Cons Dark_Sage is Going to in 2014 v1

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Yes, Anime North is on the list. You owe me one, Canada.

Most Probably

Oh Hei you're so Hei

Sakura-Con – Seattle, Washington (April 18th-20th)


Confirmed special guest: Puddi. Also, some anibloggers like Inushinde.

Seattle is Seattle, and I know Puddi’s pretty cool, so this seemed like a no-brainer.


Anime North – Toronto, Canada (May 23rd-25th)


Confirmed special guest: Quite a few of you, it seems.

I really didn’t wanna go back to this damned rainy, miserable convention but I swear to god half of the Canadian population disagreed. So fine, I’m coming. See you there.



On the Radar


Colossalcon – Sandsuky, Ohio (June 5th-8th)


Everyone in Ohio says it’s good, but since Soup skipped the state for fucking Korea, the only Ohiobro I know is Will. And Will can’t wear his scarf in the water park’s pools, so he refused to come.

Maybe I’ll just drive it up and pick some cool kids up on the way.


Anime Midwest – Rosemont, Illinois (July 4th-6th)


I figure if their press staff went out on a limb to invite me, they’ve gotta have their shit together.


Anime Weekend Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia (September 26th-28th)


Only cuz I’ve heard Atlanta’s pretty sweet.



Not Going

No Thank You


These cons are either soullessly big or I’ve had a shitty enough experience with them to never want to go back.

Though, I did have Anime North on this list until I got a bombardment of “please go”s from y’all, so this is negotiable. But you better have a damn good reason if you wanna convince me to spend time at a con I’ll probably hate.

  • Anime Boston (March 21st-23rd)
  • Anime Detour (April 4th-6th)
  • Anime Central (May 16th-18th)
  • Anime Expo (July 3rd-6th)
  • Otakon (August 8th-10th)
  • Youmacon (October 30th-November 2nd)





If there are any cons you’d recommend, do let me know. My conventures usually start from IRC convos, and fansubbers aren’t exactly known for leaving their rooms for anything more than one con a year.



"So I'm gonna be free, and..."
“So I’m gonna be free, and…”

Yeah, sure. I’ll hang with you for a period of time. Just please don’t be special-ed-class weird.

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44 thoughts on “Cons Dark_Sage is Going to in 2014 v1”


    Yeah it’s pretty shit SEGA *STILL* hasn’t brought PSO2 out west. Guess they don’t like money. Who knew?

    I’m certain Sonic Boom will make them a fortune, though. Right?

    I played PSO2 a bunch when it launched in Japland, and while it played well on a gamepad I dunno how well it’d handle on a Vita. The cramping would have to be horrendous…

  2. Well, I may go to Colossalcon since I am 15min away from Sandusky. Based on the font and since you said water park I am guessing Kalahari.

      • I have not gone in but they always have lots of people going there this time of year even though we have several indoor waterparks.

        They are popular enough that they completely funded a school sports field, it takes pool access tickets along with a full house to make that much.

      • A warning, I may pull off an embarrassing stunt one day so you may want to play like I don’t exist on that day.

        You would have some good pix for your readers to laugh at if I do it though.

  3. If you want to piss off the other half of Canada, there’s FanimeCon on May 23–26, 2014 in San Jose, California. It’s decently large as it overcrowds the convention center, & hey, perhaps it’ll be better since it is its 20th anniversary. It won’t be rainy!

    Hah hah, looking it up on wikipedia, it’s slightly larger than AnimeNorth. Drat, even typed a massive tl;dr until I thought to check the size.

  4. If anybody’s going to Megacon(Orlando, Florida March 21-23), I’ll be there.
    Tho, I’m not going for the weeaboo shit. I’m going for the comic shit.

    • Some people like to play the “go to panels Dark_Sage is going to and wait for some guy to be obnoxiously loud about sharing his superior opinions” game.

      A better option is to email me closer to con time, or hope that I remember and email you. Then we’ll figure out a place to meet (usually a panel or something). Don’t worry, I’ll make the process painless. Whether the con itself will be or not is another thing entirely.

  5. There’s this really cool con 10 mins from my home. It happens every year and about 70% of the people there are clad in the most extravagant cosplay you could imagine. It is also a very international event, as there are people from all over the world. You can choose between many big panels which range from shitty music to expensive rides. Alcohol is available in great quantitys and you don’t have to bother with bronies or other abominations. The best thing: You don’t have to pay, you can go there for free.
    It’s called Octoberfest, but you’ve probably never heard of it…

    • The Munich Oktoberfest, or one of the others? If you’re talking about Minneapolis/Milwaukee, I wouldn’t mind a convention meet-up.

      • Munich, I didn’t even know there was one in Minneapolis. Even the original is only bearable after two liters of beer. But maybe in this case the copies are better than the original?

        • Pretty much everywhere in the US where there’s a sizable population with German ancestry will have their own Oktoberfest.

          Haven’t been to one yet myself, but I ain’t against the idea.


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