Dark_Sage at Sakuracon 2014

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Soccercon time.


Moshi Moshi Desu Ne

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Rough Schedule (Thursday):

Get in, do nothing since Thursdays suck, maybe review a fansub if I’m feeling sagey enough.

Yeah, I'd put money on me just sleeping.
Yeah, I’d put money on me just sleeping.


Rough Schedule (Friday):

madorka magica

Early Morning (like 9 AM) Karaoke

You know it will be good. I’ll be recording, of course.


AMV Contest

Maybe there will be a decent entry in the three hours we’re stuck here.


Guest Buffet

I’m paying $50 to get into some fancy dinner buffet for the chance to tell Range Murata how he was my favorite character designer back when he drew art for series that aren’t terrible.

His art's still fabulous. It's just attached to terrible shows.
His art’s still fabulous. It’s just not attached to anything good anymore.

As a member of the press, I could have done so through an interview, but I think it’ll go over better with food in my mouth and Puddi telling me just how much of my cursing the interpreter translates over.



…more AMV stuff, followed by late night action. There will be shenanigans, as is custom.


Rough Schedule (Saturday-Sunday):

What do I look like, a fortune teller? It’s Dark_Sage, not Dark_Seer. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Relevant image, for your pleasure.
Relevant image, for your pleasure.




If you’re going, hit me up (email or however else you can find me works).


Unless you’re super duper creepy. Then you can hit puddi up.

I'm trying my best to avoid one of these situations.
I’m trying my best to avoid one of these situations. Sorry, puddi.

If you aren’t going to S-Con, I’m sure you’re gonna be totes jelly come con write-up time. I always seem to pick the best cons to go to, after all.

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