Anime Blogs: A List

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[Last updated: 9/29/13] Welcome to the most comprehensive list of active English-language otakublogs on the internet. (I wish I was joking, but it seriously is.)

Note: If you’re reading this in the future (2044 or later), you’re gonna want to realize that clicking on any old anime blog links is risky — most anibloggers are complete shitbags and let their domains lapse, meaning asshole spammers grab the domains and put malware and shit on them. Browse carefully.



The List

Spoiler for

Site Name
+Ophanium Figure talk Figures&VNs
10 Toy Gallery Sentai figuarts Figures&VNs
24 Frames Per Second Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
91.8 The Fan Podcasts and radio Niche
A Case Suitable for Treatment Manga volume reviews Reviews
A Certain Blogging Tobiichi Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
A Product of Wasted Time Shitty episodic and chaptersodic reviews Reviews
Absolute Territory Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Ace Railgun Editorials Editorials
ACF Radio Radio show Niche
Adumbrate & Resilient Love VN summaries Figures&VNs
Ageha’s Adventure Otome summaries and reviews Figures&VNs
Aizen Gamer J-game news Niche
Alafista News Niche
Alethea & Athena Anime diary… memories Niche
All Fiction Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Amaenbou Dane~ VN Reviews Figures&VNs
Amateur Rambling Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Analog Housou Editorials Editorials
Angry Anime Bitches Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
AngryJellyfish’s Blog Episode Rankings Niche
Ani-Culture News and interviews Niche
Ani-Gamers Editorials Editorials
Ani-Mei Figures Figures&VNs
Ani-Nouto Shitty episodic reviews Reviews Shitty episodic reviews and news Reviews
Anime Anemoscope Anime reviews Reviews
Anime Anthology Anime reviews Reviews
Anime Audiolog Radio show, podcasts, chaptersodic reviews Niche
Anime Aura Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Anime B&B Editorials Editorials
Anime Club Conventions Niche
Anime Commentary on the March Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Anime Comments and Reviews Editorials Editorials
Anime Diet Editorials Editorials
Anime Herald News Niche
Anime Instrumentality Music and eye cancer Niche
Anime Mage Anime reviews Reviews
Anime News Network News Niche
Anime Picks Lots of shit Niche
Anime Pulse Podcasts Niche
Anime ReViews Anime reviews Reviews
Anime Shinbun News Niche
Anime Tree Weekly anime summaries and music reviews Niche
Anime Vice Various reviews Reviews
Anime Viking Editorials Editorials
Anime World Order Podcasts Niche
Anime-Break Anime reviews Reviews
Anime, Manga, Manhwa, and Yaoi Reviews Shitty episodic and manga volume reviews Reviews
AnimeMangaPedia News Niche
Anipages Anime reviews for old people Reviews
Aniplogs Anime Source Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
AniRecs Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
Annalyn’s Thoughts Christian propaganda via anime blogging Editorials
Aria Thursday Shitty episodic reviews… only of Aria Reviews
Astro Bunny Editorials Editorials
AstroNerdBoy’s Anime & Manga Blog Shitty chaptersodic and episodic reviews Reviews
Atelier Emily – For Me, In Full Bloom Editorials via shitty episodic reviews Editorials
Audio Visual Style News Niche
Avvesione’s Anime Blog Anime overview reviews Reviews
Awesome Engine Podcasts Niche
Baka-Raptor Editorials Editorials
BambooXZX Song translations Niche
Bateszi Anime Blog Editorials Editorials
BD77’s of Figure & Plamos Figures Figures&VNs
Behind the Nihon Review Podcasts, editorials Editorials
Beneath the Tangles Christian propaganda via anime blogging Editorials
Beta-Waffle Editorials and shitty episodic reviews Editorials
Bishie Holic J-games and manga Niche
BlogSuki Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Blue Blue Wave Doll Niche and Editorials Niche
Blue Sweater Story Editorials Editorials
Button Smashers Blog J-gaming editorials Niche
Buy First, Regret Later! Figures Figures&VNs
Cacao, Put Down the Shovel! Christian propaganda via anime blogging Editorials
Cafe Daifuuku Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Cage of Love Drama CD reviews Niche
Canne’s Anime Review Blog Editorials and anime reviews Editorials
Caraniel’s Ramblings Editorials and anime reviews Editorials
Cartoon Leap Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Cely Belly Nonsense Shitty episodic and chaptersodic reviews, songs Reviews
Channel-Japan Editorials Editorials
