was August 2nd. I got a real job now and it’s eating up most of my time. Might have to scale everything even more back and maybe only do like 1 or 2 easy CGi shows instead of trying to run 2 groups doing multiple shows and BDs of them.
    Your post is still in our queue. I’ll probably delete it as irrelevant to the topic at hand and contrary to the site’s views.

    That said, I believe your comment just as much as I believe Ryan Braun’s apology.

    • The site’s views being that you get to say whatever you like about other people and they’re not allowed to reply to it?

      I see.

    • PS – Daiz, while I’m here talking about RL affecting my ability to fansub, it’s still apparent that you need to get a life. The immediacy of which you reply to anything involving a group you are involved in, or a group that you hate, shows that you really do nothing but watch these sites like a hawk.

      Find a hobby, get a job, if you have one, get another, get a girlfriend… I don’t know. Do anything better with your time than just trying to jump on people.

      • Immediacy? It took him a good 12 hours here.

        Though yes, that is still a lot less time than it takes your team to not edit a CR script.

      • Maybe you should take your own advice, Kristen, instead of creating your own militant corner of the internet to release shit subs in.

        • You know, releasing and subbing anime is a whole lot more productive than stalking out websites just to talk shit about them.

          BTW, I’m sure you know by now, but I really don’t trust your opinions anymore. That was something from years ago, it doesn’t apply now.

          • I don’t see why because I’ve only ever given good advice, you’ve just chosen not to listen, and deleting a comment because you don’t personally agree with it is pretty low. And I’m not sure why you say it’s years ago when you posted that comment today/yesterday (hard to know with timezones).

            “Anything written that could be taken as a negative against me, my character, the groups I work in, or anything else relevant, is subject to deletion.” – seems like it still applies now…

            • Also mildly amused that replying to you counts as “stalking out websites.” I’ve been visiting this place and its earlier incarnation for a couple of years already, so if anything, it’s you who’s stalked this website to talk shit.

                  • And so have I, ever since Kamisama no Memo-chou. The thing is with Daiz, say something negative against a cartel group ANYWHERE. He will say something back there. I don’t know how many fansub group sites, review sites, distro sites, etc etc, I’ve seen him stalking in. Hell, I’ve even conversed with him a few times in 4chan threads talking negative about him, and you know how long those things last.

                    Face it. Daiz needs to get a life.

                    • If the fact that a prominent member of the fansubbing scene has a presence across a variety of fansubbing blogs and forums actually bothers you, maybe it’s you who needs to get a life.

                    • Again misconstruing my statements. If he was in a few places whining about somebody talking bad about his subs, that’d be one thing. The problem is that it is everywhere. When you can’t even complain about Underwater in a random 4chan thread without it getting Daiz’d, something is wrong on his part.

                      Not to mention, Xythar, this was a discussion between me and FalseDawn, so I kindly advise you to go shove it.

                    • It’s a public forum. Make me.

                      And if you make statements disparaging someone’s group on a public forum, they’re allowed to speak out in their own defense. Sort of like how you show up to complain whenever anyone badmouths Coalgirls on BBT.

                    • Xythar, I have 4 sites I regularly check. Chihiro, Coalgirls, bakabt, and this site (at least until it reviews, or in this case, fails to review the Chihiro release). Daiz has to have over 40 considering how quickly and consistently he replies to any comments about groups he loves or hates.

                      But, as much as I’d love to continue talking to you, I have to get ready for another weekly grind at the office. You’re welcome to continue this with me next Saturday if you please.

                      @Daiz – Again, get a life. End of discussion.

                    • Oh, and Daiz, to directly address what you said. Chihiro cares about TWGOK greatly. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have typeset it to the lengths we did, worked on consistency with season 2 (season 1 had Elsee, so can’t say there), or done any of the OVAs that came out before the season. Nor would we have done Blu-rays.

                      Commie/Vivid, similar to Crunchyroll, is not interested in anything except the now. That’s why they didn’t do the Blu-rays, didn’t do the OVAs, and switched views to include multiple sub tracks because they weren’t stealing enough downloads.

                      The lack of effort in part of one person, namely the editor in this case, does not a group make. This review is a pure travesty in that it completely downplays hours worth of typesetting that you complained so hard about in season 1 was needed. It completely overlooks every other step in the process, disqualifying based on a winmerge.

                      This site really has fallen lately.

                    • >Daiz has to have over 40 considering how quickly and consistently he replies to any comments about groups he loves or hates.

                      Sorry to burst your bubble once again, but I only really hang out actively on 4chan and IRC. I only have few other anime-related places I check out on a somewhat regular basis beyond that, so if I show up somewhere else it’s usually because someone linked it in some of my usual places. And as Xythar already pointed out, my first comment here was hardly “quick”, considering that I made it almost 12 hours after the article had gone live.

                      And if there’s someone in here who actually seems to care way too much about this, let’s just say that it’s not me who feels the need to come up with silly stuff like “the other group might be better and faster, but they’re just a bunch of download-stealing speedsubbers so you should download from us instead!”

                    • “typeset it to the lengths we did”? Last I saw your typesetting was pretty poor and you skipped lots of signs. We don’t typeset every single sign either, but I’m confident in saying we do a better job than you on more signs in a fraction of the time.

