Aniblog 2014 Tourney: [Day 94] Fatalities of Fortune

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You thought I’d given up on this, didn’t you? As if I could leave all those tears on the floor.

I'll take them all.
I’ll take them all.


[Day -1]:


I have renamed the tournament from Otakublog 2013 to Aniblog 2014. Why?

  • Everyone called it the Aniblog Tourney anyway
  • This will piss off the people who ran the Aniblog 2012 contest
  • It’s 2014

Do note I’m keeping the days consistent. Just wouldn’t make sense otherwise.



They may be dead but no one cares, or they wouldn’t be dead


In the spoiler tags is a list of sites that no longer qualify for the tourney. Super sad, indeed.

Some of the blogs have had their links removed due to dead links/lapsed domains. Those tend to get taken over with malware, so I’m not gonna link that shit here.

Spoiler for

Anime B&B

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Anime ReViews

Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.

Cafe Daifuuku

Inactive. The last post was made in October, and it regards this tourney:

Don’t think that worked out quite so well for ’em.

Cage of Love

Inactivate. Two posts were made at the beginning of September and then nada. What a shame. The Drama CD niche would’ve been interesting to look into.

Child of Mecha

Inactive. Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.

Good. Cuz mecha sucks ass.

Colony Drop

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Desu ex Machina 

Dead link. Site gone.

Emency Blazer Works 

WordPress blog deletion notice. Couldn’t keep that blaze burning.

Eroge Review

Inactive. Nothing posted since the middle of July.


Not an anime blog anymore.

Just as Planned

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.


Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Kritik der Animationskraft

Inactive. Nothing posted since August.


Dead. Actual goodbye post.

Love the Machine

Inactive. Nothing posted since July.


Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.


Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.

Multiseven et Cetera

Inactive. Nothing posted since September 7th.


Dead. Goodbye posted. I’m laughing my ass off about this.

Optimum Otaku

Is now an Assassin’s Creed IV blog.


Dead? Inactive? Saa. The entire site’s been replaced by a “We’ll be reopening soon!” image.

Otaku Soft

Inactive. It’s a news site and there haven’t been any posts since late September. Not a good sign.

Season 1 Episode 1

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Seven Nights Translations 

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Shinkan Crossing

Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.

Showery Sky 

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Subatomic Brainfreeze

Inactive. Between September and today, only 2 posts were made.

Terminal Anime 

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

The 1000th Summer

Inactive. Nothing has been posted since August.

Tokyo Jupiter

Dead. Domain lapsed.

Wan Abrar

Inactive. Nothing has been posted since August.

WC’s Blog

Inactive. Nothing has been posted since July.

Wild Boysenberry

Inactive. Nothing has been posted since August.

X Marks the Gundam Spot

Inactive. Between September and today, only 1 post was made.

Yattar Japan

Disqualified. Corporate-owned.


35 out in 3 months. It’s tough to be an aniblogger these days. ;_;


Updated Tourney Brackets







If you know any blog that should jump into the ring, post it, especially if it’s yours. This is what’s known as free promotion.

But if you aren’t confident in your content, don’t bother. I’m only hosting this contest for my readers in the hopes that through it they’ll find something interesting.

Better hurry though, the Editorial bracket starts tomorrow.

36 thoughts on “Aniblog 2014 Tourney: [Day 94] Fatalities of Fortune”

    • I’d like to think the hits we all gave it back in the last post caused the author to get a sudden confidence boost… that has lasted up until now.

      Come to think of it, there’s no other explanation.

    • Sure. I’ll edit you into, uhh… Niche when I can tear myself away from this trainwreck of writing I’m seeing in the Editorial zone.

  1. Ohya, Dark Sage! How about you work on all brackets instead of just focusing on clearing one until moving on to the next one? Sooner or later, you’ll come to the realization that aniblogging is horrible no matter what kind of aniblogging it is. Between piss-generic episodic blogging, incredibly pretentious and delusional editorial analyzes with 5000 word essays on how that cute girls anime is obviously so much deeper than everything else and random shit no one cares about, it’s really the best to go with all of them instead of letting things get too one-sided. Remember, it’s not about picking your poison but appropriately mixing it so you won’t end up losing too many nerves on this. This is not a thing you can win but you can certainly minimize the damage.

