Fansub Comparison: [FFF vs Hiryuu] Death Parade (Episode 02)

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The script is too simple to warrant full reviews, so have a lazy comparison instead.

Releases compared:

  • [FFF] Death Parade – 02 [3CA1BEAD]
  • [Hiryuu] Death Parade – 02 [720p H264 AAC][1D23B79C]
  • [HorribleSubs] Death Parade – 02 [720p] (not really, but having only two bullet points would feel weird)

FFF’s release is a Funimation/HorribleSubs edit. Hiryuu’s release is an original TL.

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Table of Contents

Visual Comparison

Script Comparison







FFF’s was far more visually appealing. Hiryuu’s felt as slapped together as a battered wife’s lips.


FFF OP: <Link>

FFF ED: <Link>

Hiryuu OP: <Link>

Hiryuu ED: <Link>





This ain’t exactly a TS-heavy show, so this isn’t gonna have much relevance for my recommendation. I suppose FFF gets the nod on this just for having the OP typeset.





Main Script.

Hiryuu likely noticed how boring the show would be on its own and thought to “spice up” the dialogue. While I want to give them credit for what they did here, their script wasn’t compelling enough for me to ignore all the issues it had.

On the other hand, FFF kept the tone of the script relatively stable, but didn’t exactly adapt all of it to people tastes.


Take it or leave it

Hiryuu fluffed up Purple’s dialogue quite a bit compared to FFF’s script.


Don’t quite know how to feel about it, so we’ll say it’s a wash.



Awkward peeps

FFF didn’t seem to get the memo that humans would be watching their release. So in a number of the expository lines, they broke out their thesaurus and broke the flow.


And some conversations fell a bit flat compared to Hiryuu.




Tryharder Hiryuu

In an effort to be “hip and with it, y’all”, Hiryuu introduced more cringe into their release than the Smash Bros. community.



As you would expect with a release that the group lead tries to distance themselves from…


…some of the changes made include missing the point.


She’s confused, not retarded, Hiryuu.



And true to fansub fashion, both can fail at the same time


“He’s as emotionless as the mannequins he makes.” would make too much sense.






Funimation: This release is the fastest and will suffice if you want the earliest possible watchable release. There were a few lines I took issue with when I watched their version, and the visuals aren’t very high quality, but I wouldn’t warn anyone away from it.

FFF: My favorite of the three. Probably worth waiting for in most cases, but not necessary.

Hiryuu: They tried, but the show’s still boring. Shoulda taken notes from Watashi if they wanted to make a “funsub” that doesn’t suck.


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38 thoughts on “Fansub Comparison: [FFF vs Hiryuu] Death Parade (Episode 02)”

    • I’d have gladly included Macy’s in the comparison, but with all the -hilarious shenanigans- around the release, I have a very hard time believing more than a handful of episodes will be released before the project is unceremoniously dropped. I look forward to being wrong about this.

  1. One thing maybe worth noting: the audio in Funi’s release is mono. So if you give any damns about audio quality, you should probably steer clear of their release.

      • It’s settled down for the most part now since the officials threw down the hammer. If you reddit, any r/smashbros thread with Alex Strife in the title should get you started.

        Being a smasher myself, I can say for sure that it’s been a very unfortunate turn of events for the community.

      • There’s also more than enough hype with future tournaments that this kind of thing only makes the larger part of the community more tightly knit than before, I’d say.

        We esports now, yo.

      • Alex Strife, leader of some shitty smash bros tournament called Apex, is apparently a douchebag. What a surprise from that community.

        1. He’s a stalker and tried to fuck middle schoolers. (16 is usually the age of consent, bro; wait a couple years.)
        1a. This reminds me of recent Doki drama, but more on that later, if ever.
        2. When he brought some Japanese players in for a tournament, he shoved them in the back of a UHaul for transportation purposes. Cuz, like, what’s a van?
        3. This is the most important one: Dude took Youmacon for a ride, grabbing their money and pawned off all the work on some scrub instead of providing the services they paid for. Whatever fightan drama happens, happens, but an anime con? That’s my scene, man. :/
        3a. The Smashfags were super annoying at the Youmacon I went to, so my biases are only being confirmed here.
        4. Threatened people to keep this all on the d-low.
        5. Cheated on his low-expectations-having girlfriend.
        6. The Smash community has reacted as you’d expect, freaking out about people who would dare insult Alex-sama or imply that anything he’s done is unjust. Did you know that cheating on your SO is considered a good thing to SJWs now?
        7. All that, plus a whole bunch more here:

        • >This reminds me of recent Doki drama, but more on that later, if ever.

          Please do tell.

          >Did you know that cheating on your SO is considered a good thing to SJWs now?

          I don’t think that’s really news.

