P-Tuesday Pollday: Best Summer 2014 OP/ED

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It’s Tuesday somewhere.

Note: Under each Youtube video, you’ll see a link to a WEBM. Each file is a 640×360, 6-12 MB encode of the OP/ED. They will also likely only play if you’re viewing this site in Chrome. I know some of you have bandwidth constraints/shitty browsers, so I’m defaulting to Youtube here.

You're welcome.
You’re welcome.

You can also save the files to your comp and view ’em in MPC or something. Crymore’s got the bandwidth to spare.



Best OP

Spoiler for



webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/BkM-OP.webm


Re: Hamtaro


webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ReH-OP.webm



webm link: N/A. It’d be a shame to webm something so Youtube.


Tokyo Ghoul

webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/TkG-OP.webm


Zankyou no Terror


webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ZnT-OP.webm


Best Summer 2014 OP

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Best ED

Spoiler for

Kuroshitsuji -Book of Circus-

There’s no Youtube video worth showing for this. I recommend taking the bandwidth/browser hit and just watch the webm.

webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/KsB-ED.webm


Majimoji Rurumo


webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/MmR-ED.webm




webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/SbG-ED.webm


Sword Art Online II


webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Sa2-ED.webm


Tokyo ESP


webm link: http://www.crymore.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/TkE-ED.webm


Best Summer 2014 ED

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67 thoughts on “P-Tuesday Pollday: Best Summer 2014 OP/ED”

  1. Before you start the waterworks, here are some honorable mentions… so even if you have shit taste and think any of these are better than the ones I included in the post, you can at least rest easy knowing I considered them for a second.

    Akame ga Kill!
    Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

    Rail Wars
    Seirei Tsukai
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Zankyou no Terror

  2. Zankyou no Terror and Barakamon have the best OP this season.

    As for the ED, none of those up there are particularly good, to be honest.

    • I went through all the OPs/EDs this season, so if I didn’t include one in the poll/my honorable mentions, it’s cuz I think it sucked.

  3. Webms won’t display on shitty browsers but you can still download them and play them through MPC or something, doubt it’s much different from how much bandwidth is spent on watching youtube videos, either way, good to have both things I guess.

    >tfw RWBY looks better than Nobunaga Concerto

    It’s a really tough choice between Barakamon and Zankyou no Terror, I’ll go with Barakamon though, and SAO.

    Can’t say I’ve a personal favorite though, between Rail Wars, Blade Dance, Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill, both the OP and ED, all of them are top tier.

    • Yeah, people can download ’em I guess. I’ll update the post.

      With ya on Blade Dance. Best song of the season’s gotta be Seirei’s ED. Shame the ED visuals were so budget.

      Youtube link for those unfortunate enough to have never heard it before.

  4. Your taste is kind of bad, but not shockingly so. I can at least see what you like about some of these songs.

    The best ED is the new Aldnoah ED though.

  5. Small note: WebM works in FireFox if you properly remux it with MKVmerge (global->WebM compliant file option) after the encoding

    • Ah, that explains it. Yeah, I thought FF had webm support, but when I tried it, shit didn’t work.

      I’ll try remuxing in the future.

    • Yeah, agreed. I mean yeah, visuals have a little bit of influence on if I watch it each time or not, but not as much as the song itself does, and years after I’ve forgotten a lot of visual details I might still be listening to a great song (or by the same token a great song can make me recall the visuals). Really, the value of music in general in anime is a bit underrated, visuals are the most clear and obvious factor but mood and emotion for a given scene can be massively influenced by the music.

  6. In the Best Opening section there is additional letter for Toykyo Ghoul above the video link. Think you can handle to remove it w/o telling which one it is.

  7. Tokyo Ghoul’s OP is the best, hands down! I Think it’s the same guy who sings the Psycho-Pass OP’s or ED’s.

    • If it is not some kind of spoiler it is an absolute fail and deserves disqualification – the studio placed the ghoul eye on wrong side (at the scene with the mask)
      Otherwise it is my favorite.

      • I haven’t read the manga, so I don’t know what side the eye is meant to be on (but I’m assuming it’s his left eye since that’s the only one we’ve seen ghoul-mode so far) but are you taking into account that it’s a fucking reflection at 1:16?

    • Definitely, Tokyo Ghoul wins hands down. Barakamon is also good enough, though.
      As for the ED, the SAO ED is surprisingly good! (Not following the series, so it was a little unexpected for me)

  8. The ED song from Tokyo ESP is kick-ass. I honestly don’t remember much about the visuals because I’m always too busy headbanging.


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