ChibiOtaku010 Anime reviews Reviews
Chikorita157’s Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Child of Mecha Figures Figures&VNs
Chizumatic Editorials and shitty episodic reviews Editorials
ChocolateMix VN summaries and reviews Figures&VNs
Chromic Aberration Everywhere Editorials Editorials
Collect ’em All Figures Figures&VNs
Colony Drop Old people editorials Editorials
Conspicuous Klux Shitty mini-episodic reviews Reviews
Continuing World Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Cosmic Latte VN reviews Figures&VNs
Cosplay Holic Cosplay Niche
CosplayJP Cosplay Niche
Curry Curry Chronicles VN reviews Figures&VNs
Cutfilm Tovent AMVs and reviews Niche
Dao’s Subarashii Blog Anime reviews Reviews
Daybreak’s Bell News Niche
Deadlight’s Anime Blog Anime reviews Reviews
Deciphered Melody Song translations Niche
Deluscar Editorials Editorials
Denpa no Sekai Editorials Editorials
DereMoe Editorials and podcasts Editorials
Denpa Waves Everywhere Editorials Editorials
Desu ex Machina Shitty episodic reviews, podcasts, and power rankings Niche
Diamonds in the Sea VN summaries Figures&VNs
Digimon: System Restore Shitty Digimon episodic reviews Niche
Doropyan’s World Drama CD translations Niche
Draggle’s Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Drastic My Anime Blog Music Niche and Editorials Niche
DubSub Anime Reviews Anime reviews Reviews
Dynamite in the Brain Podcasts Niche
Emency Blazer Works Figures Figures&VNs
Empty Blue Editorials Editorials
Engendered Dilemma Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Entravity Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Eroge Review Eroge reviews Figures&VNs
EvaGeeks Evangelion news Niche
Experimental Gonzo Anime reviews Reviews
Experiments in Manga Manga volume reviews Reviews
Eye Sedso Editorials and reviews Editorials
Fantastic Memes Editorials and shitty episodic reviews Reviews
FichtenFoo Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Figure Culture Figure talk Figures&VNs
Funkatown Figures Figures&VNs
Gagging on Sexism Some wannabe lesbo flips her shit Editorials
Gaijin Gunpla Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Gar Gar Stegosaurus Shitty episodic reviews , volumesodic reviews Reviews
Gareblogs VN reviews Figures&VNs
Geekorner-Geekulture Editorials Editorials
Gisei – Fans of Japan Anime reviews Reviews
GN Particles Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Golden Sneer VN reviews Figures&VNs
GoodGuyDan’s Gunpla Blog Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Gordonator Editorials Editorials
Gundam Gunso’s Gundam Talk Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Gundam Guy Gundam figure news Figures&VNs
Gundam Model Kits & Figures Mecha figure news Figures&VNs
Gundam Model Kits Review Gundam figure reviews Figures&VNs
Hachimitsu Anime reviews Reviews
Hanners’ Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Haruhichan’s Blog Editorials and news Editorials
Hashihime – Anime Voices Seiyuu editorials Niche
Hau Omochikaeri Eroge news Figures&VNs
Hikaru’s Notebook Quote compilations and reviews Niche
Hinano’s Game Babbles Otome game reviews Figures&VNs
Hiroi Sekai Editorials and reviews Editorials
His Personal Joy Figures Figures&VNs
Hungry Bug Diner Editorials Editorials
Hybrid Universe J-music reviews Niche
Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendou Manga buyfagging Niche
Ideas Without End Editorials Editorials Anime reviews Reviews
InfonoChikara J-games Niche
Isn’t it Electrifying? Shitty mini-episodic reviews Reviews
It’s a Gundaaaam! Gundam figures Figures&VNs
It’s Nothing Galge news Figures&VNs
Itadakimasu Anime Food in anime Niche
J-Madness Anime sheet music Niche
Japan Powered Editorials Editorials
Japanese Anime Figures Figures Figures&VNs
Japanese Melodia J-music reviews Niche
JEFusion News Niche
Jinx! Editorials and shitty episodic reviews Reviews
John Sato Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Just Another Anime Podcast Podcasts Niche
Just Another Heaven J-music reviews Niche
Just as Planned Editorials Editorials
Justinius Builds Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Kafka-Fuura Song translations Niche
Kanpai! Anime reviews Reviews
Karmaburn Editorials Editorials
Kawaiiosity Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Kira-Reviews BD vs DVD differences Niche
KixKillRadio Figures Figures&VNs
Kritik der Animationskraft Leijiverse-focused editorials Niche
KrizKreations Figures Figures&VNs
Kurayami Monogatari J-music reviews Niche
Kuriousity Manga reviews and news Niche
