Translation Review: [Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu – 05

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Now I’m starting to see why people quit fansubbing once they have jobs…

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Release Information

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[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_01.18_[2013.09.12_20.10.40]

OP. Pretty good, but could use some cleanup from the official lyrics. For example, here it’s supposed to be nibiiro or “gray.”

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_22.27_[2013.09.12_21.01.48]

ED. Similarly good but also similarly needing some loving from the official lyrics. Like I said in the Commie review, this is supposed to be nanbo jan.

Main Script.

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_02.06_[2013.09.12_20.11.41]

Hokay, let’s do a little sentence diagramming, shall we?

孤島 (kotou, adjectival noun) = solitary island

ボツコ (bokko, subject noun) = sunbathing

ハ (wa, particle) = subject marker

熱ク (atsuku, adverb) = hotly

萌ユ (moyu, verb) = technically “to be moe” but really a pun on 燃ユ which is “to burn.”

So, we got “solitary island –> hotly becomes moe (burns). Where does “sunburning” fit into this little equation?

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_02.48_[2013.09.12_20.12.48]

As D_S mentioned in his review, this doesn’t make sense since amphibious battles usually involves an opposing force that’s already on the beach shooting back at you. Here both teams are landing on the island. As it turns out, what was said in this line was jourikusen, which if you click on the English Wikipedia link it’ll give you the term “landing operation,” which would be the right term here.  If you want the Japanese term for amphibious warfare, it’ll be suirikuryouyou sakusen. [Edit: thecowgoesmoo correctly mentions that the C3 team were already getting shot at when they landed on the island, so in that respect what was once supposed to be a landing operation turned into an amphibious assault]

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_04.23_[2013.09.12_20.22.09]

She only says “Karila and Rento” since she says in the subsequent lines that they’ll back them up.

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_05.23_[2013.09.12_20.26.14]

She actually says Yura, fuke! or “Blow, Yura!” But this is an acceptable translation, a real good one in fact.

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_06.06_[2013.09.12_20.27.24]

Soo… the Kansai dialect equals West Coast/Oakland area or something? Look, if they’s supposed to be hicks, then at least keeps it consistent, y’hear?

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_06.16_[2013.09.12_20.29.39]

Just to note, she does really say kouryuu fukameru, or “deepen (cultural) exchange.” Doesn’t mean you have to go with the literal translation, though.

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_12.32_[2013.09.12_20.41.20]

This is accurate, I guess, but it does hurt to read. What she’s saying here is shiri ni shiite hoshii, and yes it technically means “want someone to dominate you” but the term is usually used to describe a wife who nags her husbands straight to the bottle and the arms of the nearest cocktail waitress. So a better line would be “So you’re prepared to be henpecked to death?”


Okay fine, I like the “wear the pants” line better.


[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_19.07_[2013.09.12_21.07.39]

“I’ll hold them off here.”


Other Observations

[Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_05.04_[2013.09.12_20.24.38][Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu - 05 [AC706BBF].mkv_snapshot_05.06_[2013.09.12_20.24.44]

I expected to see this fuckshittery from Anime-Koi, not really from Vivid.


Final Grade: A-

This is a pretty good script otherwise. Except for a couple of places, I felt they handled the Seto Family dialect fairly well overall.  However, the title of this episode left too much to be desired.


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10 thoughts on “Translation Review: [Vivid] Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu – 05”

  1. > Now I’m starting to see why people quit fansubbing once they have jobs…

    Work picking up, or is the immaturity of the community starting to grate on ya?

  2. >As D_S mentioned in his review

    Actually, D_S though amphibious battle meant fighting across both land and sea, which as I mentioned in the comments was not true. An amphibious battle (or as I said I preferred, amphibious assault) merely requires that you have a force that is landing under fire, as you yourself point out here.

    As a lowly QC, it’s not my place to argue about the accuracy of a translation. That’s (thankfully) someone else’s job if need be. However, I would like to point out the following for the record:

    1) An amphibious assault is a specific kind of landing operation.
    2) The Setos landed first as denoted by cartoony speedboat getaway, this getaway being commented upon by… someone. Can’t remember. Sonora, being the crafty tactician that she is (or at least that the audience is supposed to believe she is), would expect the Setos to have set up shop by the time that C3 comes ashore.
    3) C3 landed under fire, as denoted by Yura’s Normandy hallucination (yet another one of her mental breaks, which will undoubtedly lead to her demise in a way that will end up in the news)

    By all accounts, what occurred was indeed an amphibious assault—er, battle.

    • Okay, I didn’t think this counted as an amphibious assault since the Setos had control of the island, if you can call it that, for all of 3 minutes. That didn’t sound very Normandy-ish or Iwo Jima-ish to me. But you’re right that the members of C3 were being fired upon when they landed.

  3. To be fair, as Anime-Koi’s lead fuckshittery filter for all #basedVale projects, I do wanna raise a minor point or 2 here.

    First, I actually played rec. airsoft & tournament paintball for years when I was younger. People don’t yell out “I’m hit!” & “Me too!”, everyone just screams “Hit!” because it’s much clearer on the field, and hence it’s universally what the refs are listening for. Plus, if you deviate from the proscribed phrasing, its more difficult to get a penalty awarded against the practice of bonus-balling a hit player. Ironically, in my script cof this show

    Amphibious battle was already covered: I’ll note that landing battle was our literal TL, but I changed it to the more familiar English military term amphibious assault for the exact justification cowgoesmoo gave.

  4. *Ironically, my script for this show actually avoided the very practice of using “Hit!” consistently like it is used in real life competition. There were a number of terminology snags like this, and I found myself making changes for general audiences watching cute girls doing confusing things. Even so i don’t like undermining the sport-specific terminology to avoid criticism from those less familiar with sabage. Another complaint along these lines was lodged against ‘airsofters’ as a noun, but it’s just as real a term as ‘paintballer’.

  5. Oh koku / Dark_Sage, while I’m epic over-posting from my error-prone phone, I thought I should mention that your review summary page doesn’t have koku’s TL review listed as as such for Anime-koi, so it just looks like A-koi has the best 2 scores for editing and TL (which we did) but you can’t tell at a glance which score is for which review, script vs. TL. Quick fix to make right like the other groups.


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