Suggestions for Improvement?

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I know Crymore’s perfect, but how can it be *more* perfect?

Why hello there good sir
Might you have any advice for me upon this fine day?

Pretty much everything’s up for discussion – review format, content, banners, whether or not I should shave my legs… you get the idea.


If you have an opinion, lay it on me (and Caly and koku and all the secret admins) right now. I want this blog to be in top condition for what’s clearly the best anime season of the year. Help us make this a season to remember.

(That’s right, I want you to scrapbook this shit when you’re 80 and dying alone in a nursing home. If anyone will ease your passing, let it be us.)


If you don’t want to comment publicly, you can find me on IRC or shoot me an email.

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70 thoughts on “Suggestions for Improvement?”

  1. How about an article which deals with the Japanese obsession of throwing German into every show? I would like to see someone’s opinion who can express his view coherently and isn’t native to the language.

    • Well, it’s not just German, I’d say it’s just the West in general. Spanish, English, and French are also well represented in anime.

      I’m not quite sure I could craft a good-enough article about the subject without vast overgeneralizations (eg they love French because the French seem rich, English because Japan’s BFF with America, German because lolww2, and Spanish because Tite Kubo is weird), so I’d rather leave that to someone with quite a few more qualifications in Japanese culture.

  2. How about a mustache mascot, going moe kawaii uguu~ with every good fansub release? I’m sure that would inspire as well as encourage countless fansubbers to give it their all!

    • Herkz on typesetting, Xythar on karaoke, and Margaan on timing… Yeah, I think I could handle that.

      Hey guys, gimme a ring. We could work this out.

  3. More Hadena/Commie/shitsub reviews, and more articles mocking how fag — whoops, Fruedian slip; fansubbers have awful English.

  4. More reviews of Hadena and Hadena-tier releases.

    Hell, do reviews of multiple releases from the same group for the same show if you have to. No one reads them to see whether the releases are good or not, we just want to laugh at all the terrible.

    Also, poke Calyrica to review vintage Hadena.

  5. >sexy legs before and[…]

    Lose that fake leg hair!

    You’re not fooling anyone anymore!!

    (PS: Just keep up the good work, btw! ;))

  6. revive eclipse or the triad and make crymore their new home.

    alternatively, change the site name to crymoar b/c i often type that into my browser anyway and am saddened when i realize that i’m not here (or anywhere)

  7. This isn’t really a site suggestion, but if you could put perfect English/other language subtitles on Japanese Blu-rays and have them be like $5 a volume with free worldwide shipping and change Blu-rays so they can do typesetting like computer software can, that’d be cool of you.

  8. To remove the annoying line drawing characters from Review_Queue, Review_Summary, and Off_Topic titles

    They been there ever since your old site was hacked and they look so 90s~

  9. Never mention windows ever again on the blog except out of distain. In my opinion, that would be the biggest improvement.

    The fact that the above is all I could come up with is proof that Crymore is pretty much darn near perfect as is.

    ….except for some of those banners.

  10. There are just two things you could do to improve your site.

    The first is really obvious. You’re the DARK sage, so do a DARK color scheme for your site, kinda like this:

    The second: Put more hentai reviews on your site!
    However, just so people can browse Crymore from work instead of being productive, put only a worksafe pic for the article excerpt on the front page, leaving the juicy hentai pics to the main body of the article.

  11. Need a post with a short (read: very short) summary of each upcoming anime for lazy people who can’t be bothered looking it up themselves.

    Do that and I will visit your site every day until I forgot.

    Your Fall 2013 Preview is on the right track, but too many words and vids.

  12. You should write more posts similar to your Italics for Idiots guide; take a grammatical/syntactical aspect of editing and help not-so-bright editors (and even non-editors) improve.


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