Kuro’s Anime Ramble Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Kurogane’s Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Kurumi Shim News and manga reviews Niche
Lagrange1 Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Late Reaction Editorials Editorials
Leap250’s Blog Editorials Editorials
Let’s Anime Old people editorials Editorials
Life is just… Drama CDs and buyfag bragging Niche
Life of a Future Mangaka Aniblog diary Niche
LightPrince Editorials and reviews Editorials
Lijakaca’s Otome Gaming Blog Otome news Niche
Lobster Quadrille Anime reviews Reviews
Loli (laughing alone with) Salad Editorials Editorials
Lost in Anime Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Lost My Thesis Editorials Editorials
Love the Machine Editorials Editorials
Love-Colored Sky Otome bloggin’ Niche
Lower Mid-Table Editorials Editorials
LuRa’s Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Lyrical Spark! Song translations Niche
Mahq Mecha profiles Figures&VNs
Mainichi Anime Yume Editorials Editorials
Makigumo Editorials Editorials
Mandoran Song translations and editorials Niche
Manga Report Manga volume reviews Reviews
Manga Therapy Editorials Editorials
Manga Xanadu Podcasts Niche
MangaComicsManga Editorials Editorials
Marth’s Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Maserbeamdotcom Editorials Editorials
Mdzanime Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Mech9 Figures Figures&VNs
Mecha Damashii Mecha news Figures&VNs
Medieval Otaku Editorials Editorials
Meeping Anime Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Metanorn Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Milkcananime Editorials Editorials
Mirror of Paranoia Song translations Niche
Misa-chan’s J-pop Blog Song translations Niche
Moe Alternative Editorials and reviews Editorials
Moetron News Niche
Moonlit Asteria Anime reviews Reviews
Moshi Moshi?! Sekai?! Eyecancer Niche
Moving Towards the Future Otome reviews and music Niche
Multiseven et Cetera Figure news Figures&VNs
Music Addiction J-music reviews Niche
MyAnimuBlog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
My Story, Your Beats Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
MyAnimeBlog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Nabe!! Anime music Niche
Naturally Uncanny Reviews J-game news Niche
Neko Magic Figure news Figures&VNs
Nendonesia Nendoroids Figures&VNs
Neo-Shonen Fujoshi Editorials Editorials
Ngee Khiong Ex Gunpla reviews Figures&VNs
Nigorimasen! Editorials Editorials
Nil Editorials Editorials
Ninety’s Blog Editorials Editorials
NotCliche News Niche
Notredreviews Low-tier fansubbers copy my swagger Niche
NuKo no Himegoto Otome postery Figures&VNs
Nyaa! Figurines Figures Figures&VNs
NyOtaku Figures Figures&VNs
Ogiue Maniax Editorials and shitty episodic and chaptersodic reviews Reviews
Okazu Yuri anime bloggery Niche
OmoNoMono Editorials Editorials
Open Your Mind Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Oppai is Justice VN reviews Figures&VNs
Optimum Otaku Figure news Figures&VNs
Organization Anti-Social Geniuses Shitty episodic reviews, other reviews Reviews
OSMCast Podcasts Niche
OtaCoolTure no Saka Conventions Niche
Otagamers Figure talk Figures&VNs
Otaku Dan Podcasts Niche
Otaku Generation Podcasts Niche
Otaku Lounge Anime reviews and editorials Editorials
Otaku Overdrive J-game reviews Niche
Otaku Revolution Gundam figures and shitty episodic blogging Figures&VNs
Otaku Soft News “bites” Niche
OtakuDX News and J-music reviews Niche
Otome Jikan Otome news and reviews Figures&VNs
Otome no Junjou VN reviews Figures&VNs
Otosu Otome Otome stuff, I dunno Figures&VNs
Pirates of the Burley Griffin Anime reviews Reviews
Plastikitty Figure talk Figures&VNs
Pretense W/ Glasses Editorials Editorials
Project Haruhi Podcasts Niche
Project Otaku Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Puppy52Dolls Dolls Niche
Quizoxy Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
RabuJoi Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Ramblings of an AKB48 and Anime Otaku Editorials Editorials
Random Curiosity Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Rayout Editorials Editorials
Reflective Boundary Figures Figures&VNs
Reverse Harem Garden News and reviews of otome stuff Figures&VNs
Reverse Thieves Editorials and podcasts Editorials
Riyoga’s Ramblings Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
Roving Thoughts Editorials Editorials
Saimoe Update Blog Updates on the Saimoe contest Niche
Sakura Doujin News Niche
Sankaku Complex Sex sells so sells sex Niche
