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Now that Seirei’s aired, I threw a reset on the poll. So vote based on what series are legit decent, plz.

v1 Results:

Spoiler for

Summer 2014v1

For the v2 poll, I standardized the names in line with what groups are releasing the shows as. Even if the names they chose were steeped in illiteracy.

“But Majimoji sounds better and less Japanesey! Or more Japanesey! Whatever makes you think we chose right!”

Unfortunately, I’m looking at about 80 reviews left on my plate. So it’s time to cut things down.

Snip snip
Snip snip~

Dropped Shows

  • Ao Haru Ride. Having sex with ghost peppers would be a more enjoyable experience.
  • Shounen Hollywood. Who even asked for this?
  • Sengoku Basara. Nobody cares about it and I’ve only seen like 3 eps from the first season anyway.
  • Nobunaga Concerto. I’m fairly certain the 11 votes for this rotoscoped CG bullshit were to spite humanity. No, I won’t even watch it. Some shows don’t deserve a chance.
  • Space Dandy. It sucks and f you care about the series, you’re watching the dub anyway.


Everything else is up for review until I get bored of it too.


Dropped Reviews

Consider TL Parties dropped until I decide to surprise you.

Re-encode reviews are dropped entirely. You can see which groups have hit that status in the “out of scope” section of the Review Queue. Cry if you must, but trash groups don’t deserve the time it takes for a review.


So vote life away. Mine, specifically.


36 thoughts on “Poll Resettery”

      • I don’t particularly see why I should be giving your groups special attention when there are people out there actually putting effort into their releases.

        See, unlike you, I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to spend on fansub bullshit, so I have to prioritize.

        Get mad or get sad, I don’t care. If it’s that disappointing to you, go back to reviewing your own groups’ subs on NRR.

        • Indeed. One does wonder why you did it originally, though; it must have cost you precious time you could have used to edit for Hadena or something. You know, since you edited an arashi script once, Hadena is clearly your group.

          • It’s almost like I only do normal reviews for episodes 2 and above and didn’t have much else to write about in the beginning of the season.

            Weren’t you the one who was complaining about a lack of content last season anyway? I was just trying to please my biggest fan. :(

  1. How is Glasslip still so high on the list. I’ll admit the second ep was better than the first but still… And the poll hasn’t changed all that much really. The top 7 are still the top 7, though, not in the exact same order.

  2. “So vote based on what series are legit decent, plz.”

    Sorry mate, I’m voting for the series I’m having the most trouble deciding on subs to watch. I don’t need you to tell me whether I should get a certain group’s release when they’re my only choice.

      • You know MC-chan’s friends from ep1? She dumped them. That’s uh…a somewhat good reason?

        Ao Haru Ride is not good but it’s definitely way better than that stuff you rated 3/10 or lower. It’s prolly about a 5/10 show honestly.

        • That’s an awful reason. The show’s problem was her being an terribad character and the MC male being a worse one. It’s every romance trope glued together with the cheapest off-brand Japan could find. None of the characters have interesting personalities and the show does nothing new, yet somehow manages to be worse than everything that came before it.

          Honestly, the girls in School Days had more value as human beings than any character put on display in Ao Haru Ride. And I say “put on display” because they act like fucking dolls being slammed together by a malicious, slightly retarded kid.

          The show is garbage and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who likes it has bottom-tier taste. There are a hundred better shoujo out there. Watch those instead.

            • Skip Beat and Chihayafuru are two of my favs. Soredemo Sekai from last season was also great.

              I’ll give Special A a try. Thanks for the rec.

              Btw, the characters in Ao Haru Ride don’t seem that bad. Maybe it’s because Sukitte Ii na yo is still fresh on my mind?

              • Ugh, Sukitte is what happens when I listen to people who tell me generic shoujo are good. I had to get a double dose of chemo to get rid of that cancer from my mind.

            • If you like those series, you should probably watch Itazura na Kiss from a few years back. I haven’t got around to watching it fully, but from what I saw, it was an entertaining shoujo too.

              Btw, for the record, Chihayafuru is technically josei as it falls into the same category as Nana, but I suppose there’s not a great deal of difference between that and shoujo (josei’s just a more grown-up version, I guess?).

                • I know that feeling. My to-watch list, if laid out end to end, would probably be about a mile long. If only there was a way to watch things without spending time doing it…

                  Nuts to it, I’ll go build a time machine.

          • >The show’s problem was her being an terribad character

            I thought your whole M.O was reviewing fansubs, not the shows themselves, so surely it’s immaterial if the show is actually good or not? If I wanted opinions on the anime series themselves, I’d go to an animeblog >.>

  3. Locodol is the best thing airing this season but I need other people’s opinions on fansubs to truly enjoy it. Please help.

    Momo Kyun Sword is also pretty good but I already know that all the options are bad here so welp


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