Two Random Shortsub Reviews

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

I have these screenshots sitting on my computer and I want them gone.

This is part of this past summer’s spree.


I think these are official rips. If not, I hope to god these people never fansub again.

Filesize: 46.5mb (~4 minutes)
English: American, italicized honorifics



Boring and blocks the credits. Fantastic!



You do realize the text is right below the Japanese title, right?


Okay, there wasn’t room for it, so…


But these are just lazy.


Lazier than lazy.


Why would you do this?



You’re really going to italicize all of the honorifics? Really?


Wow, nice complete sentence there… NOT!


yum –> yummy.


I can hardly even read that. Geez. Also, that note at the top? Yeah, that’s what the main dialogue is blocking on the bottom. Positioning why?


Wow, this is bad. “Should I go here or there?” is… better. I’d need to remember what “here” and “there” are referring to to make this even passable.


Just get rid of that starting part. Also, he knows what the look on Ike’s face was, but not want it meant.

“Back then… I wonder what the look on Ike’s face meant.”


This like makes me cringe. Okay, I get that the “got no fun” and “y’know” are supposed to be part of her character, but too much is too much. It’s hard to read. Also, it makes it hard to understand the rest of the sentence:

Is she not able to look forward to either of two choices?
Is she not able to look forward to something, too?

It’s not clear because the entire sentence is garbled.


Here’s their overlap style.

tl;dr: These subs suck.


Filesize: 44mb (~13 minutes)


No songs.



Whether or not this was done by the studio or the VHS rippers or however this was done back in 1989, I really like it.



I think “above” would work better here.



“I climbed all the way above the cloud!”

Nah. I don’t know how to fix this.


Comma this bitch.


Comma splice.


Even if we did want to elongate words, we don’t do it this way.



true -> real

Unless you mean “the story of the magic beanstalk”. Then it stays as “true”.


Where’s the apostrophe in “We’re”? And how about the comma before “mom”?


This is not how you stutter.


“What” is a question. This is also not how you elongate words.

So how do you elongate words, you may ask?

You don’t.

tl;dr: A bit dated, but not horrible.

5 thoughts on “Two Random Shortsub Reviews”

    • We’ll see. Time’s at a premium now. Since I haven’t seen the show to begin with, there’s a decent chance, but it won’t happen anytime soon.

  1. Ever looked up what “CBM” stands for?

    From Wikipedia:
    “CBM (previously Christian Blind Mission) is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.”

    While I’m all for helping disabled people, we don’t need yet another group of disabled people doing subs. We already got Hadena and Commie there.

    • While it’s no secret that Commie’s not my favorite group, I’d definitely not go that far. Now if you had included SubDESU, that’d be a different story…


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