Translation Review: [shi0n] To Love-Ru Trouble – Darkness OVA – 03

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First we have Indonesians making our subs, now we move on to Filipinos.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (169MB, 8-bit)

Wap Level: Full Wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Did both the webclip and a DVD release.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: none as far as I can see.





Cold opening and background music for the ED. But instead of allowing leechers to just sit back and enjoy this piece of flute music, we get this bit of nonsense. The subber really must have come from a part of the world where making a profit off fansubs is still feasible.

Main Script.


Okay, I see a “To Love” but what does the rest of those scribbles say?


Multi-colored, multi-font dialogue styling? What is this horseshit? Let me tell you all the reasons why this is a bad idea:

1.) It’s fucking distracting. We’re here to watch a fucking anime, not your wacky style and fontscapades.

2.) Some of us hate having to adjust our eyes to a new color and a new font every two goddamn seconds.

3.) Some of the color choices suck and blend in with the background.

4.) Some of the fonts are damn near unreadable.

5.) You open yourself to easily avoidable errors (like the wrong style for the wrong character)


No, all three of them were sorting out Lala’s inventions.


“We’re watching over these inventions to make sure nobody touches them and gets hurt.”


“I know, right? One of them almost killed me a few minutes ago.”



This is the type of information that can be easily deduced from the story even if someone has never watched any previous iteration of To Love-ru before. However, that would require that the subber be a good storyteller—you know, one who SHOWS rather than TELLS. But since this shi0n dude thinks we’re all as dumb as he is, he felt the need to add this three-line expository note (nobody in their right mind would call this a TL note) in order to stroke his ego.


Try “Easier said than done.”


The translator had no fucking clue what the teacher is saying here. He even admits as much in the script.

Dialogue: 0,0:05:35.85,0:05:41.57,Extra Sensei,,0,0,0,,Also, if you do this here, you won’t be able to do it properly.{what the fuck is he fucking saying -_-}


“That’s too unreasonable even for me!”


Forgot a “sou” here.


So he hears oishii shichueeshon and decided it just had to be “delicious situation,” eh? Think of something better.


No, it’s “What should I do?”


When it comes to this line, there’s about ten pounds of wrong in a five-pound sack, but for now I’ll just focus on the fact that Rito says “Onee-san” instead of “Onee-chan.”


He admits this is a troll line, but it’s a good troll line :3

Spoiler for


“Can you take off the bottom?” Christ, is that so hard to do?

Spoiler for


Once again, as opposed to “You’re tickling me.”


He says “Gomen Sairenji!”


He says yose (stop).


Nope, she’s talking about Sairenji: “She may look like a serious girl,”


Forgot a whole bunch of “hais”.


Forgot the “I think it’s broken” part.




Forgot to typeset the textbook.


More like “Thank you. Please do that.”


She just says “Tear.”


No, it’s not the fucking name, she’s just describing that machine. This is a good example of why TL notes is a good sign that the TLer is a hapless rookie.


“I thought I’d give it to him as a present.”


He’s saying “Oh crap! Oh crap!


Other Observations


As you can see from the above screenshots, this release suffers from shit editing, this being a prime example. Also, when will he learn to capitalize terms of address?


I know fansubbing is a bigger wank than getting a tugjob at an airport bathroom, but this is ridiculous.  And who the hell burns animu on CDs anymore?


Final Grade: C

Congratulations, shi0n. You’ve actually made watching To Love Fucking-Ru into a goddamn chore.  Are you happy with yourself? Are you proud of what you accomplished?

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31 thoughts on “Translation Review: [shi0n] To Love-Ru Trouble – Darkness OVA – 03”

    • There are actually still a lot of audio players around that only support playback of the original 1980 Compact Disc Digital Audio standard. For these, you might want to burn a disc or two.
      I never really used CD-r(w) and DVD-r(w) much. The consumer-grade discs all decay within two years, often even showing unrecoverable errors. (CD, DVD and BR feature data correction for simple read errors.) Good dye for these discs is expensive. The professional-grade discs don’t rot if handled with care.
      Still, distribution of video by CD? I can imagine burning the video to a DVD-r after converting the source file to standard DVD layout, but certainly not CD-r.

