Dark_Sage x Youmacon 2013

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Aww yeah, it’s time for another “get drunk with Dark_Sage in hotel rooms and then go vomit at con panels” post.



The Deets

Let's fuck fish
Image related.


Dark_Sage and SoupRKnowva (this’ll be Soup’s last US con before he heads to South Korea.)


With special guests:

Sheep (Oldsubber)


jakeman95 (Doki)


Omex (He like… plays Persona Arena competitively)


Vodka (Not a fansubber’s name. Literally just vodka.)



Detroit, this weekend. Just look for the place where the only white people are.


Things to do:

Go to panels

Take pictures of cosplayers (Yes, ladies, I’ll take pics of Free! cosplayers for you. But if that means I wake up next to a dude, I’m gonna blame you.)

Act irresponsibly

Try not to get murdered/raped/mugged




~And you?~

I'll hang with you even if you're mormon, promise

If you’re gonna be there, gimme a heads up and I will make time for us to hang. I promise to be at least 100% cooler than you think I am.


15 thoughts on “Dark_Sage x Youmacon 2013”

  1. It’s cool how when DS talks about cons, he talks like a totally different guy. I’ll go one day, hopefully you’ll be there and we’ll vomit together.

    • Are you really trying to tell me that you don’t want to attend an amazing anime con featuring godly panelists such as:
      – A white novelist who can write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphic
      – A Simpsons fan
      – An overqualified doctoral space physicist
      – A Chinese themed science fiction and fantasy novelist
      – Random fantasy novelists
      – and an old lady who is “a cultural anthropologist with a Ph.D in religious studies from the University of Ottawa” and can typeset signs so well that she has capitalized “TS” as part of her name?

      What’s wrong with you?


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