          • Recent to me. I guess it’s like 3 months old. ;_;

            Spoiler for
            <@TheThing|24-7> you missed some epic shit though Dark_Sage, a staff member in doki was stalking another girl staff member to a point where the girl suddenly joined the staff channel and literally YELLED at the “stalker” with stuff like “Stop fucking talking to me, I’m not interested in you” and bla bla bla
            <@TheThing|24-7> it was… absolutely… incredible
            <@TheThing|24-7> then some friend of hers was on her computer and we asked her friend to post the logs between the “stalker” and her and holy crap
            <@TheThing|24-7> it was
            <@TheThing|24-7> absolutely
            <@TheThing|24-7> top notch
            <@TheThing|24-7> you wanna know the best part Dark_Sage? That’s the SECOND time that same “stalker” has scared a girl away with stalking and “harassment” and etc.
            <@TheThing|24-7> the girl pretended to have a boyfriend
            <@TheThing|24-7> and the stalker was like “really?”
            <@TheThing|24-7> and to prove it, the girl created a group chat between her, the stalker and the “pretend boyfriend”
            <@TheThing|24-7> and the stalker started interrogating the “boyfriend” with oh so much bullshit
            <@TheThing|24-7> it was…
            <@TheThing|24-7> beautiful
            <&HeavenlyArmed> so… why is this guy still staff of anything?
            <FalseDawn> ^
            <@TheThing|24-7> HeavenlyArmed: It happened in a seperate chan and I’m pretty sure the PL/PM of the group don’t know about it
            <{\an8}> >fansubber relationships
            <{\an8}> and you thought group drama was bad
            <@TheThing|24-7> oh I’ll post a small sample from the logs, hang on
            <duplex> daiz killed thething rip
            <{\an8}> TT post TT on TT
            <@TheThing|24-7> or when there’s a show with the abbreviation TT
            <FalseDawn> <+Dark_Sage> Yo Holo|4770K Holo|Lab what’s the deal with stalkers and Doki? <—- *waits patiently with popcorn in hand*
            <@TheThing|24-7> hahaha
            <@TheThing|24-7> I don’t think HOlo knows about that incident
            <@TheThing|24-7> 21:59 <Stalker>: Okay <Girl>. I didn’t want to take this into group chat, but fine. You’re the one who said we need to talk, but I’m left with unanswered questions from a largely one-sided conversation that I was trying to keep up with from my phone. I have been giving you space ever since the beginning of September, thinking you wanted time and space. Why am I being treated unfairly here?
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:01 <Girl>: ffs
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:02 <Girl>: I give up!
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:03 <Girl>: ugh
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:04 <RandomStaffer>: what the fuck is going on in here?
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:04 <Girl>: how the hell would i know
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:04 <Stalker>: Hahaha
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:07 <Stalker>: Well, yesterday I get a message from <Girl> telling me to stop talking to her. Okay, fine. “But we can still talk in group chat, k?” Okay, fine. I try asking her some personal questions-> “Group chat only!” -> “<Girl>, don’t you realise that I fear nothing?”
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <Girl>: I said that in hopes you’d have the common sense to let sleeping dogs lie
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <Girl>: Guess not \o/
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <Stalker>: >Let sleeping dogs lie
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <Stalker>: >dogs
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <RandomStaffer>: ah, i got it. drama.
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:08 <Stalker>: Do you not realise how adept I am with dogs?
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:10 <RandomStaffer>: >Do you not realise how adept I am with dogs?
            <@TheThing|24-7> 22:10 <RandomStaffer>: what the fuck does that even mean?
            <@TheThing|24-7> it’s really old
            <@TheThing|24-7> like 3 months ago
        • I’m kinda ashamed to be a part of the Smash Bros community…

          Going after a 14 year-old? Damn, 2D Lolis are Justice, doing real Lolis is sick (And 14 still falls under the Loli category.)

          Doing bad stuff at an Anime convention… he should be crucified. He needs to burn!

          So they’re pretty much saying “He’s done some immoral shit but we shouldn’t judge him for the things he did”? Sounds legit.

        • Well, it depends what your native language is. I’d suggest learning the easier one first so you can apply some of those lessons to learning the harder one.

          As to which is easier, it really depends on your native language. Generally, English will be easier to learn first. But if you speak, for example, Chinese, then Japanese would be a better first choice.

          • i see,thanks for everything :P
            BTW i’m arabic,then the best way to me to learn english first and that more important for me than learn the japanese now.
            before 5 years my english was horrible but after i try my best to make my language good by listening to many things in english , talking’this is the most thing i’m bad in it-,-‘,reading manga\watching anime in english sub,i can understand many sentence but unfortunately some sentence their a words on them i can’t understand,and i don’t that’s great with the idioms.
   is this the best way to learn?cause this is the way i’m using since 4 years or their better way?
            sorry if i bothered you .

            • Everyone has their own opinions on what the best way to learn something is… but yes, I’d say that site has the right idea.

              Since you didn’t mention this, I highly suggest reading books in English as well. English subtitles are not really aimed at language learners, and the internet is too informal to be a substitute.

            • Have you considered simply taking English classes? I believe it would be a *much* faster way to learn… I’d say it takes 5-10 years of proper classes to become good at it – probably twice as much if you learn on your own? And I doubt you will ever become great/fluent without someone pointing out all the big & small mistakes to you…

              If that’s not an option for you – too bad. I wish you good luck anyway.

        • Defintely start on English first. And from what you’ve said, *at least* a couple of years before even attempting Japanese in order to translate from one to the other :/


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