My first and only post on this website

This post was written by jenny. She is not Dark_Sage.


My name is Jenny and I like idol anime, horror manga, and oranges. I don’t know why SageSage made me a staff member. I thought he was joking until I checked my inbox but I decided I’ll be reviewing furry doujin scanlations. Please be nice to me.


74 thoughts on “My first and only post on this website”

  1. Stats time!

    Staff breakdown:
    Guest staff: Daiz, Mango-chan
    1 post: Fyurie, mini-ezo, aoihakurei, puddi
    2 posts: Rekyu, Firebird, Revy-chan
    A lot: kokujin-kun, Calyrica, Me-sama
    No posts left on the site cuz I deleted them all: Puff, kyonyuu, gojira, yeller, Sparky, KliqIMB, diskkjockey

    So based on these odds, there’s a 3/19 chance that Jenny’s lying and will save Crymore. Fingers crossed.

  2. On second thought…fuck Huniepop it’s already 4 fuckin am and i’m tired so good night to me and good afternoon to everybody on the other side of the world.


  3. Furry Doujin reviews… Hilarity ensues =D

    Would you care to expand to published manga scanlation reviews? much, much, much hilarity, guaranteed!

    • No. I’ve read so many badly scanlated manga that I filter out all the bad English. And I like furry doujinshi much better than regular manga.


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