    Also, how did so many aniblogs manage to kick the bucket during such a short span of time anyway. Did you jinx them? Are you a grimreaper or some shit?

    • Yeah, I realized last night that it was gonna be a slog. So the idea is I’ll do 4 matches from one bracket, then 4 from another, and then keep going. 4 days of editorials in a row would ruin me.

      Blogs are dying for a number of reasons (and it’d take a full post for me to even begin to touch on why I think that is). Ultimately, I think the issue is that bloggers aren’t saying things that warrant people putting effort into going to a site (yes, I know RSS feeds exist but even Google gave up on that shit). If I’m a reader who likes episodic blogging, why wouldn’t I just follow a bunch of people on tumblr or twitter and be able to get a wide range of opinions that I can participate in on an equal basis if I want? That’s hard to do with the “talk-at-you” format of blogs.

      • Ah, so basically, you’ll get to my blog on Wednesday. Good to know I guess. Also, good luck with the figurines and VN blogs, I imagine that to be particularly painful.

        As far as aniblogs dying is concerned, I wouldn’t say that the blogosphere being a niche will be the cause of its death. Granted, the number of blogs has been dwindling forever now but there will always be a good bunch of people around due to the fact that it’s an already established niche. While twitter and the likes probably do have some impact on the matter, there’s also lots of people who wouldn’t be content with that. For several people, there’s not really much of an alternative to replace anime blogs if that’s what they are into and they consider following bloggers on twitter more as a bonus I guess. I don’t really think that there’s a valid replacement for anime blogs and as long as people who are into those around, the aniblogosphere will keep existing.

        As far as several bloggers giving up is related, what gets you into this shit in the first place is the will to express yourself and getting anywhere with it (as demonstrated by more popular aniblogs), ergo ambitions. The thing is, though, that ambitions are not only a driving force but also something you intend to fulfill and unless you can provide any satisfying results, they’ll only end up motivating you so much. At one point, you’ll realize that you’ll highly likely not get a bigger audience and that’s also when you’re the one to decide whether the reward is worth bothering with blogging or not. Countless of people really tend to ignore that yes, blogging is work when starting with that shit. Coming up with something new to say each and every week anew isn’t easy, so many take the easy way out by doing episodic blogging, something that automatically provides you with content to work with. But then again, let’s keep in mind that the “easy” way is still a bothersome one. Personally, I try to balance things out by doing 2 posts per week, one of them being an episodic thing, the other one… I dunno. Something. I’ve been doing this for almost five years now and I can assure you that there are several reasons to stop doing this, although I doubt that the aniblogosphere as a whole will come to an end one day.

        But yeah, you mentioning twitter is justified. As I said, that blogging stuff is all about expressing yourself (hence making news blogs and episodic recapping really pointless in my eyes) and with twitter, not only do you have a larger following with a number that’s easy to grasp, it’s also far less effort.

        At the end of the day… *shrug*. We’ll see.

  2. Hmm, I’m not intentionally trying to stall this tournament or anything, but wouldn’t it make more sense to start the tournament next month? First impressions are going to be the primary posts and you won’t really be seeing the real meat of the blogs until mid-season.

    I dunno, just a suggestion.

        • I thought I did answer this somewhat recently somewhere. Guess not.

          You’re all making the assumption that I’m not trudging through a year’s worth of posts for these blogs. My process is “Go through the blog until I find a post I think will be a good read, and then read it.” Once I have enough of an idea of what the writing’s like/the site’s going for, I’ll move on. Nonstandard posts won’t really factor in (like that 12 Days of Christmas bullshit), unless the post fits what the site is going for.

          • Well, I’m curious to see what your posts will be like.

            Guess we’ll see tomorrow, unless you decide to gold P4:G and drop off again. You know it’s a possibility.

  3. Ah, get ’em woken up in September and then knock them out when they think they can slack off for a couple of months after. I like this plan.

    • That one’s in there. Match 6 of the reviews bracket. Not that I blame you for not seeing it; I wasn’t exactly aiming for readability in the brackets.

      And, nope. It won’t be too late until I get completely finished with round 1.


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