Translation Review (Pass/Fail): [m.3.3.w] Nourin 02

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Time for m.3.3.w to show us how they can handle FUNi’s pile of horse manure.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (344MB, 10-bit)

Translation: FUNi Edit

Wap Level: Full Wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #m.3.3.w





OP. The engrish makes me want to cry.


ED. The translation, the eyecancer fonts (just because you need Asian fonts for a bunch of useless Asian characters doesn’t mean you use it for the entire fucking karaoke), and the idiodic and laggy kara effects make me want to kill someone.

Main Script.


I heh’d at this line.


Didn’t fix this FUNi error.


Apparently the lack of consistency is for style purposes.


Unfortunately,  m.3.3.w wasn’t intelligent enough to make Kousaku’s lines sound weird.




They changed “locally raised chicken” (right) into “chickens in this area” (holy shitballs, what are you thinking?). Look up where Hinai, Nagoya, Satsuma, and Gifu are located in Japan, report back and tell me that they’re all in the same general area, then slowly unzip your pants, piss on my legs, and tell me it’s raining. Also, this is the first new mistake introduced by m.3.3.w, since FUNi used kinda-sorta correctly “locally raised chickens.”


m.3.3.w also thinks Okumino Koc is an actual thing, google be damned.


She talks a lot weirder than this. Reflect that in your script.


She’s talking directly to Kousaku, not around him.


Yeppers, this joke made total sense to m.3.3.w; there was no need for a TLC.


I almost had a boner.


…It passes.


Ooh, lemme try! “If you want to spread your wild oats, you need to switch it up now and then.”


Censor it, goddammit!


m.3.3.w shows us how it’s done :D


Here I actually did pop a boner (^ω^)


“Slut” is taking it too far.


They did this without shame.


Once again, it’s obutsu (“dirty article”) not omutsu (“diaper”)


FUNi’s original line (“I need the pure and white panties first”) was just barely passable if they choose to argue the point, but m.3.3.w took it right into the “backasswards wrong” territory.


“He’s shining”?

He’s shining?!!


“Being worn in and of itself doesn’t give panties their value.” To be fair, FUNi fucked up this line too.


Other Observations


Scene bleed.


So. Much. Effort.


Even they know you have to put in a space.


Yet another group that doesn’t know how to set MIME types in this day in age.


1.) Someone should have read these lines aloud, preferable without laughing, before signing off on them.

2.) The timing of these lines weren’t connected, leaving a 90 ms gap.

Final Grade: FAIL

Okay, I’ll admit subbers will have a hard time unfucking this FUNi script. But in terms of translation, they fixed only a few errors and added a few more.

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4 thoughts on “Translation Review (Pass/Fail): [m.3.3.w] Nourin 02”

  1. If they’re going with the keikaku TL note, shouldn’t keikaku be in the dialog as well, e.g. “All according to keikaku.”?

      • I think it’s silly to use the meme anyway, because it was purely an English language meme that has never featured in the Japanese of that scene at all. But I guess most fansubbers can’t resist a bit of trolling :D


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