                      I wasn’t fansubbing when season 1 or 2 aired and the BDs for s3 aren’t out yet, so I’m not quite sure what BDs you expect me to be doing. I never did Tenri-hen because by the time the DVDISO had been uploaded, EveTaku had already done a fantastic job of subbing it and I didn’t really see the point in coming out late with what would likely be an inferior product (let’s face it: we can’t all be lyger).

                      Again, your concept of “stealing downloads” is utterly laughable and I’m not sure what “views” of ours you’ve invented to justify it. I added the second track because people asked for it, not because I wanted 8000 downloads instead of 7000.

                      If you want to bring downloads into this, everyone loses because HorribleSubs and CR will get more viewers than either of us can ever hope for. I’m subbing TWGOK because I love the series and I’ve been waiting years for a new season of it, and this is the first chance I’ve gotten to work on it as a fansubber.

                    • Oh wow, I think Kristen has finally lost, uh, “their” mind. I think Xythar and Daiz fielded your insanity pretty well, so I’ll only field the point they didn’t address.

                      D_S failed this release because this site has always been about editing in fansubs. It’s not a kara/typesetting review site (those bits are just tacked on), the meat is the editing. And if the script is the same as CR/Horriblesubs, then you’re going to get disqualified. Standards haven’t slipped at all – in a way, he’s finally decided to separate the wheat from the chaff.

                    • No Daiz, I don’t buy your comment at all. The fact that you were able to pull up a comment nested deep inside a CGi thread shows me how many sites you really do stalk.

                    • I love how Kristen was able to go from “I’m curious if it’s just this editor who’s doing this, or if it’s been going on for a while. You may have opened up a can of worms I’m not all too happy about.” to ” This review is a pure travesty in that it completely downplays hours worth of typesetting that you complained so hard about in season 1 was needed.” And by the way, it was Caly who complained about TS in an s1 release, as noted by the “This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.” at the top of said post. (And here I thought Dark_Sage was crazy for thinking people actually needed that to be able to tell. Now it appears it actually isn’t obvious enough.)

                    • >Chihiro cares about TWGOK greatly
                      >we wouldn’t have (…) done any of the OVAs

                      The Chihiro releases for said OVAs were absolutely terrible. If you actually cared about the show, you’d release something good. You’re not fooling anyone here, Kristen. Just admit defeat and move on.

                    • The fact that you give no rationale for your hatred of the OVAs mean simply that you’re just trolling. gg.

                      Xythar – I can’t converse until next Saturday. I can respond maybe once or twice a day until then.

    • Deleting the posts of people who don’t agree with you actually makes you look worse than the posts themselves would.

      Just saying.

  4. REALLY NOW! Whatever happened to saying a few words and just dropping it.

    Who gives two sh*t on what this person did or didn’t do right.

    In the end everybody downloads Horriblesubs only reason why people even bother with the other groups is cause of video quality, typsetting, and Kara. And if they actually translate it themselves instead of slapping CR (or FUNI’S or whomever) subs onto every damn thing with little to no editing at all.

    • You might want to be careful you don’t paint everyone with too wide a brush. There are good CR scripts and bad CR scripts just like there are good translators and bad translators, and something being based off a simulcast TL doesn’t automatically make it less worthy than an original one. Yes, sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a script that doesn’t need much editing (like TWGOK) but to be honest, those cases are getting rarer and rarer these days.

      For example, Uchouten Kazoku. Started off as an original TL but I’ve been editing CR for the past month because Vale’s been away, and if anything, my workload has doubled because it takes that much extra effort to wring some kind of coherence out of the horrible mess CR calls a translation. Example below (episode 7 spoilers, lines added and split in the CR script to keep the line count the same.)


      Take a look at that and tell me no effort ever goes into CR edits.

      • I’m such an idiot, it takes me seven weeks to notice that you are also subbing this.

        Some of the CR lines are awkward or confusing, your script seems a lot better. This show is confusing enough without stilted three-lined subtitles.

      • Yeah I know I never said CR subs were perfect am just saying some groups just slap them onto other video’s without doing next to nothing.

        I never said that certain people don’t work hard in editing the script if it needs and clearly Uchouten Kazoku needs it.

    • There are inevitably things that are lost in any translation, and if you don’t have a TLC or someone who understands Japanese going over the script for CR edits before handing it straight over to the editor/QC then you’re bound to run into problems nearly every episode. There are vaguities in every script, particularly in ones for comedy anime, and jokes can be easily lost or misinterpreted if you just decide to edit a script without the translator present. When a sub group decides to translate a show from the ground up, that leaves more space open for new, and sometimes even better, interpretations. Just because CR has “professional” translations doesn’t mean that they’re the best or even accurate. From what I’ve heard, their rendition of Free! has a different TL every episode, which causes inconsistencies even for CR editing groups. I just want people to understand that the first release isn’t always the best, especially when there’s proven evidence of inconsistencies. Moreover, CR (due to licensing and such) never does song TLs, and they’re missing over vital points of a good sub such as solid typesetting, encoding, and font choice.


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