Sea Slugs! Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Season 1 Episode 1 Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
Seasonal Anime Reviews Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Sekijitsu Editorials Editorials
Seven Coloured Compass Anime reviews Reviews
Seven Nights Translations VN reviews Figures&VNs
Seventh Style Editorials Editorials
SGCafe News Niche
Shannaro!! Manga reviews and release news Reviews
She’s Lost Control Editorials Editorials
Shiizumi’s Anime Blog Various reviews Reviews
Shinkan Crossing Gundam and J-games Niche
Shizuo Nyan Editorials and shitty episodic reviews Reviews
ShonenBeam Chaptersodic reviews and podcasts Reviews
Showery Sky VN news and music Figures&VNs
Silence is Golden Anime reviews Reviews
Slightly Biased Manga Manga volume reviews Reviews
Sneepers Robot Garage Figures Figures&VNs
Something Eternal Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Songs for Eris Song translations Niche
Sophie’s Japan Blog Editorials Editorials
Spark Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Spherical Cows Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
Spoils Manga and magazines Niche
SSD 2.0 Editorials Editorials
Standing On My Neck Editorials Editorials
Star-Crossed Anime Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Stereo Otaku Anime reviews Reviews
Subatomic Brainfreeze Mahjong and comics Niche
Subdued Fangirling Shitty episodic reviews and editorials Reviews
Sutoraiku Anime News Niche
Swabulous Max Anime reviews Reviews
Tenka Seiha Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Tentacle Armada Figure talk Figures&VNs
Terminal Anime Editorials Editorials
THAT Shoujo Manga Blog Editorials Editorials
The 1000th Summer Eroge reviews Figures&VNs
The Anime Nostalgia Facility Old people editorials Editorials
The Awesome Critics Anime and manga reviews Reviews
The Beautiful World Feminist editorials Niche
The Black Sheep Project Editorials Editorials
The Blazing Neko Anime reviews Reviews
The Brownie Post II Chaptersodic reviews Reviews
The Cajun Samurai News Niche
The Cart Driver Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
The Check-in Station Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
The G-Empire Shitty yuri episodic reviews Reviews
The Geek Clinic Editorials Editorials
The Glorio Blog Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
The Infinite Zenith Anime reviews Reviews
The Land of Obscusion Editorials Editorials
The Limit of Questions Shitty episodic and chaptersodic reviews Reviews
The Manga Habit Manga reviews and buyfaggery Niche
The Monologues of a Bored Man VN reviews Figures&VNs
The Otaku Spot Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
The Otaku’s Study J-game news Niche
The Pantsless Anime Blogger Anime reviews Reviews
The Rabbit Haul Sentai and mecha figuarts Figures&VNs
The Skaro Hunting Society Shitty episodic reviews from the pre-90s Niche
The Untold Story of Altair and Vega Editorials Editorials
TheAkiba News Niche
Through the Looking Glass Figure talk and J-games Figures&VNs
Tokyo Jupiter Editorials Editorials
Tomato Conspiracy VN reviews Figures&VNs
Tomorrow’s Anime Shitty mini-episodic reviews Reviews
Too Old for Anime Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Touch the Parallel Editorials Editorials
Toxic Muffin Chaptersodic reviews Reviews
Tsukihana VN summaries and reviews Figures&VNs
Tsukiyo no Hikari J-music reviews Niche
Twentyninenights VN summaries and reviews Figures&VNs
Uguu Cage of Love VN summaries Figures&VNs
Under the Bridge Editorials Editorials
Unmei Kaihen Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
Valahuir’s Otaku Den Anime, manga, and game reviews Reviews
Veto Song translations Niche
VioFitz Figma/figuarts Figures&VNs
Visual Novel Aer Visual novel news Figures&VNs
Visual Novels and Eroge Review VN and eroge reviews Figures&VNs
Vocaloidism Vocaloid news Niche
Wan Abrar Anime reviews and editorials Reviews
Washi’s Blog Editorials Editorials
Waylander Figures Figures&VNs
WC’s Blog Figure news Figures&VNs VN reviews Figures&VNs
Welcome to my Ulzzang Paradise BL and dramas Niche
Where Cats Fly Drama CDs and VNs Niche
Wieselhead Figures Figures&VNs
Wild Boysenberry Drama CDs and VNs Niche
Within a Flash of Lightning Cons and meet-ups Niche
Words of Songs Song translations Niche
Wrong Every Time Shitty episodic reviews Reviews
X Marks the Gundam Spot Gundam figures Figures&VNs
Yaranakya Editorials Editorials
Yattar Japan News Niche
Yume Miru Sekai Drama CDs and VNs Niche
Yuri Reviews and More Yuri manga reviews Reviews
Zone Otaku News Niche

