Crymore Presents: LoveMore 2014

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


Are you lonely? Of course you fucking are. Luckily, Dark_Sage is here to keep that x-acto blade away from your wrists. Welcome to LoveMore 2014.

Because maybe you didn't see the new, shiny banner.
Because maybe you didn’t see the new, shiny banner at the top of the fucking site. You’re welcome, by the way.


Mood-Setting Music

Guess who spent more time dancing to this than writing this post?

Spoiler for
It was me. You guessed right! Thought the Tomahawk was dead? I’m bringing that shit back.


Picture FAQ

“What is LoveMore?”

You didn't watch this show so I'm not gonna tell you what her name is or where she's from-Deal with it

It really doesn’t matter; there’s chocolate. And by chocolate, I mean Dark_Sage. Lucky you.


“Will you be my valentine?”

My Lovely Valentine

Sure. Unless you’re ugly or crippled in some other way.

Offended cuz you don’t qualify? Deal with it; I’m not the fucking Make-A-Wish Foundation.


“Okay, so really, what the fuck’s going on?”

Katekyo Valentine

I dunno, it’s a circlejerk post. We have them occasionally. Act excited.

And speaking of excitement, I’ve got work in 6 hours. Go ahead and get the party started while I recharge my love juices.


Happy Valentine's.
Happy Valentine’s. <3

33 thoughts on “Crymore Presents: LoveMore 2014”

    • Hm, it depends. How much are you willing to pay? (I should note that if you tend to use your teeth, you may as well not even put in a bid.)

  1. “You-didnt-watch-this-show-so-Im-not-gonna-tell-you-what-her-name-is-or-where-shes-from-Deal-with-it-256×360.jpg”

    Aha! Jokes on you! *I* know how to internet!

    Fuck it. I’m too lazy to query IQDB.

  2. They should move february to may. And squeeze may in the space between june and new february. The void will then be left as a monument to the fail that was february.


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