Danganronpa – Best Girl/Boy – Final Edition

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Beat the twisted evil things.

Have a gomen.

Please accept my traditional Japanese apology.
Please accept my traditional Japanese apology.

Sorry for skipping out on the past two polls. Apathy happened. But here we are with the final one. Make your voice heard and let the best character reign supreme.



Change Log (episode 10 -> episode 13):

The show just kept getting worse and worse until…

[Zero-Raws] Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation - 13 END (MBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.13_[2013.09.26_15.12.41]
Best-san appeared.

Choose right.

Danganronpa Best Boy/Girl - Final Edition

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Prior poll winners (I’m sure the results will surprise you):

01 Boy: Byakuya Togami

01 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

02 Boy: Byakuya Togami

02 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

03 Boy: Byakuya Togami

03 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

04 Boy: Byakuya Togami

04 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

05 Boy: Byakuya Togami

05 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

06 Boy: Byakuya Togami

06 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

07 Boy: Byakuya Togami

07 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

08 Boy: Byakuya Togami

08 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

09 Boy: Byakuya Togami

09 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

10 Boy: Byakuya Togami

10 Girl: Kyoko Kirigiri

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    • Asahina was the only one who actually got some character development, hell the only one with character (before Junko).

      The terrible hope tripe really made Junko stand out in a good way in the last episode though.


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