Now Introducing: Off Topic Page

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Under the assumption you’re often as bored as I am, I have created a new page where you can talk about whatever the fuck you want.

Hell, you could even talk about on-topic items if you want. Go crazy.


…okay, within reason.


We’ll see how this goes — like anything, it’s a gamble. Speaking of, some Crymore history:


Gambles that paid off:

Fansub Reviews


Gambles that didn’t:

AMV of the Day

Any redesign ever

Going to cons to write articles (usually I hate the cons so much I can’t even be bothered to write why they sucked)

Anime reviews

Live-stream series of Dark_Sage doing boring things

Actually fansubbing

E-prostitution service (fansubbers were cheap but undesirable to most clients)


Ah, nostalgia! But back to the point… unlike regular posts, I will actually be actively curating this.

super moe no desu

So if I see any stupid shit like:

“let me just piggy-back off this top post so more people will see my brilliant insights”

“there’s no post count marker, but I’m going to act like the first to 10,000 posts gets a prize”

“check out this article Sankaku Complex posted”

…your posts will be deleted. In general, do not act like someone who makes me want to vote for Republicans. (People who’d make me want to vote for Democrats don’t know how to access the internet, so I’m safe from them.)


I hope to not have to delete anything, but it only takes a few idiots to ruin a grand experiment. I’m doing this because I trust you. And because I’m drunk.

13 thoughts on “Now Introducing: Off Topic Page”

  1. Darksage, if there was one FanSub you would recommend from which I can download anime which would it be, in regards to accuracy of the subbing.

    • You mean the best fansub release I’ve ever seen?

      GotWoot’s Mirai Nikki is the only release I’ve ever given an A+.

      In terms of pure script (which I think you may be getting at), any of the Nisemonogatari edits. Crunchyroll’s translator for that series was a fucking beast. Of the groups that released it while the show aired, [CMS] did the best job. I imagine a blu-ray group that cares may have patched it up a bit, but the base translation was amazing from my viewpoint.

  2. わたしの今日の運勢です 恋愛運 ★★☆☆☆ 金運 ★★★☆☆ 健康運 ★★★★★ 仕事運 ★★★☆☆ 日頃と違うファッションで周りの注目を集めそう!あんまり奇抜なのはダメよ。

  3. sometimes I want to bang my face against a keyboard when reading something that has been awkwardly translated. This site seems to satisfy that impulse, so thanks!


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