Youmacon 2013 – Day 0 – Thursday

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Content time, dear readers.


1:50 Flew in from my homeland of Minnesota and arrived at the greatest city in the world

Detroit: "Rainy and miserable, but usually only miserable. We promise."
Detroit: “It’s rainy and miserable, but usually *only* miserable. We promise.”

Yeah, it was fucking soaking out there. Should’ve taken it as an omen.



2:00 Cab ride to the hotel


That was $60 down the drain. Almost would’ve been cheaper to rent a car for the weekend. Gotta love cities.



2:40 Hotel reg

Got to the hotel and talk to bargain my way down to staying on a lower floor.

Protip: ALWAYS pick the lowest floor at con hotels, because odds are you’re gonna be stuck going down the stairs on the final day of the con when the elevators get full.



2:55 Unpacking/trying to log into Crymore

Unpacking went fine, but as for Crymore… I couldn’t get anything posted since I couldn’t log-in on my laptop (or anything that I was not already currently logged into). Turns out I kinda screwed up the site’s code while trying to make the site Halloweeny.

stein shrug

So yeah, that’s why you didn’t see any posts from me while I was at the con. I was forced to actually do con stuff. ;_;



4:00 Soup drops by.


Rule #1 of cons: only travel with buddies.



4:15 Badge time

Figuring we oughta pick up our presumably sweet press badges, Soup and I dropped by the convention center for pre-registration. However, they weren’t ready for us, so we had to wait around for an hour with other press people, which consisted of some fat kid from a local broadcasting channel and a chick from some very shitty video game blog.

Obviously, I pulled up her blog on my phone and started going over why it sucked. I guess she thought it was cute since I have a pretty face and a nice smile. Sorry, lady, but I wasn’t negging. I honestly thought your blog was terrible.



4:45 So am I still waiting?




5:15 ‘Okay press-sans, come with us.’

We finally got our press badges.

Ladies, please calm your loins
Ladies, please calm your loins

Not knowing exactly what we could do with them at the con, we were told to come back later that night for a press packet that would explain everything we needed to know.



6:10 Ate some lukewarm pizza rolls because we were hungry.

They tasted like victory.
They tasted like America.



6:30 “You Can Japan”/”Mythology Every Otaku Should Know”

Checking out the Thursday night schedule, we realized we could hit up some actual panels, pre-con. Soup was really fucking hyped about them, and I’m still not quite sure why.

I actually ended up learning a lot of useful information about Japanese transportation and mythology. Sure, I forgot about it all once the panels were over, but I was at least temporarily enknowledged.



8:30 Back to the press booth.

“Can we get our press pack now?”

>”No. Come back tomorrow. Promise we’ll have it for you then.”

“Okay, can we at least get a lanyard now?”

>”Sure, that’ll be $5 each.”

And that’s the story of how Soup and I got raped at Youmacon.

But at least we looked fabulous during it
But at least we looked fabulous during it.



9:00 Gaming room.

This was the best gaming room at any con I’ve been to. Fucking ridiculous amounts of arcade machines and consoles and PCs, all set up for hardcore vidya. If you’re a competitive gamer, this is the con to hit up, for real. More on this shit later since we spent a lot of time here.

Soup and I also met up with Omex and Sheep here (both site readers, hi guys).



10:00 Cosplay pajama party

It was everything you would imagine it could be.


This bowling game was the main attraction. There were just a few differences:

1. The “pins” weren’t stacked.

2. The “pins” weren’t painted.

3. The “pins” were just fucking plastic cups turned upside down.

You probably think I’m fucking with you, but this was legitimately the most popular game at the “party”.


We somehow lasted an hour at this fucking thing because Soup was really, really determined to make it enjoyable.

He failed.
He failed.



11:00 Back to the gaming room.

Because nothing else to do.



1:00 Okay, now back to the PJ party.

After a bit of gaming, we rolled into what was apparently the movie section of the party (I guess it was a bit much to expect people to be entertained by cup bowling for four hours).

They were showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which we managed to stand for about 5 minutes before realizing we weren’t nearly 40-years-old enough for that shit and left to our respective rooms, preparing our bodies for the Friday funfest to come.



1:15 Naito time.

I am the king of all penguins.
Sagey realization: I am the king of all penguins.



Thursday: End

Ironically, this was still the best Thursday of any convention I’ve been to, considering most cons don’t have anything going on Thursdays. So fucking props to Youmacon for putting in the effort.

I mean, it still sucked, but less so than a normal Thursday night at least.

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  1. god damn did I try to make that game room fun…I tried so hard…

    …and yet failed as miserably as Dark_Sage said I did.

    I really did enjoy the two panels we went to though on Thursday night, learned a lot about mythology and travel in japan. WHO KNEW THERE WERE 20 DOLLAR PLANE RIDES AROUND JAPAN????

  2. 8:30 Back to the press booth.
    11:00 Gaming room.
    10:00 Cosplay pajama party
    11:00 Back to the gaming room.

    Is it just me, or this sounds wrong?


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