P-Tuesday Pollday: Most Musou and Superest Sonic

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The Crymore community shall make the decisions that need to be made.


Best “Could be turned into a Musou” of the Season

Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Killeru

Too easy. I’m not even putting it on the poll. Think harder.


Persona 4 the Golden Animation

I don't remember this being in the game

If Atlus doesn’t have one in the works, I’d be surprised. There aren’t many more ways they could whore this series out. (Yukiko pantsu DLC region-locked. Sorry, Europe.)


Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Batters up

If Higurashi were a harem, it would be Rokujouma no Shinryakusha. That’s reason enough to make a game out of this.


Free! -Eternal Summer-

best girl best thoughts

Fuck, make it water-based gameplay, make it a cooking musou; I don’t care. I just want more of it.


I don’t even know what a Musou is.

Filthy casual.
Filthy casual.


Best "Could be turned into a Musou" of the Season

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Superest Sonic the Hedgehog Knock-Off

Sinon, Sword Art Online II

[FFF] Sword Art Online II - 02 [88D98288].mkv_snapshot_09.20_[2014.07.13_19.25.53]

Cuz her hair’s blue or something.


That one guy, Hamtaro Season 2 Season 2


Just like Sonic can run faster than the speed of light, that one guy can run pretty quickly. At least I think he can. We haven’t really seen him move beyond the bar yet, so it’s a mystery. Much like Sonic.


Lord Borstache, Kuroshitsuji -Book of Circus-

Kuroshitsuji Circus Book

Though I may not have actually watched the episode I pulled this screen from, or even watched any episode from the prior seasons, I’m relatively certain Lord Borstache embodies the “cool hedgehog” feel that Sonic has.

I’d probably let him be alone with my kids. Okay, maybe not my kids, but yours at least. That’s confidence.


Free! Season 2. The whole anime.

Similar to how Sonic defeated Dr. Eggman’s goons in Super Sonic Adventure 3 Battle, Free! S2 has defeated sexism in Japan.

Be Free

We did it, tumblr.


Superest Sonic the Hedgehog Knock-Off

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10 thoughts on “P-Tuesday Pollday: Most Musou and Superest Sonic”

  1. This is one of the worst entries I’ve seen on the site. It has nothing going for it.

    Not informative.
    Not drama causing.
    Not trolling.
    Not likely to get many replies.
    Not meaningful in any way.
    Not edgy.
    Not anything that stands out or draws attention.

    What it is:
    So Random XD
    Fails at being “ironic”.
    Hopefully an entry composed without sobriety.

    Please endeavor to not be this lacking in value in the future for everyone’s sake, yours most of all.


  2. After successfully googling Musou, I’m conflicted that I thought it was a game genre considerably more lewd than the real deal. Though I guess the fact that with the exception of Free, every other entry is an ultra-harem, is enough to explain my confusion.


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