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This is just a notice in case you couldn’t fucking see the giant poll to your right.

Let's dance

Let’s dance:

  • The poll will be reset at the end of every month… if you remind me. (I suck at keeping track of dates.)
  • I’m pretty good at following the will of the people. But if you stick me with Gundam Build Fighters when Yowamushi’s looking me right in the face… don’t be surprised if I implement some Chicago-style democracy.
  • There are a few shows coming up this season that are too liable to suck for me to waste my time on. Read: I don’t want to marathon the prior seasons. Here’s a list:
  1. Phi Brain.
  2. Hajime no Ippo Rising.
  3. Aikatsu!
  4. Little Busters
  • Diabolik Lovers is already in the queue, so no need to waste a vote on it.



Oh, I also grabbed a new avatar. Source image (NSFW):

Kimiterary-Spawn Cloaca

Considering Nagi no Asukara, I’d say it’s rather topical.

30 thoughts on “Poll Up”

  1. Pokemon X/Y is first place? Who the heck is voting for it? Can we pretend that it’s Ippo there in first place instead of pokemon?

        • No. I counted how many proxy hits we had and then subtracted them from Pokemon. I expect you guys to play fair. Being a dick about this is liable to get me to just null all poll results and do whatever the hell I want.

          …and we all know how well that’s worked out before.

          • Indeed.

            I only feel bad because only (idk if it is safe to put the number) people voted for GT; considering that this is the animu that I anxiously anticipated the most. Trigger sure killed a lot to get those votes :(

    • I legitimately voted for Pokemon because I figured it would be a fun review to read, both concerning the quality of the show and the quality of the subs these long running cash-cows usually get.

      To be honest I’m more annoyed about people voting for shit like Kill la Kill or Kyoukai no Kanata. Look, it’s already obviously ahead and it’s going to get a review soon anyway, why not vote for something else?

  2. You don’t really need to have watched the previous seasons of some of these to yell at subbers though… like Aikatsu and its great plot… or Phi Brain…

    • Yeah, I don’t tend to put 5-minute shows up for voting, since I usually just post those reviews whenever I have a bit of free time.


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