Banner Contest vFeb_2014

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It’s been about 7 months since we’ve had any new “legit” banners, so I figured we should rectify that situation.

And since I suck at banners, I’m shoving the responsibility onto you.

Lucky you.
Lucky you.

The only real requirement I have is that the “m” in Crymore be red. Make it pink and I swear to your god I will hunt you down and glare at you for an awkward amount of time.


"Great, so what do I get out of it?"
“Great, so what do I get out of it?”

Not a goddamn thing, other than seeing your work at the top of the site every 1/Number_of_Accepted_Banners times.

I dunno, maybe I’ll buy you lunch or something if you can track me down at a con. Maybe.



So there ya have it. Entries, plz. Winners will be posted in a separate thread.

66 thoughts on “Banner Contest vFeb_2014”

  1. Some wizard really needs to make one using Kamina’s glasses for the m.

    I’d take a shitty stab at it, but I’m too busy trying to sync up porn to skrillex.

  2. I was going to make you one again, but now I’m sick and not feeling up to it. There seems to be a lot of good ones this time though. Maybe if I’m feeling up to it in the morning.

  3. Could you please replace some of the shittier banners, and not just add these? There were some pretty boring ones before, and this time around there seems to be an excessive amount of good banners.

  4. Winners tomorrowish. Though, you can submit shit throughout the year in like the Off Topic or something if there’s some inspiration that hits later.

    • I love these. The first one is better though, you can read the hilarious subs better with it. In the second one you cant read the “crymore” and you cant read the text.


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