        • The members of the Coalgirls team used remuxed video from the BRs in some publications. None of the examples I could find are even near the limit of a BR (50 GB). For example, the first Mardock Scramble movie is 16.4 GB. For other videos they use pretty high bit-rate quality-based encoding profiles to encode video. A quick glance over the sizes of entire Coalgirls series shows nothing in the triple-digit GB range. I’m not that impressed. Burning those series to CDs (or DVDs for that matter) would certainly be a bother, but I’m sure someone is having a ton of fun with archiving that way (filling up another 100-disc spindle). Only for much larger BR collections, Digital Cinema format videos (about 35 to 100 GB per hour) and studio a/v mastering materials I can’t imagine anyone even trying to put those on CD-r, DVD-r and perhaps even BR-r.

      • It’s unfortunately common to burn videos to cds. A lot of dvd players came with the ability to play divx or xvid encoded files written to a disk. That’s why a lot of movie rips are shit quality so that the file size is almost exactly 700 Mb. This of course leads to retarded practices like BR Rips of full movies that are 700 Mb and look like shit.

        Seriously though, the movie pirating scene could learn a lot about encoding from fansubbers.

        • 700 MB is still too much for some of the BRs I’ve seen, or seen reviewed. (Purely speaking about the a/v quality on those, not the movies themselves.) Not only the movie pirating scene has to improve practices.
          The ‘modern’ digital TV, DVD and BR video specifications don’t help either, by the way. For some reason they made these specifications somewhat compatible with the 1953 NTSC color TV standard and such. Cinema standards are way better than what is currently accessible to consumers right now.

  1. ED screenshot is broken.

    Poor choice with the handwriting font, and the colours… good grief, the colours… O_o;;
    Especially the yellow could easily give you diarrhoea.

    Other than that, the fonts weren’t as awful as in the Indonesian release.
    Script was a bit worse, though.

  2. >To Love Fucking-Ru

    I’ve read somewhere that pretty much all native English speakers will agree on where the tmetic “fucking” should go in a word, even if none of them can explain it.

    I’ve never seen anything to contradict that, but to me, this should clearly be “To Fucking Love-Ru”. I find this an amazing discovery.

      • Sure, “Fucking” goes near the end, but you have to leave a strong bit after it to finish off the effect. I don’t know how you pronounce “To Love-Ru”, but for me, the “ru” is completely unaccented. “To Love Fucking-Ru” forces it to be accented. If I had to say the word “trouble” with “fucking” in it, it’d be “turr-fucking-rouble” because it sounds stupid without an emphasized syllable after the “fucking”.

        It’s like how you say “Congratu-fucking-lations”, and not “Congratula-fucking-tions”. Wikipedia gives “Fan-fucking-tastic”, “Unbe-fucking-lievably” and “Discom-fucking-bobulate”, all of which have longer post-fucking parts (both in letter count and syllable count) and share the property that the “fucking” goes before the last accented syllable.

        • I would disagree. With expletive infixation, for the most part the inserted word is added just before the primary stressed syllable. In “To Love-ru,” personally I’d say the most stressed syllable is the RU.

          Besides, as a native English speaker, “To Fucking Love-ru” just doesn’t sound natural.

        • Okay, I see. You pronounce it as “trouble.” The only time I do that is if I’m speaking Japanese or if I want to sound like a jackass. Otherwise I pronounce it exactly how it looks like: La-dee-da, To-Love-Ru.

          BTW, I go with “un-fucking-believable” instead of “unbe-fucking-lievable.

          • I don’t pronounce it like “trouble”, though (except in the situations you mentioned). I say it with the same cadence as “I love you”, which has exactly the opposite syllables emphasized as your pronunciation does. Which would explain why I put the “fucking” in a different place.


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