I just ate an entire bag of Doritos for lunch (v.Spicy Nacho)

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I’ll be at Ohayocon from Thursday-Sunday. Posts will be spotty, so if you want me to write something *today* let me know.


Today: Mikakunin TL Party

Tomorrow: Some review (Sakura Trick, I’m thinking)

Friday: Episodic blogging bullshit

Saturday/Sunday: No fucking idea


The gist is I don’t wanna leave y’all with absolutely nothing for days on end (we have the end of the season for that). So give me some ideas and I’ll write them on the rest of my lunch break/after work and schedule them for later.

May the muse of literacy inspire me

Aniblog posts take about 5 hours minimum. Reviews/TL Parties can take me 2-3 hours, depending on how much stupid I have to parse. And articles take an hour or so. So with this one-day time limit in mind, articles are what I’m going for.


tl;dr: Article ideas please.

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    • That’s… actually not a bad idea. But for the post I want from that subject, it’ll take two hours and I’m 30 minutes from sleeptime.


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