Acchi Kocchi v. Love Lab

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Two generic, painful-to-watch shows face off in a battle of the moe titans. Who will win?

The Versusness!

omgitslovelabversus kocchis



Love Lab

[HorribleSubs] Love Lab - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.08_[2013.09.26_22.32.29] [HorribleSubs] Love Lab - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.10_[2013.09.26_22.32.35] [HorribleSubs] Love Lab - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.13_[2013.09.26_22.32.45]

This show was so hard to watch I actually skipped 5 episodes in the series to review the latter eps. I didn’t even do that for fucking The World God Only Knows and that show was a 1/10.

While episode 10 somehow managed to keep me from ripping my eyeballs out, I’m relatively sure that’s because I’m not in a sensible state of mind at the moment. Or maybe it’s one of those shows like Daily Lives of High School Boys where only like two episodes are good and the rest make you wish you had been aborted like your mother planned before your dad threatened to rape her until the mid-term abortion would be life-threatening, so tough luck lady you don’t have a choice.

I’m sure you all can relate.



Acchi Kocchi

shit shit shit fuck acchi kocchi fuck this shitty show fuck

I remember very little about this show and I’m not going to look up much about it to complete this article. All I know is I hated it very much and I don’t think I watched more than 3 episodes.




Watch Azumanga Daioh instead.

Osaka best saka

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Solaristicss says:

Acchi Kocchi over Love Lab anyday.

2ColouredEyes says:

IKR? D_S don’t know how cool Io is.

Vanth says:

Azumanga Daioh was 2deep4me. I laughed like thrice throughout the whole show.

I loved School Rumble a lot though. Boy, except for that ending that show was comedy gold.

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t know if you need to laugh at a show like Azumanga. Ya just need to enjoy it.

I laughed more at Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu than anything. Heard good things about School Rumble but have yet to watch it cuz I heard Mr. Cool gets NTR’d.

Vanth says:

He doesn’t get NTR’d lol. The show just mines a lot of laughs from misunderstandings that keep getting convoluted over time. Basically, the lovelorn kids try their best to convey their feelings to their intended.

And yeah, Fumoffu was a masterpiece. There will never be another one of those although I’d be remiss if I omitted Ichigo Mashimaro from the list of the best, which was another show that had me in stitches without a pause in its run.

Pelfmiester says:

No I’m afraid D_S has heard it right. He got NTR’d. You probably ended your viewing of the series with the 2nd season if you think he didn’t. A good series with a bad ending. Would have probably been fine if the Eri route was left open but that kind of got screwed over too.

Harley Gorillason says:

The School Rumble ending is even worse if you attempt to watch the two episodes they released from the San Gakki season, which are the last 2 for some reason.

stgmefly says:

That reminds me I wanna watch Acchi Kocchi

Passerby says:

Forget it.

imouto says:

do it, it’s great

Anon says:

Let’s be sincere.

Marow says:

You don’t like Love Lab? Horrible.

aaaaaaaaaa says:

For hilarious misunderstandings, there is the underrated Mitsudomoe. The characters designs are kind of annoying, but a great show nevertheless. Fumoffu definitely takes the cake though for most lols.

Love Lab is great show for it’s genre. It can’t even be compared to failure like Acchi Kocchi.

imouto says:

>Watch Azumanga Daioh instead.

But that’s not on Blu-Ray. And it’s 4:3.

Nyangoro says:

You don’t deserve to watch Acchi Kocchi.

Ambulator says:

For what it’s worth*: I liked Acchi Kocchi till the end. I dropped Love Lab after four episodes.

*nothing, I know

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