Yes the site’s fucked I’m working on it

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If you wanna recommend me a good wordpress theme I’m all ears, cuz apparently upgrading our PHP fucking broke Yamidoo.

Also, if you commented yesterday during the migration, your posts have been lost to the abyss. What a fucking mess.

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  1. I can’t suggest a good wordpress theme sadly, but would it be possible to enable similtanous playback of videos?. In your latest fansub comparisons, I was hoping to play the OP from DDY and FFF at the same time, but the site is too smart and pauses the currently playing video in preference for the one you just started.

    • I believe that’s a WordPress limitation/feature. You can always save the videos by right clicking them when they’re playing and choosing to “Save Video”. Then you can compare the webms side by side locally.

    • This is what happens when you upgrade your site’s PHP version and the theme you’re using was last updated in 2013. In this case, the code can’t function with whatever bullshit the PHP gods injected themselves with, so it’s throwing errors.

      I would fix it, but I literally do not understand how to read the code, nor have my Google searches resulted in anything usable. The closest I got to a solution was some guy on WordPress telling another guy he’s SOL unless he wants to hire someone to fix it for him. And I do not want to get into that cycle, cuz it’s entirely unsustainable.

      • You should have at least been warned before updating.

        Back to your problem, you might want to seek advice from your IRC buddies who also happened to be running a site. Who knows, fixing this could be actually quite simple.

    • Just be glad I didn’t somehow kill off a month’s worth of posts and comments again.

      And I guess this is still better than when I turned the site into reddit for a night.

      …or when I put a comment filter in that stopped spam, but also most comments in general.

      All in all, this was a successful migration!

    • Some concrete suggestions would be to get rid of a sidebar (not useful enough to justify the space it takes up, and reassign that space to the main content.

      Bump up the font size to hit that 10-20 words per line mark and use a nicer font. You’ll also be able to get those 2 x 2 screenshot grids in without them looking so tiny.

    • I hardly have the time to write for Crymore anymore. Asking me to develop my web design skills to the point where I can feel like my fixes are significantly improving Crymore… no, that’s not possible.

      As for that link, it’s from 2006 and thinks this looks good.

      Yes, the site’s design sucks — Crymore was never intended to actually be fucking read by anyone. But ignoring the newly thrown errors, it also works. And if a “fix” breaks something, I don’t have the skillset to deal with that easily. Already, we’ve lost Saturday and Sunday and part of Monday to a fucking migration. I’m sure you can understand my hesitation to lose any more.

  2. The error’s actually a really easy fix, and the theme isn’t fucked at all. It is, admittedly, a time bomb, but that’s another matter.
    The error itself just results from PHP getting more strict on the syntax for array indices. Just add quotes and you’re good to go.

  3. All right, puddi saved Crymore. I’ll fellate him some in the next post, but for now I’m hiding this back a year so the site doesn’t get too meta.


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