Spookymore 2014.

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It’s Halloween, and you know what that means. Time for another episode of Spookymore 2014, with everyone’s favorite host: me, Spooky_Sage.

We have a night of frights and delights ahead of us, with events ranging from Spooky Subtitles to… uhh… actually, that’s about it.

Hah, got you!



Menu of Mayhem


  • [Sentai] Shigofumi
  • [Funimation] Shiki
  • ~Mystery Anime (Not pictured.)
  • One night’s supply of whisky
Even the mentally disabled deserve love
We can share if you want~



Fair warning, those of you on heart meds, you might wanna sit this night out.

Spoiler for


After all, this spook train’s gonna run on full blast.

33 thoughts on “Spookymore 2014.”

      • Mid-tier?

        Jimmy is bottom-feeder-tier. Jackie is only marginally better.

        Decent entry-tier whisky starts with Glenfiddich or something. It depends on what your personal taste is like, but it should go without saying that bourbon is largely undrinkable.

        • When I say mid-tier, I mean $20-35 a bottle. As for my brand choice… well, it’s fine to be a whisky snob, but I don’t sip these.

          Jim Beam regular is pretty awful, sure. But Black is definitely a good choice. For Maker’s, I like it better than the Maker’s 46. Jack Daniels… well, this isn’t the Jack Daniels you’re used to (it’s cider-flavored), but it’s hard to be an American and hate on Jack. Rebel Reserve you’ve never even heard of, nor will you likely ever try, but it’s pretty solid stuff.

          Oh, and I mix it all with Coke anyway, unless I’m doing shots at cons. Get mad.

          • Wow. Coke. Okay.

            Anyway, yeah. Black is decent.

            Thing is, with coke and what-have-you, a lot of things are drinkable. The same goes for rum; normally the 3-year Havana Club is borderline yucky, but with a lemon and coke it’s perfectly okay.

            Shit should really be judged on its own merits.

            • Well yes, but I’m not gonna drink gut rot, cuz it gives you a headache in the morning. The kind of brands you see here are above that, and taste pretty good mixed. It’s not like you can’t taste the whiskey in the coke.

              I get that whiskey snobs will be pissed at me, but it can’t be helped.

      • Don’t listen to them Sagey, Maker’s Mark is some of the best tasting whiskey out there. Best on the rocks with a broken heart.

  1. Well, to be fair, I only recognize the Jim Bean and Jack Daniel’s, and I don’t drink much bourbon, but I’m a fan of Tullamore Dew and Crown Royal. Evan Williams Single Barrel is also pretty tasty if you can find it, but it’s slightly pricier.

    EDIT: Was meant to be a reply to D_S above, oops.


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