Youmacon 2013 – Day 1 – Friday

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Turns out bronies are the best anime fans.


12:00 Breakfast

For some reason, I thought Burger King would be a good idea.

Dark_Sage-chan, realizing her mistake.

Turns out when there’s more mayonnaise than meat on a burger, it’s not gonna be edible. Doesn’t matter how white you are.



1:00 Hit me.

Checked out the dealer’s room. There was stuff for sale, but nothing I bought. Such is the fate of having access to the internet and not being retarded.



3:00 “My Little Pony: Karaoke is Magic”

We discovered bronies were more interesting than anime fans, though I can’t say their singing is quite up to code.


Soup was a little weirded out by how I knew so many of the songs. Luckily, I was able to explain away knowing all the lyrics to “Smile” by showing him this video:

But “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows” was an impossible sell.


Hell, I don’t even like the show, but the community is rather high quality. Well, except for that creepy guy who got up during the middle of a song to try and hit on a girl sitting in front of us.

“Hey, I noticed you have a My Little Pony bag. Do you like My Little Pony too? Oh, I have a Derpy keychain and many favorite ponies and my favorite episode is all of them.”

To say Soup and I were entertained by his 20-minute Sisyphean task is an understatement.



4:40 Left to get in line for the Mahou Shoujo panel

On the way out, Soup grabbed a pic of a Rarity cosplayer. She gave us each a card because… well, we’re still not really sure.

If you want it, here it is:




5:00 “Magical Girl First World Problems”

This was hosted by the two chicks who did the panels we went to on Thursday. Unfortunately, they didn’t rehearse before they decided to host the panel (they only got halfway through the presentation before time was up) and I’m not sure they knew how to PowerPoint either.

Still, I was sufficiently entertained and their logo wasn’t bad.

The logo.
The logo.

I’ll give it a pass.



6:00 Food

For some stupid reason, I got Burger King again.

Actually, check that, it was a great idea.

Anime girls best girls anime burgers best burgers - and no I didnt take this picture

This is an anime con, after all.



7:00 “Anime Stand-up”

I captured the two standups we endured before we couldn’t take anymore, but I really fucked up the recording, so… just a warning. Not that I expect you to last beyond the first minute, though.



8:00 “Critical Analysis of Anime”

Everyone got to learn that colors in anime are important because the animators put them there on purpose. Oh, and did you know that Shaft is deep because they have lots of backgrounds in their shows? So enlightened!

Shaft is so intellectual
Shaft is so deep

About the only useful thing we got out of this panel was finding out why Armageddicon (an 18+ anime con) didn’t happen this year: the guy that ran this panel forgot to book a place for it. To say Soup and I expressed our disappointment with kind words would be inaccurate.



9:00 “Youma Idol”

We thought this was just a karaoke contest. No, turns out it was actually a judged contest of performers. I would have recorded it for y’all, but I was too entertained to try and enjoy it through the lens of a camera instead of watching with my hi-def eyeholes.

So yeah, you could say it was worth our time. This is a pic of the girl who won:

Those fucking bunny hands oh my fucking god

Yeah, she’s ridiculously cute.



10:00 Bad choices made easy

“Hey Dark_Sage, let’s drink half a liter of vodka each and then fill up these Dr. Pepper bottles with Wild Turkey.”

>”Sure, Soup, that sounds responsible.”

Maturity is having enough disposable income to not worry about how much money ends up as vomit
Adulthood means having enough disposable income to not worry about how much of that money ends up as vomit. And yes, I guess that makes poor people and non-drinkers children.



11:00 “Nintend-Oh!”

Wherein “crazy” pictures found on rule34 and tagged “Nintendo” are posted.

Oh my! Girl on girl is so hentai!
Oh my! Girl on girl is so hentai!

There wasn’t any guro or vore, and there was a disturbing lack of trumpeting and bestiality, so I can’t say it was as researched as it could have been.

Still, Kirby got fucked quite a bit by all manner of things, so we’ll call it good.



12:00 “You Wanna Put What?! Where?!?! An Eroge Parody Panel”

Here’s the concept:

1. Pick randoms from the audience to dub over poorly translated eroge.

2. ???

3. Hilarity!

I don’t think it would be possible for me to ever be drunk enough to enjoy this panel.



1:00->?:?? I don’t remember.


We’re going to say this was the point at which Soup and I went to sleep, though I’m rather certain it wasn’t. I’m going to assume my poor memory’s doing me a favor here.



Friday: End

Friday was honestly rather… boring. It’s supposed to be the best day of any anime con, but the amount of available content (panels/activities) was so lacking at Youmacon that it just felt like a more boring version of Thursday.

To say my expectations were rainbow dashed would be an understatement.

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    • I’m not, but I am jealous that their fanbase gets all the talented people while anime fans are stuck with… what, people who can sync audio and video together for AMVs? That’s literally the best we get.

      • how does it make you feel that watching a children’s cartoon about ponies is in some places more socially acceptable than watching adult animation from japan

        • Hm? The kind of people who would look down on people for watching anime aren’t the kind of people who would look favorably upon teens/adults watching My Little Pony. So I’m not really sure where you’re pulling that from.


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