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    • I have two Dangan posts coming up, so I’d rather not overload everyone. I’ll give the titles though:
      Kyoko Kirigiri: Let Me Taste That Despair
      Danganronpa sucked. Here’s how to fix it:

      Acchi Kocchi v. Love Lab: accepted

      • I wouldn’t say it’s Crunchyroll saying that. That’s a guest article by Marow of AnimeViking, a long-time reader of the site (and all-around good guy).

        But that will actually suffice to make the point I was going for (saving me time on an article): that nostalgia is a cancer and the future is the only way forward. I’m an optimist and believe anime can only get better. What point is there on dwelling on the past? The golden age is still to come and genre-focus is irrelevant to what makes a show good.

        • I think that article is too facile and doesn’t really consider the whole picture. For instance:


          That’s the fall season lineup for 2003 (cor blimey, a decade ago now) and you’ve got FMA, Planetes, KgNE, Gunslinger Girl, and Shingetsutan Tsukihime in the same season. Roll forward a decade and what is there to look forward to in the new fall season? A whole heap of sequels and another Pokemon show.

          It’s not that the series back then were necessarily better, but that there was more of them. Of course you had your cookie-cutter shows back in the day (Ichigo Mashimaro, anyone?), but it wasn’t EVERY show that came out. As the old adage goes, there’s no smoke without fire, and the reason this perspective is all-pervading is because the average show tends towards moe and fanservice over plot and substance.

          I think the point about Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion doesn’t hold up either. What other shows have there been in the last few years that would reach out to non-otaku and get them interested in anime as a medium? I can’t think of any show that’s come out in the last five years that would have that kind of influence over the masses.

          Of course, that doesn’t matter for people visiting this board. We’re here for the long haul, no matter how bad the average show gets :D

          • FMA was good, but it was remade to a better version. Planetes was aight, but not 10/10. Gunslinger Girl was boring, and nobody even liked Tsukihime.

            Pick a better season to nostalgia over. Like, say, Fall 2011. Fate/Zero, HunterxHunter v2, Chihayafuru, Ben-to, Mirai Nikki, and Horizon. Oh wait, that’s recent. It can’t be right!

            My go-to recommendation would be Fate/Zero for recent anime. I don’t know who the hell would even think of recommending Bebop or Eva. The only reason Bebop did well in the States is because it was played ad nauseam on Cartoon Network.

          • It’s me, not CR as Sage said. I’m just able to have some posts of mine on the site!

            As for what you say, it’s true that in terms of genre there has been a change. That wasn’t really the point of the post, though. I tried writing about it at first, but I couldn’t make it fit. So as a result I decided to ditch it and instead write a more focused post~


            “That’s the fall season lineup for 2003”

            Binzume Yousei, Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou Ningyo no Mori, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and so on… titles we’ve forgotten about. Which we don’t care about. Instead you bring up the biggest titles, which frankly are the only ones that seem decent in that list imo :p

            “Roll forward a decade and what is there to look forward to in the new fall season?”

            Coppelion, Kill La Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata and Kyousougiga only to mention a few. There are lots of interesting titles that can go anywhere.

            “What other shows have there been in the last few years that would reach out to non-otaku and get them interested in anime as a medium?”

            Well, it really depends on what genre you want to recommend and to what person, but here’s some general titles I’d recommend (ignoring my opinions about them):

            Attack on Titan, Fate/Zero, Hunter x Hunter, Mirai Nikki, Chihayafuru, Uchouten Kazoku, Monogatari, Chu2Koi, Hyouka and Hataraku Maou-sama. And this is basically only from the last year. There are tons of titles I’d recommend.

            Attack on Titan is doing a good job at making people love anime again, it seems. Kuroko’s Basketball is also very popular. Fate/Zero too.

            It’s just that these titles haven’t aired, just like Sage pointed out, in USA on Toonami just like Bebop, NGE and GitS did (do?). At least I believe so.


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