Alternatively, you can check it out on Google Docs. It has a lot more detail, including rough comment counts.





Qualifications for Inclusion

The blog must be primarily otaku-focused.

The blog must still be alive (I took this to mean 3 or more posts since July 1st 2013.)

Corporate blogs excluded (DannyChoo, AnimeNewsNetwork, Siliconera, Crunchyroll, Tomopop, Japanator).

I must have some way of knowing about it.

The site’s gotta actually be navigable. If I have to use Google to find more than 6 articles on your site, I’m not gonna visit again (yes, this was an issue with multiple blogs).

And if your site resembles tumblr, you’re also disqualified. Fuck you.




Lots of (wasted) time over the past three days. Several reviews’ worth, in fact.

I took every active blog from the Aniblog Tournaments (you may remember us winning the second tourney), every active blog from every aniblog directory and every active blog I could remember. Then I visited every blog on each of those site’s blogrolls and grabbed the active ones, repeating the process until I finally had nothing left to click.

This is as comprehensive a list as you can ever expect to get.



“But my blog wasn’t included!”/”You got something wrong.”

Dark_Sage can do no wrong, but he may consider accepting your alternate reality if you use the comments section.



Cool. But so what? I’m not gonna go through all those blogs.

What the fuck did you expect from a post titled “Anime Blogs: A List”? You got your fucking list; you should be happy.

But you’re right. There isn’t really much analysis here and I can’t expect you to waste all your time going through that. Luckily for you, I’ll spend my time on this shit instead.

You heard me. I’m starting up the Aniblog Tournament anew. October 2013, USA. Prepare your body. (Details to come.)




Okay, fine, have some analysis courtesy of Wolfram Alpha:


Comment averages on the vertical index.




And following the bullshit 80/20 rule, you’re part of the elite 20% if your blog has an average of more than 5 comments per post.


