Banners Winner Contests 2014-1

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Man, I should outsource effort to y’all more often.

Crymore Banner 05 Crymore Banner 07 Crymore Banner 11 Crymore Banner 12 Crymore Banner 13 Crymore Banner 14 Crymore Banner 15 Crymore Banner 16 Crymore Banner 17

And there ya have it. Winners (in order):

  • Mass/snowblossom/anona
  • meta(mal)content
  • MegaPear
  • Humanity
  • Minami Chi
  • nina
  • aVF
  • Prinzessin
  • AzureHakua

You guys have won my eternal love temporarily. Cherish it.

46 thoughts on “Banners Winner Contests 2014-1”

  1. You should crowdsource more often. People love your whiny ass. Thanks for picking my banner. I’ll make another/more as soon as I feel like it <3 (next year, probably)


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