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This is an archives post which means it’s unfinished. Basically, it’s a very, very rough draft that I stopped caring about. The upcoming “Day 3” post was actually finished, so it won’t be labeled “Archives”.

Day 1:


11:00 Crunchyroll Panel

Canceled.  But we were informed here would be a Crunchyroll panel at 1:45 later (lucky us)


3:00 Cosplay =/= Consent

Here we learned that the best way to prevent rape is to let yourself be raped and hope the rapists aren’t mean about it.

choo choo motherfucker

Yes, the advice they gave for when you’re being sexually assaulted is to not fight back or draw any attention to the offender, because giving them any form of attention only encourages them.

So progressive!


4:00 Aniplex

Some poorfag dared to ask why Aniplex’s prices were so expensive.

The obvious answer is that it costs a premium to cover shitty subtitles with a cheap box and add cheap mini-posters to the package. Come on, you don’t think the Fate/Zero blu-ray box was worth $500 for 13 episodes? You don’t think the Kara no Kyokai blus were worth $1000? Please stop being ridiculous, they’re practically giving this shit away at those prices.



5:30 Another Special Announcement – Acen Edition



6:00 Food

I don’t remember what we had, but it probably wasn’t good since anywhere in Illinois that’s not Chicago proper sucks.


7:45 Soviet Acen




? Gameroom

This was actually pretty exciting, and I’d say the highlight of the con. Jakeman95 is a goddamn beast at DDR.


? Are you the cancer killing your fandom?



? Gameroom (again)


? Why We Like Anime So Much


? Sleep


Onto Sunday

(Notice how nothing really exciting happened in either of these two articles so far? That’s because this con sucked.)

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    • I was going to text you about completing this article, but then I realized you probably don’t remember a fucking thing about it either.

      Detroitcon better not suck.


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