Now here’s why this is a terrible measure of objective blog popularity: AnimeNewsNetwork (one of the biggest, most popular anime sites around) averages 2.5 comments per article by my count, putting it at “unpopular” rank. Yeah, not quite the case.

Is it a worthless value? No, but it’s not a great one. Anything better would require lots of effort. So, seriously, don’t take those numbers to heart; I’m only using them to determine initial tourney seeds.


Okay, now back to shit you actually care about. Posts tonight.

84 thoughts on “Anime Blogs: A List”

  1. How/Why did you have time for this? Seriously, I was expecting a troll list in the spoiler, and I got a decent, possibly useful list.

    Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind the next time I’m looking to waste even more time reading other people’s opinions.

    • The time came from the magic of not sleeping.

      As for my reason? Well, an aniblog king must keep tabs on his aniblog kingdom. I can’t have rumors going around that I’m ignoring my responsibilities, after all.

      • rumors vs. fact

        And that Katawa ‘Shoujo’ pic, you chose her arc? I tried to end up with the translator ‘Shoujo’ but I got tied up with the mute ‘Shoujo’.

    • 1. I knew the metric for “popularity” ahead of time, allowing me to sneaky sneak the Crymore score up if I wanted to.

      2. Said metric wouldn’t result in Crymore at #1 (unless I super sneaked). Unacceptable.

  2. What are your actual thoughts on randomc? The people who write the articles are pretty autistic and have awful taste, but they have a decent knowledge of tv tropes and write good articles for people who don’t pick up on thematic elements.

  3. Why are anime reviewers such fags, D_S?
    That sounds pretty pointed, and I wish I could just aim it at one person, but every reviewer I’ve come across has been a try hard and/or a meme spouter.

    • I don’t even know where to begin with answering that. There’s so much that’s wrong with anibloggers…

      Mm, I guess their primary issue is that they don’t know how to write with an actual voice or interact with people. So instead, everything comes off as forced and ungenuine, and it makes you feel like punching them off the internet. A more encompassing look at this subject would require more space than these comments can contain and more pejoratives than the English language has.

    • I actually did go to your site a couple times while making this (you were blogrolled a few times, IIRC). Ended up just not including ya because of your latest ten articles, four weren’t about anime at all. After that, you talk about The Hobbit, Oz, and Django, which indicates to me it’s more of a western movie-eastern cartoon blog. Which is fine, it just ain’t what screams otakublog to me.

      That being said, I didn’t exactly feel strongly about leaving you off. So lemme throw you back in.

      • I actually think analyzing all media is the same, and do take pains to include some western TV/an actual book review now and then.

        Also, out of my last 10 entries, I’d only say two aren’t anime-related – Monsters University and Pacific Rim. The entry about Determinators is pan-media, and talks about one of the reasons I actually watch anime (specifically shounen).
        The Cartoon demographics mostly stems out of my disagreement with stuff like “Seinen” and “Shounen” being meaningful distinctions :3

        I do wonder, am I an editorial blog, or a review blog? I don’t literally review most things, I use the shows to pontificate on an issue that I find relevant/or that they make me think of.

        Ah, 3 years ago though I’d probably get put under “Figures” :D

        • Editorials it is then. For the purpose of compiling this list I didn’t have much time to do anything other than skim the titles and read little bits of text, so I do imagine I miscategorized a few blogs.

  4. The drama of the Aniblog Tourney is back? *cheers*

    Probably this may be of use for you :

    Here is the full list of blog (linked on AnimeNano) that has a post in the last 30 days. I’m gathering this info automatically every day through one of my software for…well…reasons! *shifts gaze*

    P.S. Read your message on IRC too late. Blogroll link seems working alright here though…

  5. 1) You misspelled “Desu Ex Machina”.

    2) I have a story about that site.

    Once upon a time, I was talking with this guy. He was doing something, and encountered a thing that was noteworthy somehow.

    “Hahahaha,” he went. “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!”

    “Oh? What is it?” I replied.

    He answered, but I don’t remember what it was.

    I replied, “That reminds me of this really memorable thing I saw once, but I don’t remember where. Actually, I don’t remember what it was, either. It was really similar, though.”

    “I like how it was really memorable, but you don’t remember anything about it other than that there was this thing that was vaguely similar,” he replied.

    “Well, come to think of it, I think the title of the blog was a pun, where the first word was a Japanese word and there were a few words after it that weren’t.”

    “What kind of thing was it?”

    “An anime blog, I think.”

    “Was it like the greatest anime blog ever?”


    “Does anyone even read anime blogs? Who fucking decides to just start writing one of those?”

    “I read this guy’s blog once. I think he was from Minnesota.”

    “It must be the best blog ever, then. Do you remember anything else about it?”


    And he goes back to his activities.

    Ten minutes later, he comes back.

    “Is this it?”

    “Yeah, that’s it, Desu Ex Machina.”

    “It really is the greatest name for a blog ever.”


  6. This is a useful list, but made less so by the harshness of some of the descriptions.

    E.g. “Shitty episodic reviews”, “Christian propaganda, the nasty comment re the often excellent Gagging on Sexism.

    • It qualifies as a site I spent about 30 seconds on, trying to figure out how to get to other posts before eventually giving up on it. That was one of the sites that fell afoul of the “The site’s gotta actually be navigable.” rule.

  7. This is a boring list, but made slightly less so by the harshness of some of the descriptions.

    Should’ve been more harsh comments and less neutral and plain descriptions. You disappoint me, Seiji.

  8. To be honest, this was a rather nice thing. Been meaning to see which anime blogs are alive lately, but this saves me some time. Would’ve loved to see some comments, but hey, I guess that’s for the:

    “You heard me. I’m starting up the Aniblog Tournament anew. October 2013, USA. Prepare your body. (Details to come.)”

    sorry, but I’m looking forward to this if you mean it.

    • I do. You’ll find nearly all the problems with the first two tourneys dealt with in mine, though I hope that’s not too much of a spoiler for the first round.

  9. Woah I wish I saw this more recently. I’m liking the hate on episodic blogs too. The format isn’t intrinsically bad, but it also makes a writer lazy to not always deal with original content. Also, let’s be honest. How many really say much past diluting their thoughts with paraphrased synopses?

  10. Ohayo Dark Sage.
    Thanks for adding “Cartoon Leap” to the mix. I must add that CL is not only about Shitty episodic reviews. It deals with Japan News, Oddities, a image here and there and miscellaneous stuff. You can check it in the menu.

    This year, I focused on Shitty episodic reviews because of “hosting” issues. It is a long story, but anyway, feel free to change the description and add other things, besides the shitty episodic reviews. Sorry for my english. Thats not my native language, but I am trying my best.
    Thanks for the link.

    • Breaking down everything every blog does would be troublesome. I focused on what it looked like each blog focused on. And out of the last 12 posts on your site, 9 are episodic reviews.

      Since you’re not a native speaker, you probably don’t get my writing style. I have not judged your posts yet (oh, but I will), so just be aware that “shitty” is not my actual take on your site yet. I just use that for every episodic blog because I don’t like the concept behind them.

      • Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I noticed tons of “shitty” episode reviews sites there. I am curious about whats the concept you dont like about episodic blogs. Learning something will help me improve.

        Last year, I posted about everything. From ridiculous news that happened in Japan to reviews of everything.

        Due to problems with my previous hosting company, I had to take the site off. Just this year, I put it back online. The reason behind why I started doing episode reviews was to test my writing style. I had some guest reviewers that did a great job. Right now, I am alone and see if I learned from them.

        I am just posting any random news from now on because most of the anime series I watched ended. Just waiting for the new season.

        Anywyay, to keep things shorts (a little bit late on that)…thanks for reading and clear things out. :)

        • It’s rare for me to find any thought or analysis beyond the norm in episodic reviews. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but I don’t often come across people saying something that makes me think “Wow, this person has a lot of insight. I’d like to read their site more to expand my own horizons/be entertained by them.” All I usually end up with is stupid reactions or -ugh- summaries. And if it’s just summaries, why the fuck would anyone bother visiting the site instead of Wikipedia?


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